Sydney, Hordern Pavillion  
October 20, 1997 Sydney, Hordern Pavillion

  1. 2001: A Space Odyssey Theme
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  5. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  6. Evidence (+ snippet of SNOOP DOGGY DOGG'S "Gin & Juice")
  7. Easy
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. Get Out
  10. Home Sick Home
  11. Ashes To Ashes
  12. Digging The Grave
  13. King For A Day (+ Patton's plane sounding noises at end)
  14. Pristina
  15. Epic (+ snippet of "I Believe I Can Fly" at end)
  16. Land Of Sunshine
  17. Naked In Front of The Computer
  18. Just A Man
    ENCORE 1
  19. Stripsearch
  20. Mouth To Mouth (shortened version)
  21. "Highway Star" (Deep Purple)
    ENCORE 2
  22. "This Guy's In Love With You" (Burt Bacharach)
  23. "Highway Star" (Deep Purple) AGAIN!

What a show! They went for the big Las Vegas intro after doing Midnight Cowboy for the last month or so. No real surprises in the setlist except for Digging The Grave where Mike Patton completely jumbled up the lyrics and Land Of Sunshine again with Patton doing the guitar solo before the "Varicose, Comatose, Senile" part which proved to be very interesting. As were the samples that Roddy was using of all the laughing sounds which together with Patton's evil laughs came out very well.

They had a few little things to say including a few shout outs to Jimmy Barnes and Mike joked that he was in the audience. There was also a song dedication to an axe murderer who's been out on the loose in the Kings Cross area in Sydney. Patton said, "watch your ass" as he might be right behind you. There was also this guy in the crowd with a very prominent hairdo (a bit like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons) and when he caught Patton's attention at the front of the stage, Patton said something along the lines of "Look, there's Snoop Doggy Dogg" and soon after sang a small snippet of SNOOP's Gin And Juice, "with my mind on my money and my money on my mind". They actually did another snippet which has escaped me but I think it was Bon Jovi as well as the "I Believe I Can Fly" part at the end of Epic.

The view I had of the whole band wasn't perfect for this show but watching Roddy's spaced out moves was seriously just as entertaining as watching Patton's Las Vegas moves. A big head blocked my view of Billy but when I saw him he seemed pretty fired up and was really getting into it as was Puffy as usual. Jon Hudson seemed to fit like a glove and it was as if he'd been with the band for years already. The sound of the show wasn't too great and rarely is at the Hordern so I thought the more laid back stuff came out a bit better due to less distortion and less shouting.

During BACHARACH, Patton played the ocarina and Roddy played guitar on DTG and Naked... They've come up with a pretty classy set list which I think works well. So people, don't miss the Tour Of The Year now!!!

Danny C.

* Collision (Opened with this, kicked ass!!!)
* Midlife Crisis
* Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
* Evidence (Mike Patton sounded great, John Hudson played better than I expected as well.)
* Easy (sounded good)
* Introduce Yourself
* Last Cup Of Sorrow
* King For A Day (with extended ending. Mike Patton did gun shot sound effects at the end of the song!)
* Pristina (didn't sound that great live)
* Ashes To Ashes (the mosh went off!!!! Good guitar solos)
* Epic (Good, as expected)
* Just A Man
* Digging The Grave (did not expect them to play this song)
* Land Of Sunshine (with Mike Patton singing the guitar solo!)
* Home Sick Home
* Naked In Front Of The Computer
* Get Out
* Mouth To Mouth

1st Encore:
* Stripsearch
* Some cover song(unknown)

2nd Encore:
* Highway Star (Deep Purple)
*This Guy's In Love With You (Burt Bacharach) Two more cover songs (I think, never heard them before)

Overall it was a great concert, except they did not play We Care A Lot! The mixing was good (better than previous FNM concerts I have been to) The whole band played really well, (better than I expected they would)

Cameron Edwards and Alicia Storrie.

I don't know what it is with Faith No More, but they have got to consistently have the worst sound mix out of any international act that tours here.

During the Angel Dust tour I saw them in Adelaide as well as the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney and it was the same in Adelaide - really low vocals, muddy bass, no keyboards. Same with the Real Thing and KFAD tours. Anyway, the highlights for me were:

- They brought back the Las Vegas opening!

- Patton (of course). Quotes:
*During Evidence, to a wacky-haired crowd surfer - "Hey, Snoop Doggy Dogg! 'Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind. . .'".
*Introducing Easy - "This is dedicated to the axe murderer in Kings Cross! He could be in the crowd tonight, so watch your ass!"

- Mouth To Mouth, one of my favorite songs on the album which they haven't been playing much live.

- Stripsearch, another great song which is even better live.


first of all shihad were pretty good, better than what i've heard limp bizkit were. i only saw about half their set cause hte damn trains were running late. fnm came out to the 2001 music and the announcer said all the way from ceasars palace, las vegas, or something along those lines. i didnt keep track of the set exactly but it was something like this

midlife crisis
last cup
gentle art

then i got kind of mixed up but i know it included
ashes 2 ashes
home sick home
land of sunshine
digging the grave
just a man
king for a day
introduce yourself

there were two encores with five songs all up including
highway star
what i think was the burt bacharah song

my mate told me it was highway star, ive never heard it so i cant guarantee it and i was also told the other two encore songs were covers. i think they might have done got that feeling during the set but i'm not sure again. i know they did not do midnight cowboy

the show was kind of fucked up for me by a moron with dreads who wanted to stand directly in front of me and about five others where you were supposed to sit and try and rape his butt ugly dog of a girlfriend inbetween waving his fingers in the air for some reason. lucky i found another seat. i had to avoid moshing because i have a really bruised foot from falling off an eight foot high fence but thats another story. thats okay though cause i avoided mosh pit blur and have a much better memory of the show.
there were a few funny things happened. in sydney we have had three recent axe attacks on people in kings cross with one murder and mike dedicated easy to "the axe murderer" and said i hope youre in the crowd tonight. he also asked the crowd if they liked bon jovi who is also down here, so of course they said no. mike replied something about dont knock him, hes cool. they then played the first four lines of the bon jovi song that goes - im a cowboy, on a steel horse i ride, im wanted dead or alive, - to lead into got that feeling. in between evidence and the song before mike said "okay sydney, slowdance" and went into evidence. as mike said okay this is the last and the crowd did the usual thing, roddy interrupted and said "don't worry, well be back this is just a thing bands do. we leave and then we come back, we have to" or something like that anyway. it was pretty funny. on the 95 king for a day tour in the gap during evidence mike said "you know i was in the dentist the other day and this song came on the radio." then in the next gap he said "then i thought not only do i have to wait at the dentist, i have to listen to this fuckin song" 95 tour may be available to trade somewhere as it was recorded by a radio station(JJJ)

mike also played an instrument which is like a keyboard with a white pipe out the top which he blows into. is this like the thing used to play midnight cowboy at other shows? he also did a guitar part to i think land of sunshine with his voice, kind of da da dum di or however it went. during the set jon seemed to stand right off to the side by himself and was pretty quiet, but still really good. when a spotlight was on him he would just kind of freeze and play while the others moved. sometimes mike would go out to him and jon would follow back and then drift to the side again. roddy also played guitar on a few songs and just disappeared for a few others. the man really has style and is maybe the funniest of them all. you could see him interacting with the crowd right in front of him. puffy went absoloutely sick on the drums, billy was good and i think mike has the biggest stage presence of any frontman ive seen. he just went crazy throwing himself around.

there was no chance to see them afterwards as the place is like a big hall with no way out the back, they dont play the smaller clubs like they seem to in the US. there were also different shirts and stuff to what has been described. there was the red with the roman numerals and pictures, white with a death scene and australasian tour dates, black with album cover and australasian tour dates (i have this) white with red arm and neck bands and fnm on the front and faith no more on the back, and a blue one similar to the last white shirt. they cost $32. there were also blue rain jackets, caos and stubby holders similar to the blue t-shirt.

anyway thats about it. maybe someone else was there that can fill in on the set list and if anybody has questions mail me. i doubt there will be any boots as security is usually pretty tight, you get patted down everywhere usually, but there was nothing on this night. i didnt see anybody though. if there are any i would do anything for it


I have finally completed part two of my lifetime objectives, part one of this was seeing Bungle live which I did last year, now I have finally seen FNM live, and as a FNM virgin I can tell you they were by no means gentle. The opening act, Shihad, are in my books a great band, who impressed me with the power and intensity with which they played their songs and judging from the crowd reaction, which was unusually positive, they did well. Now for the main event, we did not have to wait long for that ever so familiar piece of the space odesy theme to come blasting over the stage as a roar filled the hordern. Patton emerged and was emediatly embraced with great screams which were replied with by a powerful blast of... COLLISION!!! For this and the subsequent two songs violent mayhem ensued in the crowd, I suddenly found myself 3 rows of people from patton and going down, eventually I made it down front and in front of Roddy, now this was the place to view these guys. The set list was about as follows, although may not be in entire exact order, beer does nothing for ones memory skills,

4. EVIDENCE (Ahh!! finally a reprieve)
5. EASY (dedicated to the kings cross axe murderer "if your out there tonight you better watch your butt...")
6. INTRODUCE YOURSELF (very few seemed to know the song!!!)
7. LAST CUP (does nothing really for me live)
9. COMING HOME (quite surprised to hear this one, was good though)
12. KING FOR A DAY (was so pleased they plyed this)
13. PRISTINA (creeping out of the ambience at the end of king for a day)
14. EPIC (never fails live)
16. LAND OF SUNSHINE (patton sang the solo)
17. JUST A MAN (one of my favourates which loses nothing live)

Encore 1.
19.(burt bacharach song that they have been playng recently)

Encore 2.
20. HIGHWAY STAR (deep purple)

This is about how the show went, at the end the crowd was exausted, they are still wearing their suits which I really like, John Hudson seemed to do alright, although it was very much FNM...and him, he was only on the stage when needed, for example he only walked out when it was time for his solo in stripsearch, during the Burt Bacharach song patton played a solo on his wind powered keyboard instrament which was great, he also made reference to Bon Jovi (who was in the country) and Jimmy Barnes (Australian artist), I was hoping they would do war pigs on account of Ozzy Ozborne being out at the time promoting his new album, my only other gripe is never hearing Caffine, which I was screaming out to Roddy at the end of the night but it was all to no avail.Never the less a great show, FNM will always be welcome "down under" - Heathrow


I just want to describe to you the best live gig I have attended, besides silverchair(NOT), sydney 20th october, unfuckenbelievable, Mike is an unbelievable crowd stirrer, I was also surprised that he was aware of some the current affairs shit that is going on downunder, for example, firstly, in King's Cross (the red light district area of sydney) there is an axe murderer going around, mike shocked the crowd by dedicating "Easy" to the alleged murderer, he said, "he might be in the crowd tonight so watch out!" He also made fun of a local politician who has very orthodox views which appear as very racist, long story, anyway, this bitch's last name is hansen, I'm sure you can figure out how he made fun of her, also about this really rich tycoon who is fucking up one of Australia's fave sports, (rugby league, grid iron is an episode of Little House on the Prairie compared to this sport!) This guy he made fun of is trying to take over the sport, he has done OK but really, its not the same, thats beside the point anyway! FNM also featured an awesome instrumental (pink floyd style) during the bridge of King For a Day, he had an aboriginal guy on stage too! Other people he made fun of were, Billy Joel and Elton John (insinuating that they were slamming), Jon Bon Jovi, Jimmy Barnes (local, you probably heard of him) and Tina Arena (same as Jimmy Barnes, she's hot though). Apparently it was filmed as well! Anyway, maybe you might find that interesting, maybe not, seeya!


All I can say is wow. FNM played a great set and proved yet again they are the best live band today.

Starting with the 2001 Space Oddesy music, the announcer introduced them as being "all the way from Ceaser's Palace, Las Vegas". I was expecting Midnight Cowboy, so Collision really surprised me. The whole mosh pit was jumping, which was probably about 6000 people.

During Easy, a guy with a huge orange/red afro crowdsurfed into the view of Patton. When Mike saw him he said the guy looked like Snoop Doggy Dog, and sang "with my mind on my money and my money on my mind"... from the Snoop Doggy Dog song Gin and Juice I think. Before the start of Easy, Mike dedicated the song to the ax murderer on King's Cross - "He could be in the crowd tonight! Watch your ass!" Just before Home Sick Home, which starts with just the drums, Mike asked if anyone saw Bon Jovi (who was in store at Planet Hollywood that day). Everyone screamed no and booed and all that crap. Mike told the crowd "he's ok" and then began to sing a few lines from Wanted Dead or Alive at the start of Home Sick Home. Digging the Grave shocked me, as I thought they had dropped it from their set. Epic was just like any other performance, and it ended with I Believe I Can Fly.

Land of Sunshine was kind of a surprise. They seemed to have brought life into the song with the singing (yes singing) of the guitar solo. The song stops, except for a drum beat, when the solo is about to begin. Jon plays the solo extremely softly while Patton sings it. At the end of the solo, Mike sings the two high notes; and the drums stop. Then it goes straight back into the "varicrose" ... "senile" part ending. Trust me, it's great. Before Just a Man Patton told the crowd it was their last song. "But don't worry, there'll be an encore. It's kinda predictable" replied Roddy to the crowd's cries of "no!".

Stripsearch is soooo good live. Everything was perfect, except the goddam crowd thought that the guitar at the end was moshing music. Fucking idiots. Here I am trying to watch FNM perform one of their best songs and all I can see is some crowd surfer's ass! Mouth to Mouth rocks live. The crowd was really into it. Interesting to note that they drop the guitar intro live, and the repeated first verse. The first performance of Highway Star was kind of a slow version.

The second encore had the Bacharach ballad first. It is sooo great at the part when Mike sings "I neeeeeeeed your love!" - every single light on stage is lit, lighting up the whole venue. Something that still sticks in my brain a week later; must be memorable! When the vocal part of the song ends, Mike puts his mic in his pocket, and plays the melodica (keyboard with pipe). He then sings another verse, and returns to the melodica once again. The stopping and starting really confused the crowd. The second performance of Highway Star was the fast 'punk' version. The crowd has no idea what it was, so the second encore was really complete and utter confusion for most people.

What a great gig to end my 2 year drought of Faith No More live!


Source: CVDB
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