New York (NY), Roseland  
September 19, 1997 New York (NY), Roseland Ballroom

Set list (from the one the band used, so it's right, right?):

  1. Collision
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. Last Cup of Sorrow
  4. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  5. Evidence
  6. Easy
  7. Introduce Yourself
  8. Ugly in the Morning
  9. As the Worm Turns
  10. Ashes to Ashes
  11. King for a Day
  12. Midnight Cowboy
  13. Epic
  14. Naked in Front of the Computer
  15. Just a Man
  16. (Burt Bacharach)
  17. Stripsearch

I can't guarantee that this is the right order but it is the order on the official setlist and I do remember all of these songs being played. It lasted about 1:30 hours. It was really good. I mean, if you look at the songs you can see that the speed and level of energy go in waves -- not just song by song, but by groups of songs. That worked out really well for me, and for the audience too, I think. They started off blowing off all their steam and then relaxed (to a point, at the end of King For a Day, where everything actually stopped) then got rowdy again... it was good. And they were all playing well and Mike was singing well... even the lighting was good.

As for the specific details, let's see... I remember very few things. Mike said New York City a couple of times throughout the show and Roddy said it once. Of course the audience responded to that. In the middle of the show somewhere Mike pointed to parts of the audience and asked them what they had eaten. The dialogue went something like:

Mike: What did YOU eat tonight?
Audience Member: Hot Dog!!!!
Mike: Hot dog. What did YOU eat tonight?
Audience Member: Nothing!!!!
Mike: Nothing. What did YOU eat tonight?
Audience Member: Marijuana!!!
Mike: Marijuana. Fuck you. What did YOU eat tonight?
(can't remember what last audience member said).

What else? Halfway through the set, Mike said: "This is the halfway point in the set. To celebrate it, I propose a toast." And he lifted his vodka glass and drank from it. Now, I've been hot and sweaty before (and was right then). I sincerely doubt that was vodka: it was FAR more likely to be water. He proposed another toast sometime later and Roddy proposed a toast in the encore, I think, but nobody drank anything that time.

If I'm repeating stuff from other reviews I apologize; haven't had time to read them. Anyway, at the end of King for a Day, when Mike starts making sound effects with his mouth... the last sound effects he makes were of fireworks and they were absolutely perfect.

Billy, John, and Puffy didn't say anything. Billy looked pretty contented. John also looked pretty happy. Oh, duh, important, Puffy shaved his head. Fine, I'm kidding -- his hair really goes down to his butt now.

What else? Mike scowled and shook his head when he realized one of the mikes (the one that stays between him and John) was misplaced. And after the show we stuck around to see if we could talk to anyone, but this *is* New York... we got to see Puffy talking to some random people and Mike getting in a cab with Ikue Mori and some other people.

Li Markakis.

It all started with Limp Fish or some sh*t opening up and when that was finally over(only like 6 songs but seemed much longer) the 2001 Space Odessey music came on and then the Las Vagas anouncer said something and Faith No More appear. They all look sharp...but not as sharp as in some early concert pics I've seen from this tour. Opening song...Collision-Hit very hard, mike sounded great high screams and all.
#2 Midlife Crisis-Again, very good, pleased crowd.
#3 Last Cup of Sorrow-Better than I expected live.
#4 The Gentle Art of Making Enimies-Really got crowd going, very physical song.
#5 Evidence-smooth, Mike points out nice guitar solo.
#6 Easy - easy.
#7 As the Worm Turns-Surpised me, sounded great.
#8 Ugly in th Morning-another shocker.
#9 Ashes to Ashes-Briliant live!
#10 King for a Day-excellent, improved ending from last tour.
#11 Naked in Front of the Computer-got crowd pumped again.
#12 Inrtoduce Yorself-Right On!
#13 Midnight Cowboy?!?- Patton plays this air-keyboard or something(looks cheap like it's from Toys R Us or something but Patton makes it work) all and all not a wasted song
#14 Epic-best I've herd it in a long time and I heard it played a lot of ways, very heavy, yet rappy and Mike once again does some piano part song blending by singing part of I Beleive I Can Fly, nice ending.
#15 Just a Man-Honestly might be the best song live from them.Then they left.....we cheered.....they came back.
Encore-#16 Stripsearch-UnFu*kenbeleivible, you would think this song might not song good live....think AGAIN!,Rocked!
#17 This Guy's in Love with You-Cover of Burt Bacharach, didn't know it well but sounded really good...smooth like Glorybox.
#18 We Care A Lot-to up a song to end show, I was waiting for I Started A Joke....but I'm seeing them in Philly tommorrow so maybe then. Overall show was as good as any...but still...too short! C'mon Guys, PLAY A 2 HOUR SHOW!!!!or 3...

John M Maiero.

Well, the show was excellent. Everyone was in top form. Limp Bizkit opened. Every time I hear these guys I like them less and less. I saw them with Korn earlier this year and thought they were alright. Last night, however, my friends and I were making fun of them all night. The guitarist and bassist came out with masks and we were like "What the hell is this? Bungle wannabes?" I was inserting Korn lyrics into their songs all night. The guy next to me was yelling "You suck!" all night, and the singer replied "I suck big fat dick!" The singer came down right in front of him at the end of the show and gave him the finger. They weren't really warmly embraced by the New York crowd. No one was really moving, and they kept telling us to "Wake the fuck up". They said it was their first time in NYC and it was obvious. They cursed out the audience and even spat on one guy. If you do that in the city, you better have a cab waiting for you after the show, or you're probably going to get your ass beat down!

So, FNM came on at about 9:00 with the 2001 and the Las Vegas intro going right into Collision. Not having heard any AOTY bootlegs yet, hearing Collision for the first time live was cool. Next was Midlife Crisis, and the whole crowd was singing along, as they were with TGAOME and LCOS. This was about the time my friend got lost in the commotion (We were in the second row of the pit in front of Roddy and Bill.) He tried staying with us, but he got pushed further and further back. Next was Evidence and Mike made sure we all took notice of the first guitar solo of the night, and did the same on Easy. Bill tried getting the crowd going on Easy by shouting "SING!!" Jon changed the guitar solo in Easy, and I believe for the better. As with the KFAD tour, Easy was followed by Introduce Yourself and the pit erupted. Ashes sounded good live, but my personal highlight was UITM. I wanted to hear this song more than any other. It sounded great, but I couldn't hear Mike during the "don't look at me" part because everyone (including me) was screaming it at the same time. I was shocked to hear ATWT, which was another highlight. Mike asked for us to join in his toast before KFAD, which did have those weird sounds with the mic at the end. This was about the time where my stomach started to really hurt. I had pains all night, but by the time KFAD was over I couldn't even scream or sing anymore, so my friend and I got out of the pit and went to the spot we set up to meet, hoping our other friend was there wating for us. They played Epic (With I Believe I Can Fly at the end), and all the NYC posers were hip hop dancing, knowing the words to this song and only this song. I think Naked was next but I can't quite remember, the pain made it hard to even move. I stood up and checked out the pit, it was nuts! Then Mike came out with a tiny little keyboard with a mouthpiece on it. My friend thought it was going to be NESTLES, I thought it sounded like Woodpecker From Mars at first, but it turned out to be Midnight Cowboy. I was VERY surprised. I didn't even know they played this live. Was this the first time? I don't see it on the Website Of The Year statistics page, but then again, it doesn't have Pristina listed either. Bill said this was going to be the last song and they played Just a Man. I sang my heart out, even though it hurt like hell. They came back a few minutes later. Mike started asking everyone "What did you eat today? What did you eat? What did you eat?", pointing his finger around at different people. Then they played the Burt Bacharach song (can't remember the name) and Mike used the keyboard again. Then came Stripsearch, which was great live, Mike's voice is incredible on that song. Then they said that there was a rumor that there was going to be one more song, and they played WCAL.

So I met up with my friends, bought the white tour shirt (BTW, I think the new shirts blow, and there's not much selection, but I can't find any FNM shirts so I had to get one) and went out back. Someone coming out of the club said "Did you see the show tonight?" I said yeah, and he asked how it was. I replied "Fucking excellent!" he smiling, and smacked me on the chest. "Here's an all access pass for you then." I looked down and I had a pass that said "AA Roseland September 19, 1997". I went to the bouncers and tried to get in but they said my pass was no good. I looked again and it had "LB" written on it in marker, so I assume that this was possibly a pre-show meet-and-greet pass for Limp Bizkit. The pain had gone away by the time we got to the back door of the club. The first guy we saw come out was Patton. We followed him down the block, and he was talking to some woman in Italian. He also had a gash on his nose. We asked him to sign our stuff, but he just told everyone thanks for coming and jumped in a cab. I had a feeling FNM were going to be dicks. When we got back to the back door, Puffy walked out and we followed him too. I said "Hey Mike, could you sign this for me?" and he said sure, and stopped what he was doing to sign some autographs. My friend had a pullout from an old magazine with a Real Thing era-picture on it, but Mike was looking at the picture on the flipside of Metallica, pointing to Lars saying "I'm not gonna sign on this guy!" He had to go do an interview, so he left soon. Then we got back to the door and Jon was just hanging out. I got him to sign our stuff too. My frind asked him "Did anyone ever tell you that you look like Sting?" Jon made a stabbing motion with the pen at her. I think he was the most relaxed, telling jokes and such. Then I heard someone say "They won't even open the door for the bassist!" I turned to my left and Bill was right there! I asked if he could sign my CD covers quickly. He said "I'm in a hurry, but sure." He signed "Mr. B" on the covers, told everyone he would be back later, and left. I apparently missed Roddy, because others had seen him. So my opinion? Patton was an asshole, but everyone else was great to take a few minutes out of their busy schedule for their fans. Someone told me that she was from Florida and follows them around the country. She has a backstage pass thats good at any FNM show. She showed me a picture of her and Patton together at a Bungle show and said he usually is nice, but he must have been pissed tonight. She said that this is the first time she saw Mike not stop to sign autographs. So even though the last 7 songs of the set were kinda ruined for me, I had a blast and hope they come back soon so I can fully enjoy them.


The verdict? Thumbs up. Don't get me wrong, their prime has passed and this wasn't as exciting as them in their prime, but it was on the whole (unlike Roseland 95') some good clean fun. Standard fare for the tour. Opened with 2001, all in suits, guitar kept going out, lotsa purple lighting, set was too short, soundman should be beaten to death, Patton drank wine, only 1 song from "The Real Thing", only 1 song from "Angel Dust", "Collision" sounded like shit, "I believe I can fly" at the end of Epic and "We Care A Lot" was really slow with no samples or cover snippet. "As the Worm Turns" and "Ugly in the Morning" have in fact been added to the set and make welcome additions. The REAL surprise was "Midnight Cowboy". Have they ever played that live before? Patton led on the ocarina. Not much talking to the audience, but there were a couple of moments. Patton had a bit where he asked audience members "What'd you eat?" in a catch phrasey sort of way. The set as I remember it (slightly drunk, slightly stoned) went:

  • Collision
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Last Cup of Sorrow
  • The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • Evidence (with a "Show me the money" shout)
  • Easy
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Ugly in the Morning
  • As the Worm Turns
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Midnight Cowboy
  • King for a Day
  • Epic
  • Naked in Front of the Computer
  • Just a Man
  • This Guy's In Love With You
  • Stripsearch
  • We Care A Lot

Limp Bizkit were an absolutely authentic re creation of "Korn" and the set was a fucking train wreck. After each song, the belligerent lead singer would shout something along the lines of "Fuck all of you's" at an audience that booed and heckled. All in all FNM 97 was pretty much a lounge act. And who the hell doesn't love a lounge act? Especially a self conscious one.


Just got back from the show at Roseland in NYC...

Let me start off by saying that Faith No More were great (All the band members were *on*, and the new guy Hudson did really well! Patton is, as always, a god), but my experience was made a bit worse by a few things:

1. First and foremost, the CROWD.

Roseland is a pretty decent-sized place, but I have never seen such all-over slamdancing. These people were fucking rude, fucking physical, and fucking *everywhere*. Guys, some advice: Stay in the front, don't roam around, and don't punch people you don't know in the face.


Limp Bizkit, Lint Fuzznut, or whoever they were. I think the opinion is pretty well-spread on the group by now: they *sucked*. Wannabe Korn/House of Pain crap, trying very hard to be gothic and oh-so-scary, staring blankly and pretending to hear inner voices and hallucinating. Oh yeah, and the singer's middle finger got real old, real fast. When a band's major radio hit is a cover of George Michael's 'Faith', there's a problem. ;)

3. The short SETLIST.

We were gypped of a few songs I'd seen on other posted sets: Got That Feeling, Paths of Glory, Pristina, Take This Bottle, Digging The Grave, and Caffeine (dammit!), and that Four-in-a-row Deep Purple song (thank god they left *that* out. :) . If I remember correctly, the band played (I know I have the order somewhat screwed up in the middle):

  • Collision
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Last Cup Of Sorrow
  • Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  • Evidence
  • Ugly In The Morning
  • Easy
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Ashes To Ashes
  • King For A Day
  • Midnight Cowboy
  • Naked In Front Of The Computer
  • Chinese Arithmetic (!)
  • Epic
  • Just A Man
  • Some slow, lounge-act style cover song I almost recognized
  • Stripsearch
  • We Care A Lot

The show started around 8:30 (Lump Buzzcut played from about 7:30 to 8:00), and was over at 10:12. :P

4. The mixture of SONGS.

I know, this is more a personal preference, but I really hate hearing so many slow songs when I see a favorite band perform. I wanted the songs they cut (except Take This Bottle), I wanted more of The Real Thing and Angel Dust, I wanted Ricochet and What A Day. I don't want to be psyched up, then down, then up, then down...

But I got a cool brown T-Shirt, so it all worked out fine. :)

James Falco

Well well well, what can I say about my first FNM show. I wasn't that pleased.........the crowd, although they all seemed to be fans........where I was(Five back from the front) There were a lot of assholes, they didn't seem to like the bands they just wanted to hit the people around them. I'm 6'3 and almost 300 pounds and I had trouble keeping myself up! But man o man was I enthralled.

First Puffy came out, he was walking around his rig in the back goin to get his suit, I screamed PUFFY!!!!! and then everyone started cheering. then came jon, followed by..........mike patton-My sis laughed as my jaw dropped. anyways, the all got their suits from this rack at the back of the stage, and went up this stairwell to the dressing room. about 30-45 minutes later they came down and the lights went dark. I practically went into hysterics laughing at the music they rolled out. I don't know what it was but you all have heard it- "duh.......duh.....duh......DUH-DUH" It's some kind of orchestral bit. During the show the talked a bit.

Mike-"Hey what did you have for dinner?"
"A Big Mac"
Mike-"A Big Mac? all you got in you is a big mac? you fucking bum"
Mike-"What about you?"
"Ice Cream"
Mike-"Ice cream? MY MAN! Fuckin Ice cream for dinner"
Mike-"What'd you have? Cock? MY MAN! A nice plate of cock for dinner!" and so on

I also loved the end of JUST A MAN when mike kept going:

Also right before HIGHWAY STAR Billy says"Lets see if there are any bikers in the audiance"
And mike crouches down and points in a crescent motion over the crowd. What I think was my favorite part though, was when Bill and Jon started to play(I think) BAD TO THE BONE and Mike says "Well isn't this funny-a joke from the rythm section the singer just doesn't get..............I'm thinkin......."

Well sorry for takin up all this space but these were some choice moments I'm sure the other people who went will be happy to remember"


A few interesting things about the NYC Roseland show were left out by the reviewers. No offense, but here is my addition.

The crowd was into it, but they were mostly non-fans. There were less voices singin along for the AD stuff. I felt like I was the only one singing along with "As the Worm Turns".

There was a guy dressed as a clown in the pit. The only song he really went in for was "Introduce Yourself", but his presence was noted throughout the front. At one point (the end of Ugly in the Morning?) the clown was lifted up by the crowd, and Patton made punching motions in time with Puffy and his drum strokes. He was looking at the clown the whole time. It seemed as if he were punching in the direction of the clown from my perspective.

Mike looked upset, and John just was not getting into it. I'll give him some time. He's no Jim, but I could get used to him, I think. It feels almost wrong, though.

I just missed a guitar pick.

I'm a slacker, and didn't buy a ticket ahead. I had to pay $50 from a scalper. I missed Limp Biscuit, but my friend has their disk. I came in during "Gentle Art . . . " so I missed the first three tracks. I think the next show I think I will buy some extra tickets and sell them for face value to those who need them.


I was in the front row and when FNM came in with Collison,-- 3 seconds into the song, Pattons nose started bleeding profusely...I am surprised no one has mentioned it so far.
Also after Midnight Cowboy (amazing performance), Patton was cursing the hellout of the sound man. He didn't really seem to enjoy the show so much. Btw he never wiped off the blood.


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