San Francisco (CA), Warfield  
October 6, 1997 San Francisco (CA), Warfield Theater

The originally listed opening band was Limp Bizkit, but they cancelled for whatever reason. Instead, "lowercase" opened the show. They droned on and on over the same chords in the face of boos and taunts from the partisan crowd. I would describe their sound as somewhere between the Melvins & an indy lo-fi band, with just enough NyQuil to make it boring. When they filed offstage, the crowd cheered and clapped.

The old theater shook with cheers when the lights went down and the FNM came onstage. They all wore suits except for Puff, of course. Mike began the evening with a piano flute, trilling the first notes of Midnight Cowboy... here's the songs I remember.

Midnight Cowboy
Midlife Crisis  (the rest are out of order)
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Last Cup of Sorrow
King For a Day
Ashes to Ashes
Just a Man
Home Sick Home
Naked In Front of the Computer
[ + 2 unidentified songs]

- -----------
1 This Guy's in Love with You (?!)
2 Land Of Sunshine
3 Caffeine

 2nd encore
- -----------
1 Stripsearch

Random Observations: The security guys were surprisingly nice and not belligerent. ~ There was a small leaping herd of girls in front of Roddy's keyboards; they were screaming at Mike. ~ I noticed a tall short-shorn guy wearing a tanktop... he had a small tattoo about the size of a quarter on his shoulder... it was a Nazi swastika. I felt pissed off & frustrated. ~ Mike sang the guitar solo for "Land of Sunshine". Jon fingered the solo & grinned while Mike hummed. ~ A wild-eyed shirtless dreadlocked guy managed to get up onstage - he lept headfirst over the security moat and into the audience. It's at least a 5 foot vertical drop considering how much air he got. The crowd had time to make way and he crashed on the hardwood floor. I fell down. ~ Jon managed to keep his jacket on the longest of anyone in the band. ~ Introducing a song that I did not identify, Patton said "now here's a special treat - a San FRANCISCO TREAT!!" Did anyone know what this song was? People were screaming along with it... so I think it was just some pre-Patton stuff that I just didn't know. ~ Mike yelled at the crowd to "tell us a little about yourselves, dammit!" and then listened to the screaming audience for about half a minute before saying something insulting I couldn't hear & launching into Home Sick Home. ~ Just watching Puffy drum is fun: wood, sweat, energy and water fly in all directions. He must have gone through ten drumsticks during the show. When a stick broke, he usually threw it offstage to his right - but twice he tossed a broken stick down on stage-right, where a security guy could pass it carefully to someone in front. Whenever there was a break in the music, Puff would dump water on himself and when the music fired up again, water would dramatically spray off in all directions with each drumstrike. Kickass. ~ I came oh-so close to snagging Billy's set list. The guy next to me got it. It was computer printed. ~ Among the debris on the floor after the show was a sign written on cardboard. It had arrows pointing down at whoever held it and said "FREE BLOWJOBS RIGHT HERE!!!! (MIKE ONLY!!)" ~ I saw someone wearing a There's Tractor in My Balls Again shirt that was deep *blue* tinted where there is usually green...? Odd. Is there a story that goes with these shirts? ~ While trying to start up a song, Jon stalled a little bit and Mike screamed at him "C'MON! STOP JERKING OFF! WE HAVE A JOB TO DO HERE!! (and some more I can't recall)" The whole band was smiling. Jon pretended to try to sneak off the stage. Then Mike introduced Jon to the crowd officially, "our new guitarist, yay!" and the band ripped into the next song. They're really tight as a unit now. ~ I don't think the band expected to come back onstage after their planned encore. You could see it on their faces. When they came out for the 2nd encore, they all thanked the audience sincerly and Mike said "wow, you're pulling us out of retirement!" The crowd groaned and cheered. ~ How could I forget!!! Outside the theater were Christian PROTESTERS! There were about twenty of them, mingling peaceably behind a police barricade that designated their protest zone. They didn't shout at the people going in or anything. Two of them held signs saying the usual things: "Come to Jesus or burn in Hell" etc. I didn't hang around long enough to toy with them - I wanted to get IN that theater! When the show ended (about 11:30pm), they were all gone when I went outside. ~

That's all I have to report for now, it was one of the best concerts I've ever experienced. **** out of 4. I must sleep now. Remember; if you wanna respond, you probably want to do it privately. I can't wait for the next show... ]:)

Chris Rogers.

I can't rember everysong or order they played them in but heres some of the songs i know for sure they played. They did open with Midnight Cowboy i remeber that the rest i dont know what order.

1-Midnight CowBoy
3-Midlife Crisis
4-Last Cup Of Sorrow
7-Ashes To Ashes
8-Epic( at the end Mike started to sing "I Belive I Can Fly" by R-Kelly)

9-Just A Man
10-Take This Bottle
11-Naked In Front Of The Computer
12-Mouth To Mouth
13-What A Day
15-Diggin The Grave ( i think they played this not 100% sure)
 They played some San Francisco Song i dont know the name of it.
Thats all the ones i can remeber.....

Well... heres how my night started... Living in Walnut Creek Ca I Had to take B.A.R.T.( it's a train in case you dont know what bart is) into San Fran alone it kinda sucked. Anyway i got there to see a big damn line thinking i was early these people got there Alot eariler than me. ABout 30-40 mins later they started letting people in side.

AFter getitng in i ran right up to the gates where the bouncer stand behind i wanted to get a good view of the whole show even if mike decided to piss off stage...hahahahahaha( he didnt thank god). Anyhow then alot of people started to pil in and thing got tight and finally the opening band come out, everyone was thinking it was Limp Bizkit cuz thats what the flyers said out side and it ended up being a band call Lower Case. They sucked soooooooo bad they had real long long song that sounded the same as the next so after waiting an hour listening to there crap music Billy Peeked around the corner of the stage and everyone went crazy it was cool. Then some stupi9d radio station guy cam out and blabbed then about 10 mins later the lighte went out and boom they started to play Midnight Coyboy. In my opnion strange song to open with.

Then they started to play song more songs....mean while people crowed surfin all around and i dunno if people where moshing cuz i was just way upfront watching the whole show. Anyway they played for about 2 hours maybe more.. at one time someone threw a t-shirt on stage and mike cought it and wiped his sweat off with it and threw it back and it flew right at me so i tryed to grab it... slam a crap load of people about killed me for that damn shirt and i ended up with messed up fingers insted of that shirt.

Any it was my first time at a Faith No More show it was great i would have to say almost the best show i have ever seen... and plane to see them again Mike said something about coming back real soon so i guess i will fhind out about this. Well keep up the kick ass Faith No More web site. Sorry my review sucks but i just thought i'd write.


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