Melbourne, Festival Hall  
October 26, 1997 Melbourne, Festival Hall

Setlist (I shouldn't need to say more)

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  5. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  6. Helpless
  7. Easy
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. Get Out
  10. Home Sick Home
  11. Ashes to Ashes
  12. King for a Day
  13. Death March
  14. Epic (with "I wanna know what love is" end)
  15. Land Of Sunshine
  16. Naked In Front Of the COmputer
  17. Just A Man
  18. This Guys in love
  19. Stripsearch
  20. Mouth to Mouth

Highlights :
Just a Man introduced as "dedicated to Elton John, a man of good taste". The crowd booed. The band then said "who booed! Be nice Melbourne." The middle part (to fly to high etc...) was changed to "Elton Johns a weazle!...To suck the poison from her breast.." and some other stuff but I missed it.

Everyone (just like in 95) was yelling for War Pigs near the end so Mike says "This songs called War Pigs" and then they played Stripsearch. Funny bastard.

During the show the band kept playing up that they were American and that we Aussie's love "this American shit".

Notice they didn't play "Evidence" (good thing), "We Care A Lot" (good thing), "Be Aggressive" (very very very BAD thing). Still, can't have everything. See ya'll tomorrow for the next show.

Andrew Bowie.

I'm sorry but this will be long, as I would like to tell you everything I can remember that happened (in detail). This was my first experience seeing Faith No More live, before tonight I had only heard them live on the various bootleg cd's that I have.

Festival Hall where the concert was held is a great place for holding concerts such as tonight's concert. There are seats on either side of the hall and a small balcony at the back with quite a large mosh pit separating both sides.

Well, enough about the bloody hall. Shihad were the support act and they weren't bad but their songs went for too long and they played too many. As well you couldn't hear the singer too well, who by the way is the skinniest person I have ever seen (I don't think he has any internal organs). Shihad seemed to take forever and when they went off it took at least 45 minutes for FNM's sound tech's to get the right sound (I think they blew Puffy's monitor as there was a large hissing sound that came from it was extremely loud). They had a lot trouble with Puffy's drums.

I took up my position at the front barricade and then FNM came onto the stage in their suits as usual (No jackets as it was at least 30*C outside and even hotter inside). They all stood there almost perfectly still and Mike was playing the small keyboard type thing with the long tube running from it to his mouth, I thought he played it very well. Midnight Cowboy was a great opener and then the transition into Collision blew the place apart it was incredible, Mike had some really weird facial expressions on his face during this song. Midlife Crisis was again brilliant with some really cool lighting during it. LCOS was extremely good and it was nice to see the crowd at the front singing, I nearly passed out during this song at the amount of crowd surfers and girls being pulled out of the crowd always seemed to land on top of my head, but a really powerful song anyway.

Gentle Art sent the crowd into psycho mode and it finally happened, I could no longer resist the intense heat and pushing from behind me into the barricade I had to be pulled out much to my disappointment. At the end of Gentle Art Mike said something about a "Grogenó which apparently is another name for "shit" in Australia, Mike talked about this with an Australian accent which was really funny, then he said "You guy's really know how to treat an American guy", which I thought was really great of him to say that. Mike you and the boys are truly legends. Helpless was a real surprise, I said to one of my friends that it would be great if they played it and they did seemed to be a longer version but works great live. before tonight I don't think that they had ever played it before. Easy got it's usual reception I believe they should drop this and maybe play She Loves Me Not which would be a great replacement. Introduce Yourself was fast and furious and was done very well, followed by Get Out which ranked as one of the best songs all night great to see. Home Sick Home and Ashes to Ashes were well received especially Ashes during the heavy parts the whole place was moshing.

Next was King For A Day, I had eagerly awaited this songs as I really love the ending they do which I had heard from the bootleg cd's I have. The noises Mike made where really similar to The Second show in Melbourne in 1995 except for the really cool guitar noises from Jon Hudson. Land Of Sunshine was another real surprise and I knew the song was from Angel Dust from the first note as Angel Dust has a real distinct sound, well that's what I think anyway. Next was Death March, I think I'm not really sure though I'm a little rusty on the album "Introduce Yourself" as the difference between Chuck's and Mike's vocals is just amazing and they play the songs from that album much faster now, a great song that got a great reception from the crowd. A fantastic version of Epic the best I have ever heard, Naked was brilliant but I copped a few blows to the head during this one as I had worked my way into the mosh pit. Just before the start of Just A Man, Mike and Roddy talked about how Elton John was a real "sincere guy", and the dedicated the song to him. After that they started the song and it went off, they replaced the "man was born to love" part with "Elton John is really weird" which was quite funny and then did the usual mind blowing rendition of this song.

Just before they came back on for the encore the crowd chanted "FAITH NO MORE" many times over and then "WE WANT MORE" and then FNM came back out to a rousing reception. They started the encore with "This guy's in love with you", which Mike sung like Frank Sinatra with all the stage moves as well, I mean what can you say, he is simply a great entertainer. He also used that keyboard thing with the tube during song which I thought was very impressive. The start of Stripsearch was really errie, works very well live my favourite song from the night. Last but not least was Mouth to Mouth with the weird but cool sounding Arabic theme which topped off a brilliant night. All the guy's seemed really happy and were right into the concert just an amazing performance.

I went to the show with five friends of mine and we sort of got split up by the time FNM hit the stage, so I didn't see them for most of the night. I can't remember which song it was but at he end of the song Puffy's drumstick was thrown into the crowd. At the time I didn't think much of it as I was no where near it but my mate ended up getting Puffy's drumstick, I'm not bullshitting this is the honest truth, I am still amazed that he has actually got Puffy's drumstick.

I snuck in a camera and took at least 16 shots, I don't no how good they are as it was hard to get a decent shot but I will post them on WSOTY as soon as I can. There was also a girl next to me that was recording the show, and if anyone else out there along with the girl that taped the show has a copy of last night's show, I will do a lopsided trade for it in your favour.

Performance of the Band
Puffy: Hit the drums so bloody hard that he broke the snare drum and went through a lot of drum sticks. Energetic performance, keeps an impeccable rhythm
Mike: Put on a great show, his singing was absolutely flawless. He sings with a lot of passion and enthusiasm which is tremendous to see.
Billy: Cut his hair fairly short, similar to when the were touring for King For A Day... just a little longer though. Was really into the headbanging songs, kept up a great rhythm. Great performance.
Jon: Jon is a fantastic guitarist, he played very well, no mistakes at all great facial expressions to. Did not move around the stage much though and he was great on King For A Day with the cool ending thing. I have no doubts that he will stick around for a while to come yet.
Roddy: What can I say, he was brilliant played guitar on Naked In Front which was great, has some really great moves all in all a great keyboardist.

Well FNM blew by mind away tonight with a stunning performance as I am a hardcore fan I had high expectations for this show and they lived up to them and more. Brilliant show guy's, if you are reading this, you are doing a fantastic job and I hope you keep going for a long time to come. I'm sure I have left quotes out of what the band said so if anyone has anything to add I would be grateful as my memory is a bit wayward at times. Can't wait for tonight's show, I will have a review of that show as well.

Damian. B.

Towards the end of the concert Mike started talking about the crowd, and pointed at people and saying 'youre a good guy', he points at someone else and says 'youre a good guy too' and points at someone else and says 'you, youre a fucker'. that was real funny.

Overall though, I know a few people including myself having difficulting in understanding what Patton was saying when he was talking to the crowd.

This night we had front row seats, and it was funny to see all these people get caught trying to jump the barrier between the seated section and general admission. I was sitting next to this guy who absolutley hated it i think. He was dragged along by his girlfriend (or wife) who knew one song, Ashes to Ashes.

Epic, Easy and Ashes to Ashes defintely got the best reaction, but thats nothing not to be expected. Midnigh Cowboy was real moving, I loved it. Stripsearch came up real well, i really wanted to hear it live.

Now to the fun stuff...

After the gig, lets just say it came to our attention which hotel the band was staying at (The Hilton), so we decided to go and have a look. When we arrived, Patton/Puffy/Roddy were getting out of the car. I managed to talk to all these guys and get their autographs on my shirt.

Puffy was in a bad mood though, but Roddy and Patton were cool. I asked both of them about playing 'Helpless' for the first time, cause thats all i could really think of, cause i was just shaking and so nervous. I said to Roddy, 'Helpless went down well', and he said 'Thanks, its the first time weve played it'. 'We were just talking about it in the car'. I told him that I knew that it was the first time and he seemed impressed. He went on to say that they were getting sick of Evidence, and that Helpless fitted in well from where Evidence used to fit in.

Then Patton. I dont think i've ever been more nervous in my life. When I asked him to sign my shirt, he said something funny which i cant remember know. I said to him 'How do you think Helpless went Mike' and he said in a non-arrogant way 'I'm not sure, you tell me'. And the thing is he seemed interested when i was telling him my thoughts. He had a smile on his face when i was telling him how much the 'Help, Help, help...' bit went off. He then went on to say that they wouldn't be playing that tommorrow night, and they would be playing alot of different stuff. My brother asked him as we was leaving if thwy would maybe play the Crab Song. Mike turned around and said 'Maybe, its a possibility', and something else, but the thing is he seemed suprised that we asked for that song, and we had the impression that they were going to play it the next night, cause he just stopped and seemed interested that my brother asked for The Crab Song.

A few minutes later Jon and Billy turned up with some roadies. Again I got these two to sign my shirt, to make up the whole band on my shirt now. I talked to Billy first, i think i asked him about the 'helpless' again. After he signed the shirt, I gave him the address of my piss weak FNM homepage, which I had written down on a piece of paper earlier. He seemed interested, he checked out the address for a while, probably cause the domain name is so damn big. He said he would check it out, and would e-mail me telling me his thoughts. He also thanked me alot for giving him the address, which was cool.

Lastly Jon. Jon is real cool. We told him about Patton saying they might play The Crab Song and he said something like 'Im not sure. did he say that ?' . Jons autograph isn't anything special though...Still he is a cool guy.

Please rememeber, the finite details of my meeting with fnm are a little sketchy cause it all seemed to go so quick, and i was just so nervous. Luckily I had another gig to go to the next night, and we planned to go and see them again and get some pics, as well as get some autographs for my brother cause he had a black shirt which doesn't go well with black texta.

Thats it. Luckily, I was seeing another FNM gig the next night, and as Mike said they were going to play a few different songs, this gave us even more to look forward too.

Hayden Hill.

Played to a capacity Festival Hall, FNM rocked from the beginning, even though we waited closed to 35 minutes while the stage crew were fixing Puffy's fan behind his kit.

Very classy opening with 'Midnight Cowboy' & Patton's mouth pianno thing, then launchig straight into 'Collision' which sounded awesome live. 'Midlife Crisi' came next and was crazy-but that was to be expected. Next came 'Last Cup of Sorrow', which I must admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of it when I first heard it on the CD, but it came across brilliantly live. Infact every song off the new album sounded really good live, esp. 'Helpless' and 'Ashes to Ashes'. Hearing Patton scream his way through 'Gentle Art' was ahuge highlight of the night.

The mix on the night was excellent - everything was perfectly audible and well balacnced. It was really good to see that the band's new formula gelled well together on stage, although they may have lost some of the intensity from their live shows when Jim left.

Another interesting part of the set was the inclusion of 'Home Sick Home' which I wasn't expecting, but came out really well none the less. 'Ashes to Ashes' was a huge highlight of the night, esp. the heavier middle part of it: ..."give the same to me..."! They followed it up with an extended version of 'King For a Day' which included a weird Patton vocal experimental bit at the end of the song which went on for a while, and sounded more like the kind of experimental jam that Tool played earlier this year than the FNM I know! 'Epic' was of course a huge highlight, and was probably the best received song of the night, and Patton filled in the end bit over the pianno solo with that eighties love song: "I wann know what love is, and I want you to show me..."!!

Next came the ong which I was hanging out for the most - 'Land of Sunshine', but for some reason I couldn't hear the bass riff too well. In the chorus Patton did the laughter part which was really crazy, instead of the ".... does life seem worthwhile to you...". He also sang the guitar solo over Jon, which I thought was cool at the time, but my mate convinced me soon after that it was just a cheap cover-up because Jon isn't good enough yet to pull it off cleanly - but definitely, 'Land of Sunshine' was easily the best song of the night!!!

During 'Naked' Roddy left his keys and picked up a guitar, but I think it was just a bit of an act! Next followed a very humorous version of 'Just a Man' dedicated to "Mr Elton John, a man of good taste...". The funny bit came in the cut out bit of "Man was born...etc" when Patton did it like this: "Elton John's a weasel, but often he has sought, like Lady Di to fly to high, then he dug her up, and did his best to suck the poison from her breast, and now the BITCH is back!!!"!

Their only encore started with the timeless classic Burt Bacharach cover, 'INeed Your Love', with Patton once again using his trusty mouth pianno thingee. Then came 'Stripsearch', which was introduced as 'Warpigs', psyching everyone up, then letting them down with 'Stripsearch'. They finished the show on a huge high with another track I wasn't expecting to hear, 'Mouth to Mouth' which with the quirky keyboard riff rocked!!

Allin all - MAD! Make sure you get along to see them before they finish the huge tour behind 'Album of the Year', cause tou're a thick shit if you don't!

But perhaps the best thing to come out of the night was the fact that my recording came out crystal clear!!! Live in Melbourne and want a copy?? Write to: rabecket@mgs.vic.edu.au


Due to a slight problem with one of Puffy's drums, the show started about 25 minutes late. I was in the crowd near the front, and even before FNM came on stage I was sweating and exhausted. When the band finally appeared the crowd really went wild. I was getting pushed from side to side, back and forth; and this was all during Midnight Cowboy! Luck seemed to be going my way however because by the time Gentle Art... had started I was on the barrier, right in the middle - which is where I stayed for the show.

This is just where the show started getting good. Instead of Evidence, which is getting tedious, they played Helpless! It sounded great, especially since it was the first show which they played it at. Around this time Mike asked the crowd if us Australians liked this American crap, referring to their music of course. The crowd screamed "yes!", and Roddy replied by saying "you guys want another slice of Americana?"

King For a Day was a memorable moment of the show. Not only was the sound mix great (probably the best of all the shows I've seen/heard so far), but the ending was full of great sound affects. Patton had a special mic that he put almost inside his mouth, and then inhaled deeply, and exhaled. It made a really spooky wind sound, which went perfect with the bass and Jon's guitar affects. After King For a Day another surprise in the set appeared. Instead of playing Pristina, which makes the crowd absolutely dead, they decided to opt for an oldie - Death March! It's the second time they've played it in Australia, but I can't even recall a show in the past 4 years where it was played in the actual set. Let's hope it stays there!

Epic was of course a crowd pleaser, as usual. It was funny to see the confused look on people's face turn to a big smile; due to their ignorance of the Mosely era albums (Death March). I was waiting for either "Men in Black: or "I Believe I Can Fly" at the end, but instead Mike sung the Foreigner tune "I Want To Know What Love Is". Land of Sunshine was just as superb as I expected - Mike's 'guitar' solo and all.

Just before Just a Man, Mike dedicated it to Elton John.
"A man of good taste! A humanitarian!" he yelled.
As expected the crowd booed and screamed "no!".
"Who's booing? Be nice Melbourne!" replied Roddy.
The Elton John conversation continued during the "Man was born to love..." verse, when Mike changed the lyrics. He really changed a lot of lyrics in Melbourne, because on Friday night in Brisbane, there was only two lines replaced concerning Elton John. The new Melbourne verse sounded something like this:

"Elton John is a weasel
Like a demi-god who flies to high
And suck the poison from her breast
But me, I am just a man"

At the end Mike took the role of a boxer. Each time he'd swing a punch, Puffy would hit the bass drum. When the band left stage after Just a Man, the crowd was really enthusiastic for an encore. Every other show I've seen has had the crowd start a semi-energetic "FAITH NO MORE" chant, but only once. Here though, at least 5 different chants started, with most of the crowd participating. The Bacharach ballad started the encore - which was surprisingly well recieved by the crowd. The look on one of the security guards faces will never leave my head; the guy's eyebrows perked up, and this look of "what the hell?! I thought this was a rock band..." appeared on his face. The stopping and starting with the melodica/vocals confused the crowd here in Melbourne too.

After "This Guy's in Love With You" ended, a group of guys near me started yelling for War Pigs. Mike looked over at them for a second then took a sip of his wine.
"This next song is called War Pigs!" he said.
I could see the joking look on Patton's face, so I knew there was no chance at all of them playing it. Instead they started Stripsearch, which sounded unbelievably perfect due to the high volume of the keyboard (other shows with Stripsearch have had low keyboard volume, and at some points is inaudible). Mouth to Mouth ended the encore, which is a song I pray for every single show. They cut out the repeated first verse, and dropped the guitar intro like in Sydney.

Because the crowd was so loud and enthusiastic, I was certain they'd come out for a second encore. Every single FNM show I've seen (except the Alternative Nation festival show in 1995) has had 2 encores, but it wasn't the case this time. Patton really looked tired at the end, which is plausible as he flew down from Brisbane the same day after his Maldoror show. Anyway, great show.


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