Brisbane, Entertainment Centre  
October 24, 1997 Brisbane, Brisbane Entertainment Centre

Two words from me : Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!

Each time Faith No More have come to Brisbane they have just got better and better. From playing at a small venue in the city back in 1989 to almost filling up half of the BEC is excellant!!

The set list was as follows.

  1. Midnight Cowboy. (With Mike playing his melodica)
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  5. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. Get Out
  10. Home Sick Home
  11. Ashes to Ashes
  12. King for A Day
  13. Pristina
  14. Epic
  15. Land of Sunshine
  16. Naked in Front of the Computer
  17. Just A Man
    Encore 1
  18. "This Guy's in Love With YOu" (Burt Bacharach)
  19. Ugly in the Morning
    Encore 2
  20. Stripsearch
  21. "Highway Star" (Deep Purple)

It was good to hear Mike saying "Welcome Brisvegas" as few people in the muso circles like to call Brisbane that.

Mike sure does enjoy walking around in circles on stage. Durimg the intro of Home Sick Home Mike taught us how to do the Boogey Woogey and then spent a few minutes girating his hips. And then at the end of the song he produced a bottle contating two pills and asked the willing crowd who would like to take the mystery pills. Billy stepped up and talk the two pills and after they came back on stage after Just A Man Mike tolad the crowd that Billy is doped up on Ecstasy!!!! The whole band came across that they were having loads of fun.

Mike also informed us Brisbanites that we smell and Roddy interupted and asked whether we had ever heard of cologne!!!!. Maybe it was becasue people were throwing shows up on stage but Mike wasn't biting. Maybe he had enough of it on Thursday night in Newcastle.

He also changed a lyric or two but i can't remember which song he mentioned Elton John in but i was funny and a good call!!!!

Before Stripsearch started Mike was talking about the famous "encore". He mentioned that the "encore" was invented in Brisbane, and then Roddy agreed and also said that "electricity was invented in Brisbane???!!"

Very funny guys. Excellant concert (As i would expect nothing less!!!).

Stephen Cumming.

No real surprises in the setlist but I was pleased to hear Ugly in the Morning as they haven't been playing it to often lately. High points were the heavier songs like Naked in Front of the Computer, Gentle Art of Making Enemies, and Land of Sunshine.

To start with Shihad were great, you couldn't ask for a better support, it was dissapointing that the crowd were not really into them, but I guess everyone was just hanging out for FNM.

By the time they started out everyone was well and truly amped, walking out in darkness and playing midnight cowboy with only spotlights was a great intro. After the first few songs they started to have a bit of a chat with the crowd saying Howdy BrisVegas and stuff. Just before they did Home Sick Home Mike said "You like to get down and boogie, heres a song you can boogie to." Someone threw up a little plastic bag with two big white tabs in them, and Mike was saying "Ohh... wow a present to us from the fans". He showed Billy and started laughing and said, "He's gonna eat them...Watch out he's gonna do it", and Roddy was saying "No don't do it Man", but he chewed them up anyway and spat a bit out. After that Mike was saying "Ohh thats great...thanks to you our bass player is high on ecstasy", they all appeared to have a pretty good time throughout the whole set. At the end of the last song Mike engaged in some kind of balancing act for a minute or so, he stood there on one leg arms outstretched, wavering and almost falling over with a look of absolute concentration on his face for about a minute while the rest of the band finished the song. Puffy seemed to find it pretty amusing and was looking at him trying to figure out what he was doing and laughing at him while he was playing.

When they came back out Mike said "Now we come to the encore, such a silly tradition. I believe the encore was invented in Brisbane, wasn't it"? And then after a huge cheer from the crowd he go's, "Yeh right... and you invented electricity as well didn't you's.

Their new guitarist Jhon was awesome, he played every song spot on and really got into it. Giving the crowd the odd grin during the heavier riffs in songs like Ashes to Ashes and Naked in Front of the Computer. As soon as the show was over it was like "I want to see them again", they all seem really happy playing together and it was an awesome night, I look forward to another album and the next tour.

Luke Solyom.

I'd have to say that this is my least favorite FNM show so far - but FNM's worst is still fucking great! I guess it wasn't as good as the other shows because I had gotten sick and my ears were fucked up from the plane trip.

Before the show started we met the band backstage with a bunch of other radio station winners. I chatted with Roddy for maybe 5 minutes, then talked with Bill. We hung around in the "Backstage Club" eating gormet finger food until Shihad had finished their set, then went to the floor to wait for FNM.

The Entertainment Center is a pretty big venue, so it was a wierd crowd. Instead of having all the crowd packed into a hall, they were spaced out in seats... so the crowd's response sounded pretty dull. The set was pretty similar to all the others and, as Billy himself mentioned to us, the band wasn't very tight.

The show did have some great hilights of course. At one point Mike called Brisbane "Brisvegas" - a term I've heard before, dunno what it refers to though (besides the obvious connection with Vegas). Home Sick Home had Patton teaching the crowd to "boogie woogie". He wiggled his hips for the start of the songs as an example.

Just before Ashes to Ashes Mike picked up a bag containing two pills. The band examined them, and soon after Mike asked the crowd who wanted to try the pills. Bill volunteered, and he opened the plastic bag and threw the two pills in his mouth. It looked as if he had just pretended to do so, because soon after i saw the bag and the two pills fly through the air onto the stage floor. I later found out that he thought the pills were fakes, and as he chewed he found out it was ecstacy... so he spat them out.

Before Just a Man Mike said that Brisbane made Bill high. "Brisbane is a hippy town!" Mike screamed. When the song started, Mike gave the peace sign to the crowd. During breaks in the lyrics, Mike said "I love you Roddy" and "I love you Jon". At the end of the song, where the verse "Man was born to love..." is spoken, Mike changed the words to the following:

"Man was born to love
Though often he has sought
Like Elton John to fly too high
And hold the world at his behest
And ??'s breasts
But me I am just a man"

Mike told the crowd that they stunk.
"You guys should use cologne or something!" Mike yelled.
"Or some perfume maybe." Roddy added.
When the band reappeared for the encore, Mike told the crowd that the encore was in fact invented in Brisbane. The crowd seemed to like the idea, as a huge cheer arose. "Electricity was invented here too!" Mike continued. The crowd cheered for this too.

However, my night definitely is one to remember!


FNM were supported by a NZ band called SHIHAD, should of been called SHITE. We ignored their set after the first couple of crap songs. The bar beckoned.

FNM looked cool tonight resplendant in their "Reservior Dogs" suits except Puffy who wore no shirt.

Not long into the gig Patton yelled out "Hello BrisVegas". BrisVegas is a derogatory term for Brisbane. Not long after he fell over during Midlife Crisis narrowly missing the drums, but recovered like the true pro that he is only missing about two seconds of the song. The crowd went crazy.

Halfway into the show someone threw a small ziplock baggie containing two large tablets. Patton then held it up and said "Who wants these two horse sized pills?" Billy yelled "ME" then looked at them and said "I know what these are" and took the pills. Patton then said "This is going to be an interesting gig".

Later on in the night Billy started to talk shit into the mike. Patton then said "What the hell are you doing" Billy replied "Staying away from those drugs"
Billy made a comment to the effect that he was disapointed that the tablets were ecstacy becuase he was mellowing out. Patton said to the effect "Good one Brisbane you got our bassplayer tripping on E" "Your a very generous audience"

The new guy, Jon Hudson fit in quite well and the band as a whole was tighter than hell.
Puffy kept getting buckets of water dumped on him to cool down and kept throwing drumsticks into the crowd.

A great night was had by all.

review by shaman@forpresident.com and wagemage@winningteam.com.

FNM played the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on Friday 24/10/97. There was a crowd of approx 8,000 people in the indoor arena.

A band from NZ called Shihad supported but I were incredibly bad.

FNM came on stage at 9:10 AEST (Aust Eastern Standard time) and opened with Midnight Cowboy with Patton playing his bizarre blow-organ thing???? All the band except Puffy were wearing black suits, white shirts, and black pants. Puffy wore shorts and no shirt. They guys looked like the cast of "Reservior Dogs".

After Midnight Cowboy they played Collision, and the following songs (not necessarily in order)
Mid Life Crisis
Last Cup of Sorrow
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
(After Evidence Mike Patton said "Hello BrisVegas!!", BrisVegas is a term that the larger southern cities of Sydney & Melbourne use to piss off people from Brisbane. I thought that this was pretty funny as I come from Sydney originally.)
Ashes to Ashes
Ugly in the Morning
Digging the Grave
(At this point someone in the Mosh Pit threw a ziplock baggie on stage that had two pills in it. Patton picked it up and said "Hmmm generous audience this Brisbane. Who want's to take these two horse sized pills??? Billy said "ME ME" and took the bag and opened it and swallowed the two pills. Patton then said "This is going to be an interesting gig..." and laughed.)
Just a Man
Naked in front of the Computer
Get Out
(song from "Introduce Yourself" who's name I can't remember (fuckin beer))

At this point Patton said "stay away from the horse sized pills, they're too mellow." Billy said "Thank's Brisbane for the Ecstasy."

FNM did two encore's including
Mouth to Mouth
heaps of other songs that I wish I wrote the names down of. During the encore Patton again took the piss out of the crowd by saying "Didn't Brisbane invent the encore?? and electricity." (He's a master!) He even aparently took the piss out of Elton John in one of the songs.

FNM finished the gig at 10:45pm AEST.

One interesting thing that I noticed was the FNM merchandise for this tour.
T-Shirts were $32.00 AUS ($22.40 US)
Caps were $20 AUS
Metal Badges were $10 AUS
and the coolest item on the list a FNM Stubby Cooler for $5 AUS.
(For all you non Aussies/Kiwi's out there a Stubby Cooler is a piece of wetsuit type material that you put a 12ounce bottle of beer in to keep your beer cold in our hot summers. An incredible piece of marketing genius considering a stubby cooler is usually sold for about twice the price!!!) The wording on the Stubby cooler was "FNM" in the CNN type font with a picture of the globe showing Nth & Sth America. Underneath it says "Australia/New Zealand 1997."

Incredible forsight who ever the genius was who thought of selling these!!!

Tim Burke.

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