Auckland, Nth Shore Stadium  
October 17, 1997 Auckland, North Shore Events Centre

This was the best gig I'd ever been to. They totally went off that night and everyone was really into it from the beginning. They made their way to the stage casually in suits and opened with Midnight Cowboy. It was amazing how such a slow song could start a mosh pit, it blew me away!

During the middle of the show they stopped and had a kind of raffle of all the clothes that had been thrown on stage. Mike Patton offered a shoe to the person with the "best receding hairline." Billy also asked if everyone was coming back to see them in 3 years time, there was a huge roar from the audience and the whole band gave a big smile back. They looked really proud.

Roddy was winking at people occasionally and John Hudson did a really good job.

They played a lot of songs from Album of the year but missed out Stipsearch which disappointed me a bit.

I'd seen Faith No More before on their Angle Dust tour and they were much tighter and seemed a lot happier to be onstage. I'll never forget Mike Patton accidentally knocking into Jim Martin, Jim turned to him and gave Mike the dirtiest look I'd ever seen. Mike scurried backward to get out of his way.

Anyway, they kicked ass, their were no fights, and everyone left the gig happy.


Source: CVDB
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