Salt Lake City (UT), Brick's  
October 2, 1997 Salt Lake City (UT), Brick's

They played at Brick's, a tiny little bar on Salt Lake's west side. It was so small that I could see the band clearly standing on a platform about halfway back without my glasses on. The place was packed and with the best crowd I have ever seen. _Real_ FNM fans. How did I know this crowd ruled? When they opened with Midnight Cowboy everyone was into it. They knew every song. Keen!

This show was a kind of reaffirmation. I've been so afraid that FNM is going to break up soon...but they played so tight tonight I can see them putting out another two albums. Patton is the greatest vocalist of our age. He has so much range, plus he thrashing around so much I thought his body was going to snap in two. He is the Bruce Campbell of rock 'n roll (the highest compliment a mortal can bestow)

Jon Hudson wore his jacket the entire show (the other band members didn't even come out with theirs). Although he did seem in his own little world he played very well, especially Easy.

Billy and Puffy are so much fun to watch. they're so into it. I love those guys. And let us not forget Roddy. Great musician, funny guy, loves his job (I think). These five guys make up the best band in the world.

Apparently the security guards kept looking at Patton. He called them perverts. "Don't you have girlfriends?" asked Roddy. Billy asked the crowd if there was anyone from Provo (Home of Brigham Young University). This question was met with a chorus of boos (because Provo sucks). They introduced Evidence as being influenced by Milli Vanilli and Patton asked the crowd to "Fuck me!" Roddy advised us not to pass up this golden opportunity.

While I thought the crowd was awesome the band didn't seem nearly so pleased. They kept asking us if we were alive out there. Patton kept flipping us off and at one point said of our cheers "That's shit. You give shit--you get shit--you give shit--you get shit." Maybe there weren't enough people there to create an acceptable dB level. Here's the set list in close to correct order:

  • "Midnight Cowboy" (John Barry)
  • Collision
  • MidLife Crisis
  • Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • Evidence
  • Last Cup of Sorrow
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Home Sick Home
  • As the Worm Turns
  • Easy
  • King For A Day
  • Pristina
  • Epic
  • Naked in Front of the Computer
  • "Highway Star" (Deep Purple)
  • Just A Man
  • Chinese Arithmetic
  • We Care A Lot
    (There it is, Variety. So Fuck You!)


I figgure it was time to get off my ass and give you my own personal review of the Faith No More Show Back in October.

Earlier i had heard a partial interview which i have a partial copy of on the radio(Mike P,Bill,Jon). I listened as they picked on Jon Hudson a bit. The then proced to harass each other obout the place there were playing in that evening, which was well know a gay mens club also known for it's many strange an peculiar sex shows done there at often times, the interview wich was quite short interview concluded where they plugged the album and played Ashes to Ashes, and Last Cup Of Sorrow and the band left.

After having trouble finding the place to buy a ticket for the show we finally found the shithole that FNM had been reduced to playing in. After deciding 3 times the club finally picked where they wanted the line to be and we waited till an hour and a half behind scedule we were finally lead into a small room with a tiny stage. Limp Bizkit played 4 or 5 songs that were not to bad we stood around and waited for FNM to come on. Mike came out and played his quick partial solo with his strange musical pipe sort of instrument whick was done very well and extremely loud. As far as i can remember the son g order went as follows.

1. Midnight Cowboy
2. Collision
3. Naked In Front Of the Computer
4. Midlife Crisis
5. She Loves Me Not(Particularly Mike Patton shouting "FUCK ME!" and harrassing the Gay security team. Begging them to stop staring at him in like he was some kind gourmet meal.)
6. Pristina
7. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
8. Just a Man (followed by some exremly loud and weird sounds provided by Mike of course which made me deaf in one ear for 5 days.)
9. Epic
10.Homesick Home
11.Last Cup of Sorrow
13.Introduce Youself
15.Ashes to Ashes
16.?????????? Didn't catch the name, but not a FNM song.(because we were a good crowd)
17.The Crab Song
18.As The Worm Turns
19.Small Victory
20.We Care A Lot

Even through the shitty locations and gay problems it was still the best show i have ever been to. Extremly loud, most likeley the loudest concert i have been to.

If i could i would go back to that show and re-live it over and over. I'm in the process of trying to get a copy of the interview on the radio.

I would really like to thank you for providing this site for all of us hard core fans. I has really helped to keep me informed, and soon i wil be sending you a pic of a bootleg i purchased that is not in your bootleg collections, and will gladly make a copy CD for a good trade.

I would like to thank the band also for recognizing the Fans that have remained in Utah through that thick and thin and kept listening.

Steven Erickson

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