Seattle (WA), Moore Theatre  
October 11, 1997 Seattle (WA), Moore Theatre

FNM played an excellent show on Saturday at the Moore Theater to end their North American tour. Scheduled to go on at nine pm, they actually hit the stage at 8:57 (I grabbed a seat in the upper balcony about five minutes before they went on). Everyone except Puffy was wearing matching grey business suits (Puffy was shirtless behind the kit, of course), including nice black shoes! Roddy and Mike had ties on, but Mike's tie and jacket came off during the first tune.

The lights were subdued for the "Midnight Cowboy" opener, which was an odd way to start the show. Mike played a melodica through a long flexible tube hooked up to the mouthpiece (no idea why he didn't just put the melodica up to his mouth, except that it looked really odd with the tube). The quiet instrumental built and eventually drove the audience nuts. A quick pause and then the explosive "Collision" followed, with full bright lights and huge loud sound.

Highlights were "MidLife Crisis" (after which Mike said "aren't you Seattle folks sick of being called 'grunge city'... you're really Starbuck's City!"...he said "thank you Starbucks" at the end of several tunes during the set)...a killer "Last Cup of Sorrow"...a great "Easy"->"Introduce Yourself" juxtaposition...an insane "Ugly in the Morning"... Roddy's eastern keyboardisms during "Mouth to Mouth"... an epic "Ashes to Ashes"...and an emotional set-closing "Just a Man". The first encore "Land of Sunshine" was worth the ticket price for me (I think they've only played it a couple times on the whole tour...) Mike didn't sing the "does life seem worthwhile" chorus but instead ranted like a maniac. (As usual Mike was amazing, jumping, crouching, babbling, shrieking, blowing his voice out and acting like a total madman onstage). The Bee Gees cover "I Started a Joke" was sung in Anthony Newley-type tones. And the sold out crowd got the band back for a final cover, the Burt Bacharach cover "This Guy's in Love with You", on which Mike ended the tune again on melodica (giving the show a nice symmetry).

The band was in top form, and Jon, the new guitarist, is quite good (and pretty unobtrusive onstage). Roddy left the stage for a couple of tunes, presumably to give the new guy some focus. Clearly my revelatory experience with FNM on the KFAD tour was not a fluke...these guys are amazing. Thankfully I had several months to digest the new CD, because it really grew on me and the new tunes were fantastic live.

Setlist (8:57-10:23):

  1. Midnight Cowboy*
  2. Collision
  3. Mid-Life Crisis
  4. Last Cup of Sorrow
  5. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies**
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. Ugly in the Morning**
  10. Mouth to Mouth
  11. Home Sick Home
  12. Ashes to Ashes
  13. King For a Day
  14. Pristina
  15. Epic
  16. Naked in Front of the Computer**
  17. Just a Man
    Encore 1
  18. Land of Sunshine
  19. We Care a Lot
  20. I Started a Joke
    Encore 2
  21. "This Guy's in Love with You" (Burt Bacharach)*

*Mike on melodica
**without Roddy

Mitch Goldman.

Just saw my first FNM show, and...wow.

They didn't play Stripsearch, which was a bit of a letdown, but otherwise the show was all I could hope for.

During the beginning of Evidence, Patton asked the audience "Are you sick of Seattle being known as a grunge town?" ("Yes"), then said "Seattle's not a grunge town, it's a Starbucks town!" Other antics included Mike strangling himself with the mic cord during the end of Last Cup of Sorrow, and Roddy pretending to play guitar on a song with no keys. At the start of We Care a Lot, Patton shouted "This next song is for all you in the 30 and over crowd...of which I myself am NOT".

Anyway, awesome show. If the guy a gave a ticket to is on this list, drop me an email...you're lucky I was drunk... :)

Alex Trzyna.

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