Vancouver (BC), Rage  
October 10, 1997 Vancouver (BC), The Rage


  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Last Cup of Sorrow
  5. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. Get Out
  10. Mouth to Mouth
  11. Home Sick Home
  12. Ashes to ashes
  13. King For A day
  14. Annoying noise
  15. Pristina
  16. Epic
  17. Naked in front of the computer
  18. Just a man
  19. Savage? (instrumental)
  20. Got that feeling
  21. Stripsearch
  22. As the worm turns
  23. "This Guy's In Love With You" (Burt Bacharach)

Well, my first FNM concert was an incredible experience, but the show they played in Vancouver in 1995 at the Commodore was supposedly more impressive, according to a friend of mine. The crowd was exceptionally obnoxious, I was standing in the middle of the main crowd in front of the stage and people were pushing past very roughly. A couple people got on stage (not for long) and a lot tried to crowd surf near the stage (without much luck). The typical FNM crowd here in 95 was pretty mellow, this show had its share of assholes.

I missed the opener, it wasn't limp bizkit (noone there knew who it was or even cared). So by some odd turn of fate James Kneip was able to pick me out of a crowd of several hundred by my description: green snow jacket and a goatee. Apparently I should have joined him and another friend of mine on the balcony, they had the perfect view.

They opened with Midnight Cowboy, with Mike on the toy keyboard (I've never seen one quite like that with a mouthpiece). I thought the show was abnormally loud as well (compared to your average rock show), much louder than it needed to be, it hindered the sound quality.

Before Evidence, Mike asked the crowd if we were more British or Columbian. "You look pretty fucking British to me! (w/ accent): 'eres a l'ttl song for ya, British Columbia'". Then he asked "Does anyone want to come up on stage and take the heat off me, I'll just do my job!" "Any dancers in the crowd? Wanna come up on stage and show us your stuff? Breakdancers? I didn't think so" "The next person that comes up on stage is going to get this microphone up their ass (demonstrates with hands)". They actually did MOUTH TO MOUTH (upon request by James) and As the worm turns for another guy. Home sick Home was introduced by Mike as a country song (?). King for a day finished with 6mins of very annoying sound effects (kind of bungle-esque) followed by Pristina. The first encore started with Billy and Jon playing what sounded like Savage (remember Jim doing that on an old bootleg?) which Mike said "was fucking disgusting. Glad I wasn't part of it." Great encore, which ended with the Burt Bacharach cover.

Some people met the band, they whipped a llama's ass (I'm sounding like Wesley Willis). No, what happened was Aidan met them before and got a few singles signed. They were signing a few things backstage after the show, Mike signed a fruit loops box (but not with his name, with the name of the lead singer of SNFU who was there - HEY maybe they opened!). I didn't get a chance to talk with them, I was mostly waiting for people I knew to sift through the DROVES of people trying to make their way out. I wish I'd planned a trip to Seattle the following night, but it just wasn't meant to be...

Mike Ilich

UNFU!*ING BELIEVABLE!!!! Not only do they have the "Album Of The Year" but Faith No More have my vote for concert of the year . If you missed Friday night at the Rage, you should definately kick yourself in the ass because it was amazing.

The sold out crowd waited through a boring and unorganized set from lowercase , the opening act , and once their set was done the floor began to crowdand people became anxious for the spectacle that is Faith No More.

I've always wondered why they aren't the biggest band in the world .They have so many unique styles and originality and they let it all out on Friday.Random yells from die hard fans loomed as the roadies finished up the pre-show preparations and then the lights dropped quickly and the butterflies in my stomach rose even quicker . It was time.

Within a matter of seconds the boys sauntered on stage with a sort of arrogance that is so well deserved , wearing styling black suits and pants with white shirts,with the exception of drummer,Mike "Puffy" Bordin who was shirtless, and vocalist Mike Patton who passed on the jacket.Patton slowly crept towards the mic with a red light shining behind him like he was God , which he may very well be.Keyboardist Roddy Bottum crept to his keyboards ,bassist Billy Gould calmly strapped on his bass ,new guy Jon Hudson put on his guitar like he had something to prove , and drummer Puffy sat behind his shiny drumkit.Not a word spoken, and we're off.

-Here's the set list with brief notes

1)MIDNIGHT COWBOY-great opener,lights really added to it.smooth,melodic,and Patton played a mouth piano type thing.Sent shivers down my spine.
2)COLLISION-Patton screams 1234 and this hard song sends the crowd into hysterics.Patton jumped around and screamed like a madman and didn't stop for the whole show.Great keyboards from Roddy.
3)MIDLIFE CRISIS-shortened version ,still exellent and well played. -Roddy and Mike then proceed with the hello Canada's and Patton asks if we're more British or Columbia.
4)LAST CUP OF SORROW-another crowd pleaser , great vocals.
5)GENTLE ART OF MAKING ENEMIES-INSANE!crowd yelled along to every word.
6)EVIDENCE-brilliant.Patton invited people to come up to dance and sing,very soulful and moody.
7)EASY-another captivating slow song, again great vocals
8)INTRODUCE YOURSELF-some old skool.not alot of people knew it but it was fast and loud so nobody cared .
9)GET OUT-1st track off King for a day.Again , crazy crazy crazy!!!
10)HOME SICK HOME-"Do u like country music?" crowd yells back "Do u like to F#@k?" crowd yells again . "Well this is f$#kin country music"patton screams. Great psychopathic country song.Great guitar from jon.
11)MOUTH TO MOUTH-I LOVE THIS SONG!Sounds like a theme song for an insane circus clown.Great drums from puffy and and talk yelling from Mike.Tied for best of the night.
12)ASHES TO ASHES-the new single,Mike played the role of the lounge singer with the traditional crowd points and stances and martini glass.
13)KING FOR A DAY-Tied for best of the night.Beautifully done.carried the song on while Mike did sound effects from his solo albums. Musically-brilliant.
14)PRISTINA-gave me goosebumps.slow and loud.Patton played the crowd beautifully raising his arms in the air while singing"i'll be with u"
15)EPIC-the one they're noted for the most,and boy did it show.Absolutely nuts on the floor,very well done , sonded better than the original.
16)NAKED IN FRONT OF THE COMPUTER-i think u can guess what this one was like.
17)JUST A MAN-the big closer.broke the song down at the end with an amazing finish.i though it was elvis singing,patton completed with the traditional elvis pose.

"Faith No More,Faith No More" the crowd roars as they eagerly anticipate the encore,but what could top that.We all found out.

1)FEVER-Billy and John came out first and covered Fever,Patton and the rest of the crew came out and he commented on the 2 musicians performance"that was disgusting and im glad i wasn't a part of that"
2)GOT THAT FEELING-a 2 minute scream fest,crowd loved it.
3)STRIPSEARCH-MY GOD, could be the best song ever written.probably the next single.Definately a crowd favorite.Great keyboards.
4)I STARTED A JOKE-Quick pace ,short , loved it.

They disappeared again....................but they weren't done.

Roddy came back first and commented on the security guards in front coincidentally dressing like the group.Mike then taunted one of the larger ones."What the Fu#k are u looking at? I'll kick your fu%&ing ass!" We were ready for more.
1)(I THINK) THIS GUYS IN LOVE WITH YOU-A Burt Bacharach cover , great way to finish up the night.Patton played the piano thing again.

They waved ,smiling ,and with a flash they were gone and my dream was over.The greatest band in the world was in vancouver and i witnessed it.They basically stuck to the new material , playing 9 of the 12 songs from"album of the Year" which is a not a coincidental title ,


Kevin Jack

Wow, what a show. The night started off pretty slow, the opening band Limp Bizkit came out and banged around for about 20 minutes. After five, my buddy Andy and I took a walk. After the opening set crashed to a halt, EVERYONE started heading towards the front of the stage, we were lucky to get right up against the fence. A couple of German guys started jabbering to me about how they were visiting Vancouver and just found out about the concert, Faith No More are gods in their country, etc. It was cool, a real UN convention. When Gould, Patton and co. came onstage, the place went nuts. Excepting Puffy, they were all dressed like Earls' (a local restaurant) waiters, dark slacks, nice white dress shirts, all they needed were ties. It was great! Well-dressed, sharp looking young men, like my mom would say. She would've loved the opening song too, Mike took this mouth harmonica/organ/whatever and started playing the opening strains of Midnight Cowboy...super mellow. Mom would've hated the next song though - Collision! Place went buck wild, I must've bashed heads with the guys next to me 3 or 4 times but screw it, that's what the mosh pit's for. It might account for my setlist being off somewhat, but so be it. Midlife Crisis was up next, and the whole crew was just TIGHT. I really think this Hudson guy will be with the band on a permanent basis, he fit in so well. Mike was sardonic as usual, teasing the audience like, "Hey, you wanna come up here and sing? Who knows the words? Come on, fuckers", etc. You could see that the guys in the band were trying not to piss themselves laughing while Patton went off. He kept going on about British Columbia, "What are you, British or Columbian?" A couple of fans jumped onstage, but security was cool and just escorted them off and Mike didn't freak at 'em. The whole night was like this, back and forth between lounge singing and hardcore tunes, and when they finished up, we called them back for TWO encores. I don't think they were expecting the second one, everyone was chanting "FAITH NO MORE!" at the top of their lungs for 10 minutes while they were backstage the second time, and lo and behold, they graced us again. Best quote of the night from Patton "Vancouver BC, we love you. We love you. BUT YOUR WEED MAKES US CRAZY!!!" Easily the best concert I've seen since Public Enemy, 1990. If only they'd played Surprise, You're Dead...but I doubt my brain could take that much perfection in one night, though, so it's just as well.

Tim Lewinson

Me and my friend Jeff flew all the way from Calgary to Vancouver to see the show (an hour and a half flight). We got to Vancouver that morning and then got to The Rage at about 7:00 pm. We waited around outside and the doors opened at about a quarter past. We went in and just sat around for a bit. We met this guy from Seattle named Jason, and when we went up to look at T-shirts, saw Mike Bordin playing pool with one of the roadies. I didn't talk to him personally, but Jason did and said he was really cool.

The opening band (I don't remember their name) was pretty poor. They were just the run-of-the-mill "alternative" band and they only played for about 30 minutes. Some radio announcer guy then got up on the stage and said Faith No More was coming out in just a couple minutes.

Just before the band came out, you could really feel the excitement and electricity in the air. When the lights blacked out and the band came on, everyone went totally nuts. Then Patton started playing "Midnight Cowboy" on his little mouth organ thing. It was absolutlely amazing.

The whole show was great. Patton said funny things throughout the entire set. He said thing like "You guys are great. I want to take you all home for dinner so you can meet my wife."

People kept getting on the stage, and then getting dragged off by security. After one of the songs, Patton said, in a really cheery voice, "This is great! We're having one big dance contest here! Tell you what! Next person to get up on the stage wins..... THIS MICROPHONE UP THEIR FUCKING ASS!"

Later he tried to get all the security guys on stage to be in the band, and they wouldn't. So Patton was telling this one big bouncer guy that he was going to kick his ass and calling him a chickenshit and stuff. Absolutely hilarious.

When they came back on for the first encore, Billy came on stage and started playing this cool little ad-lib riff. Then John Hudson came on and began to play along. They did good for a bit, and then they played totally different things. They stopped, and Mike Patton came back on stage, and said "That was fucking embarrassing, I'm really glad I had nothing to do with that."

Anyways, the show was amazing. The band played really well together, and it was totally worth spending my entire month's earnings going to Vancouver to see them. :)

Well there's my little re-counting of the experience. Almost as long as the experience itself. I hope I'll get to see them again before too long.

Eirik Feir.

I went to the Faith No More show in Vancouver on October 10th, and what a show it was. My friends and I went downtown early in hopes of running into the band. So we get to the venue (The Rage) and there's this bus parked outside the back entrance. We lingered about for a while, until some guy gets off, heading into the club. I intercept, and ask him if he's with FNM, and he says yeah, but they aren't here yet. So we wait...

Later, this rusted van pulls up to the bus, and as people start getting out, we recognize Puff. I get up and quickly walk over, but by the time I get there everybody's on board the bus except one guy, unloading something. I get up to him and to my suprise it's Billy Gould. I introduce myself, shake his hand, and then Roddy gets off the bus. I explain to Roddy my problem: my girlfriend is underage. He says, to my indescribable delight, "You want me to put her on the guest list?" No shit, I do! So he asks her name...

Then BOOM Mike Patton gets off the bus, and I introduce myself to him. They all start heading towards the door. I'm left in their wake, telling my friends who weren't close enough to hear what just happenned. I just met Mike, and Billy and Roddy and got Natalie on the guest list! But wait! There's more...

I see Puff standing by himself banging on the side entrance... some kids had been kicking the door and ringing the buzzer for hours, so everyone inside is ignoring him. As he starts to walk around the back, I catch up, and tell him how I got a drumstick their last show here. Then I tell him how I'm studying to be an audio engineer, and it would be really cool if I could watch their soundcheck. He says he doesn't know if they'll be having one, but he'll ask. So he dissapears inside, and I'm left at the back door. A few minutes later he comes back and takes me inside! Holy shit!

So there I was, two or three hours before the doors even open, inside the club with FNM, I've met everyone except John Hudson, and got my girlfriend on the guestlist. I couldn't believe what was happenning. I sat there for hours, watching Mike Patton play with a dog, talking to Mike Bordin, etc.

I asked Mike Bordin about the Frizzle Fry incident with the bong...no comment. I asked him if they were going to play As The Worm Turns, and he said he had no idea. Everyone wants to change the set list, and the might play Get Out, or What A Day, or We Care A Lot, or Chinese Arithmetic...

They did play ATWT after all. It's quite conceivable that they played it because I asked them to. When that song started, I was on top of the world. Other high points were an energetic Gentle Art of Making Enemies, and the best rendition of Epic I've ever heard. Mike Patton wasn't very talkative, though he did tell the bouncers to come up on stage so he could kick the shit out of them...

What a fucking show! I met the band, got my girlfriend on their guest list, neither of us had to pay for our tickets, hung out with Puff (being good, it got me stuff) and they might have even played a song for me.

Adam Barnett.

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