Sydney, Hordern Pavillion
October 21, 1997 Sydney, Hordern Pavillion

Parts from the show are available in Real Audio. (~3MB)

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  5. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. Chinese Arithmetic
  9. What A Day
  10. Ashes To Ashes
  11. King For A Day (+ Adult Themes noises & didgeridoo at end)
  12. Pristina
  13. Epic
  14. Land Of Sunshine
  15. Naked In Front of The Computer
  16. Just A Man
    ENCORE 1
  17. I Started A Joke
  18. We Care A Lot
    ENCORE 2
  19. This Guy's In Love with You (Burt Bacharach)
  20. Got That Feeling

Another top show! I'll cover some of the differences to last night besides the setlist of which there were a few changes. They opted for the Midnight Cowboy opening tonight instead of the 2001 theme. The sound was also better and the band commented on how they thought the lights were better than last night. This was probably due to the fact that MTV was filming the show to be screened in November (of which they'll probably air only 30 minutes).

On the talking front, they joked about the upcoming Elton John & Billy Joel tour of Australia next year and how it would cost ONLY $800 for a ticket. They later said that Elton & B. Joel were backstage having needle fights. Mike Patton referred to Puffy as Puff Daddy a few times which was probably brought on from an interview they had earlier on where the host Ugly Phil joked about the name similarities. They briefly mentioned the Kings Cross axe murderer as well as a small chat about Andrew Peacock. They also made a crack about Pauline Hanson being responsible for getting the group Hanson together and later Mike pointed to someone in the crowd & said that she looked like her. For those who don't know, Pauline Hanson is involved in Australian politics but we won't get into that.

During Evidence, the "show me the money" phrase was used and for the ending of KFAD, an Aboriginal guy came out (from Yothu Yindi?) and played the didgeridoo! A few Adult Themes type noises came out of Patton's mouth one of which reminded me of "Man Alone In Steambath". And just before the usual Just A man ending of "You're burning meeeee", Patton started throwing punches right in tune with Puffy's slams on the drums which got faster and ended the show on a perfect note just before the encore where he brought out a bottle of wine. He also shouted less tonight so I enjoyed it just a tad more than last night except for the shorter setlist. Anyway, I hope they'll visit again by 1999 because they really do rock my world!!!


I think I got everything down here, but some could be out of order.

Midnight Cowboy (Patton played it with one of those blow-organs)
Collision (great way to kick off the concert after midnight cowboy)
Midlife Crisis
Last Cup of Sorrow
Land of Sunshine
Ashes to Ashes
We Care a Lot
King for a Day (assisted by a didgeridoo player)
What a Day
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Naked in Front of a Computer
(one cover I couldnt put a finger on)
Just a Man
I Started a Joke
Got that Feeling

Very good concert, if not a little short. Not the best I've seen FNM play (the BEST was Alternative Nations (Sydney music festival) in 95). The set could have been enhanced by a coulple more songs from The Real Thing, but I think the guys would probably be sick to death of playing those songs after 7 years of touring. Dissapointing points were the lack of Caffeine and Be Aggressive which seem to have been concert defaults in the past. Ashes to Ashes was probably the high point as it converted very well live and was very powerful.

Patton appeared to consume a whole bottle of wine in the process of the concert. Despite this, Patton remained relatively tame throughout the concert - he has been known to climb the speaker mountings at the same venue - yet he was still suitably maniacal. Between songs the band had a few chats with the crowd about Pauline Hanson (a controversial very right wing politition in Australian Parliament) and the band Hanson. Patton said that one girl in the crowd with a black top on looked like Pauline Hanson. The guys apologized to the crowd for not having their white collared shirts (that they were all wearing with suits, incedentally) starched and ironed since yesterdays concert. An interesting addition to the concert was an Aborignal with a didgeridoo coming on stage and assisting the band with the end of King for a Day, accompanied by some Mr Bungle-esque vocal experiments by Patton.

Could this be Faith No More's last concert in Sydney ever? Most people would have sworn so after the 95 concerts. Yet there they were, playing live last night. Who knows what they've got in stall for us as they approach 15 years of existance!!

Joe Foxton.

The second show for Sydney was easily better than the first. Firstly, the mix was much better (no overpowering bass), and some cool new songs were added.

The group of us got seats at the back of the Hordern so we could sit and watch a show. This time Midnight Cowboy started the show, not Collision. It was pretty obvious though as there was no intro music at all when the band entered the stage.
I sat for the first couple of songs but I was too damn energetic to sit so I ran off to the mosh pit during Last Cup of Sorrow.

Somewhere near Evidence or Easy in the set, Mike stated that "Billy Joel and Elton John... (were) backstage!", and that if we wanted to see them live "it would cost $800 a ticket!". Just as I was about to retire back to my seat, Chinese Arithmetic started! The crowd was dumfounded. What a Day was also a cool change in the setlist. At one point Mike brought up Pauline Hanson, a controversial politician in Australia due to her racist policies. Mike pointed out a girl in the crowd and yelled "there she is!". He then mentioned the connection between Pauline Hanson and those snot-nosed little kids in the band Hanson.

The next hilight had to be King For a Day. At the end, where the loud bass sounds and other wierd noises are, a special guest came on stage. To help out with the wierd sounds, the guy from Yothu Yindi (aboriginal band) played a digeridoo! Sounded really good and suited the music well. They guy was in full costume; bare chested and all painted! Again Pristina really was a dead point for the crowd, but it was played perfectly. Epic, like Easy, was a real crowd pleaser. It was one of the best performances I've heard - it's hard to explain why. Land of Sunshine had Patton singing the solo as he did the previous night. Naked in Front of the Computer was another song which sounded better than the first Sydney performance. Roddy played guitar; but just two different notes in the chorus.

We Care a Lot was well recieved by me and the other 7998 people [Simone didn't like it :P ] It was just like other performances on the 97 tour - no samples or extended guitar intro. Got That Feeling was a perfect way to end the show, although I was expecting Caffeine. My neck and back really took a beating from the vast number of crowd surfers though. When the roadie threw a bunch of drum sticks into the crowd after the show everyone dived to the floor to get them. I got a broken one.

I should mention that Australian MTV filmed the whole show. So all you Optus Vision owners remember to tape it! It's on in Novemeber. Also, we managed a tape from Chinese Arithmetic --> Just a Man. The quality is very audience though, as it was taped from a pretty strange place ;)


Source: CVDB
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