Newcastle, Workers
October 23, 1997 Newcastle, Workers

What a great show...

They started with, surprise, surprise
Midnight cowboy, then
Midlife crisis
Last cup
...missing a few...
King for a day
Just a man

two encores including
and a couple of covers
Was one a Black Sabbath song, can someone tell me (not War pigs)

MP gave the Newcastle crowd a good stir, which was good to see. Last time he was here, w/Mr Bungle, he chanted: "Newcastle, Newcastle, Newcastle, Australian for shit" in between a couple of songs, and in doing so gave Newcastle Knights fans their now famous chant.

Sensing the pride of the town again, he said stuff like, "You're all pretty tough up here, hey Newcastle?" He kept this going a couple of times and added "I bet you're so tough you take it up the ass" To this Roddy added "Doesn't everybody?"

I think it was during KFAD that a shoe missed MP by a few inches. KFAD had a magical ending with a didgeridoo being played by an Australian Aboriginal.

Mike picked up the shoe and asked who threw it. He dared the crowd to throw more shoes. Shoes showered the stage. "Throw some pointy heeled shoes" he said. He put on a pair of high heels for the next number.

He pulled the band up about 30 seconds into Digging asking for the guy who dived off the wall of speakers to get on stage. He didn't - I think they were still piecing him back together.

In short - a fucking great show. It should tide me over to the next album....


Wednesday night was Faith No More at Newcastle Workers. Great venue.. over 18's, lots of grog, perfect size... kept that "intimate" feel, yet still able to hold a lot of people. Bands always prefer playing in venues like this. Shihad were great, though the venue was still only half full when they played.

People seemed to come from nowhere when Faith No More came on (I won't do the setlist thing, just point out differences). They have obviously done away with the "2001 space odyssey" theme music as an opener, and Midnight Cowboy was used (excellent choice, even if predictable).

The ending of 'King for a day' was unbelievable. Eerie enough on its own, after Mike had finished with the "Don't let me die..." the band members froze in a greenish/yellow light and a aboriginal guy in full traditional costume came out with a didgeridoo and played along to the end. The crowd went mad.. was both culturally moving and incredibly atmospheric.

They played 'Chinese Arithematic' from Introduce yourself which was a pleasant suprise, with Mike screaming out "Move, your, ASS!" at the beginning. There was a bit of Black Sabbath/Led Zep.. couldn't recognise it. Doesn't matter, everything they did rocked. :) Their comments throughout the show were great, it was obvious they were having a great time.

Mike - "I hear Newcastle is a tough town, with tough people." (Flexes biceps looking staunch) "You need some tough music." (Evidence follows)

Roddy - "Are you feelin' gooood?"
Mike - "Newcastle is so tough I bet they like it up the ASS!"
Roddy - "We all do!"

Someone had thrown a very large sneaker on stage at some point, not overly suprising given that there was crowd surfing throughout the entire show and t-shirts and shirts flying on stage at all times. Mike picked up this shoe, examines it and says something along the lines of "that's one big motherfucking shoe."

Mike - "Hey, can I borrow the other one, just for half an hour or so?" (about 5 shoes go flying towards him)

During the first encore he asked the crowd for a 'high-heeled' shoe to wear with this enormous sneaker "just for about ten minutes."

Mike - "Come on! where are all the girls out there? You're just a bunch of fucking BOYS!" (cream coloured high-heeled shoe flies on stage) "Alright! thank you...." (puts on shoe) "..now I have to stand like this." (sticks hip out to one side) "Kindof raises the right butt cheek a little." (sticks it out a bit more and rubs it) "You like that?!" "Would you fuck me?! I'D fuck me!!"

Towards the end of Land of Sunshine a couple of guys had managed to get on top of the huge speakers to the right of the stage. Mike didn't notice the first guy complete the 3+ metre jump, but the song had ended as the second guy was about to jump. Mike looks up at him saying "Do it, do it do it!" and as he jumped Mike cowered, not wanting to see him land. Mike then came back to that side of the stage to look for him.

Mike - "Is that guy alright? is he hurt? I want him up here on stage man... get the fuck up here."

Nothing happened so they broke into 'Digging the grave.' Mike stops the music.

Mike - "Start over! start over! this is my song. I can't get this guy out of my head... is he alright?" "I'm not playing any more music 'til he gets up here on stage, I'm staging a protest."
Billy - "Get up here motherfucker!"
Mike - "He makes a spectacle of himself.. and now he's holding up the show!" (nothing happened) "Ok, more music." (Digging the Grave)

Little did Mike know at the time but the guy had been dragged backstage by security, his knees were hurt pretty bad, but he was generally ok (this I found out from Jon Hudson after the show). When they came out for a second encore, Mike had a towel over his head.

Mike - "We will tame you yet Newcastle, we will tame you."

We had parked right by the back entrance to the venue before the concert, and hung around to see when they came out. There would have been 20 or so ppl around. Jon Hudson came out first. He was incredibly down to earth and friendly.. seemed to enjoy ppl doing the usual "groupie stuff." I put in a request with him for them to play 'Stripsearch' here in Melbourne, 'cos that was the one song they didn't play I particularly wanted to hear. He then told me about the speaker/stage diver.
Puffy came out next, he was in a really good mood.. went to the shuttle bus and lit up a stubbed out cigar. There was another girl hanging by the van... desperately waiting to see Mike. Puffy asked if we were cold hanging out there... nice guy. :)
Roddy came out and virtually went straight into the other shuttle bus. Didn't see Billy, but had done before the show as we were all entering he was trying to get in to the main auditorium, had been locked out. :) By the time Mike came out I finally had the perfect thing to say! (fourth time I have met him and finally not stuck for words) He passed through everyone else fairly quickly and as he came forwards I put out my hand, he shook it and I said "Maldoror was excellent." It was like a bell went off in his head because someone had pressed the right button and he beamed "THANK YOU!" and was pleasantly suprised that we knew anything about it. He talked with us for a good few minutes about Merzbow, the 50 cd set Masami will be releasing, how deaf we all were after the show (I had noticed he wasn't wearing earplugs that night). He was genuinely interested in talking to us! I noticed everyone else standing around was not only looking envious, but wondering what the hell we were talking about. The girl who had been waiting by me to see Mike hardly even got a glance and as he got into the van he turned back to us, and gave us a very direct and warm "See you later guys."

Perfect end to an incredible few days.. and now to do it all again in Melbourne!!


  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Last Cup
  5. Gentle Art
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. Chinese Arithmetic (w/ Aqua's "Barbie Girl" & Scooter's "Move Your Ass")
  9. What a Day
  10. Ashes to Ashes
  11. King For a Day
  12. Pristina
  13. Epic (w/ "I Believe I Can Fly")
  14. Land of Sunshine
  15. Naked in Front of the Computer
  16. Just a Man / "Highway Star"
  17. Digging the Grave
  18. Death March
    Encore 2
  19. "Bacharach"

So far I'd have to say that this was the best show. Although the setlist had no new surprises, the shows was unbelievable.

The venue was really different from Sydney's Hordern Pavillion. Instead of a 6000-7000 capacity venue, FNM played a 2000 capacity dance room in a club. Surrounding the mosh pit (dance floor) were seats, which is where we sat. Because the venue was an overage gig, I didn't really want to be surrounded by 500 drunk 20 year olds - especially with the reputation Newcastle has.

Midnight Cowboy was superb, maybe better than it was in Sydney. I probably thought this performance of Midnight Cowboy was better only because there wasn't a mosh pit during the 'heavy' (guitar = heavy for Aussie kids) part like there was in Sydney. The show had stage diving throughout. At one point, during What a Day, a guy jumped up and tackled Roddy. (* If you feel pissed off about this, continue reading!) Chinese Arithmetic began adlibs from Scooter's 'Move Your Ass' and Aqua's 'Barbie Girl'.

Mike told the crowd that he'd heard Newcastle was a "tough town". Obviously Newcastle's reputation is well known! Later Mike said he thought the tough guys liked being "fucked up the ass". Roddy answered with "doesn't everybody?". King For a Day again had the Yothu Yindi digeridoo player. I'd have to say that the ending for King For a Day was the best that I've heard - - live or taped. The digeridoo made wonderful little noises, which went perfect with the bass noises and Mike's little popping noises (noises like at the start of Stripearch). Pristina made the crowd dead (yet again), but Epic quickly fixed this lifelessness. Everyone knew the words, even though half of the people were so drunk the lyrics were all slurred into one word. Land of Sunshine had the guitar solo sung by Patton again - which is a definite hilight of the shows.

Up until Just a Man, the shows was pretty similar to the two Sydney gigs. When a show just missed Mike's head, he asked for more shoes to be thrown on stage. He asked for a spike high heel shoe. "H-O-T" was Roddy's input when one was finally thrown on stage. Patton put the high heel on one foot, and a Reebok Pump on the other. Mike started walking around, and said "See, the right side of my ass is higher..." - due to the high heel obviously. He put his foot on the amps at the front, showing some leg (sorta like Courtney Love does). Soon after a guy jumped on stage. He started head banging, then copied Patton's motions as he kneeled in front of the drums. When Patton noticed him he started chasing the guy around the stage. He circled around a few times, before he finally chased him staright into the bouncer! Extremely funny.

Near the end of Just a Man, FNM went into Deep Purple's Highway Star. At this point two guys climbed on top of the PA speakers - about 15 feet high. The first guy jumped into the crowd. The second guy (* he tackled Roddy!!) was finally coaxed into jumping by Patton's cries of "Jump! Do it! Come on! Go!" The guy fell straight to the floor. The paramedics pulled him out immediately. Mike then said "Fuck the paramedics, let us fix him up! We're not playing until that guy get's up here! PROTEST!"
"Is he OK?" asked Roddy.
They eventually learned he was unconcious, so they continued by telling everyone to give him a big cheer. Digging the Grave started, but ended 30 seconds through because Mike's vocals weren't working. Patton stopped the band, and told them to start again. He really fucked up the lyrics too - to such an extent that I had trouble remembering where they were in the song. Death March was an extremely welcome change. The whole band seemed really into it. The second encore just had the Bacharach ballad, which was played as well as normal.

After the show, we tried to get backstage. It seemed our passes were invalid though, even though they were laballed "After Show Passes"... you figure it out. We to the back though and waited so we could speak with Bill. There was a sizable crowd waiting, including 2 girls we called "the sluts"; they were try to pay the security guy earlier to get backstage. Bill finally came out and we chatted whilst everyone else was getting their stuff signed etc...


Source: CVDB
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