Bonner Springs (KS), Sandstone Amphitheatre  
September 26, 1997 Bonner Springs (KS), Sandstone Amphitheatre

Okay i arrived at sandstone at 6:30 just tin time to see Coal Chamber. They were pretty damn freaky and their bass player was all sorts of fucked up but were still cool. Limp Bizkit went on and i like these guys. They play a rap/hardcore kinda music with DJ Lethal from House of Pain doing some turntable stuff. After them was Machinehead and they were metal, kinda like sepultura. i had never heard these guys before, but they were pretty damn cool. Around 9 or so FNM finally went on and opened with midnight cowboy.Since Pantera were the deadliners for this show, all the freaks were yelling these guys to get off stage..pissing me off. As usual, i guess, they were all in suits except for Puffy. Mike had this cool mini keyboard thing with some kind of tube attachted from the keyboard to his mouth during this song. After they were done, they went straight into Collision, which really dumbfounded the crowd. Most people were like - wait, weren't these guys supposed to be sucky? Oh nevermind this is cool. Mike Patton has so much freaking energy! I've never seen anyone's neck bulge out like that. After that they played Midlife Crisis and then GAOME. They also played Stripsearch, Epic (with some "I belive I can fly" mini cover at the end. Which got a huge ovation from the crowd, along with Stripsearch. I didn't think people would like that song, but they did and was done live greatly. They also played Easy, King For a Day, Just a Man, Highway Star (Mike said we got a special song for you..Puffy was like what? Mike was like You know...the SPECIAL song???? Puffy got it..) Ugly in the Morning, and Ashes to Ashes. All in all, a VERY short set but that was kinda expected. FOr my first time seeing FNM i was a little disappointed due to the shortness, but was still great. Hope they come back.

Adam Patterson.

Source: CVDB
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