Melbourne, Festival Hall  
October 27, 1997 Melbourne, Festival Hall

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  5. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. Digging The Grave
  9. Ugly In The Morning
  10. Home Sick Home
  11. Ashes To Ashes
  12. King For A Day
  13. Pristina
  14. Epic
  15. "I believe I can fly" (R. Kelly)
  16. Land Of Sunshine
  17. Naked In Front Of The Computer
  18. Just A Man
    Encore 1
  19. I Started A Joke
  20. Caffeine
    Encore 2
  21. Got That Feeling
  22. Take This Bottle

(The songs and the order they are in is definitely correct, as I wrote them down on a piece of paper during the show). Sorry this will be quite long as it was the greatest experience of my life to date a simply mind blowing concert if you ever have the chance to get a copy of this concert go for it you will regret it if you don't.

After the first show we decided that we (me and 3 of my mates) wouldn't need to get their too early so we didn't arrive until about 6.00pm. When we got their two of my mates met up with an old basketball friend, we got talking to him for a while and he told us that the band members would be arriving around the other side of the building so about an half hour later we met him around the other side. The guy we were talking to had met Mike Patton when he came out here in 1996 with Bungle and he supplied them with a drum kit for the tour so he was eager to meet the other band members and so were we.

After waiting about half an hour around the back of the hall, Roddy arrived and I went up to him and said can I have your autograph and he said ásure, no problem", in a really relaxed, smooth voice. I said to him what did you think about last night's show and he replied, "I didn't think it was that good", but he would know which would be a good, brilliant or an average show. I told him that I wrote a review of lasts night's show and he said "Is that on WSOTY", I said yes then he said "That's pretty cool". I then asked him if I could get a photograph with him and he said "sure", well that just made my year. He was such a friendly guy, really easy to talk to, spent a lot of time with the fans signing autographs and having photo's taken. Thanks a lot Roddy!!!

We waited outback for another hour and then I spotted Jon Hudson walking towards the door I yelled "Jon", he looked back but kept walking towards the entrance, I guess he was in a hurry as it was about an hour before showtime. Then I turned around and Puffy was standing right behind me. I shook his hand and said you are my favourite drummer, he said "thanks" and I said, no thankyou.

I got his autograph and my mates and I got a group photo with him. He said to us that he would like to play Digging The Grave tonight, which a drew a big response out of us. We asked him why he stopped drumming on the Triple J(radio station in Australia) live at the wireless session which FNM did in 1990 on "The Real Thing Tour" and he told us the reason behind it. If you would like to know the reason behind it, I will be sending it to WSOTY to the FAQ section. Puffy if you happen to read this good luck for the rest of the tour with FNM and Black Sabbath. Keep up the great work.

Now about the show. Shihad were quite good tonite, they sounded a lot better than the previous night and I could actually make out what the singer was saying. Thank god he didn't take off his shirt tonite, maybe he had learnt his lesson from last night.

FNM hit the stage at 9.15pm, once again they opened with a grand rendition of Midnight Cowboy which I have now grown to love and then that magnificent transition into Collision which was very good. Followed by Midlife Crisis which will never lose its greatness along with another powerful version of LCOS. Mike and Roddy were talking a fair bit, they talked about how Sydney has the Olympics in the year 2000 and then Mike said "One of the officials for the Sydney 2000 Olympics came up to me and said, "We would like you to be the official band for the Sydney 2000 Olympics", I couldn't understand what Mike said after that, but they were trying to get the Olympics for Melbourne it took a while for the crowd to catch on but they eventually got it. By the time Gentle Art had started I found myself drifting over to Roddy's side of the stage and that's where I took up my position for the rest of the night, by the way it was a great view I could see all the band members very well.

When I heard the opening part to Evidence the crowd and I cheered very loudly, the night before they didn't play it and I was a little disappointed, but while I was talking to Roddy before the show he said they might play it and I said it would be great if you did, look what happened they did. Easy was next, and it was by far the best version I have ever heard and boy!!, have heard a few live versions. Just before the solo, Jon did this cool little guitar bit which made the song sound really great. Digging The Grave was next much to the surprise and delight of the crowd, when we were talking to Puffy before the show he mentioned that he would like to play and it was absolutely fantastic, terrific version of it. Ugly In the Morning was next and that blew me away it was great, at the end where Mike screams "Don't look at me I'm ugly in the morning" it frantically moving and walking around on stage it was mind blowing, his voice must have been wrecked after this.

A great rendition of Home Sick Home which is very good as are all the new songs from AOTY and Ashes To Ashes was one of many highlights of the night to date. King For A Day followed, it was played flawlessly and the ending left me and the crowd speechless it was just so f**king good. Mike made weird noises as usual but the noises he made and the effects that Jon, Roddy and Billy made were just indescribable I have never heard anything like it before. If you ever get a copy of the show you will understand why. During King For A Day I believe Puffy wore through the skin on his snare drum so they had to replace it during the ending of this song which was pretty cool. The climax of King For A Day set the scene for Pristina which I hoped I would hear and it was very good. Those two songs work in together very well.

Epic was very good and during the piano part Mike sung a little bit of R. Kelly's, "I believe I can fly". Next was Land Of Sunshine which was good to see the band playing this again, they should play it all the time it's a fantastic song. Before Mike sung "Varicose" he humed a little bit of the song, then there was a pause for a few seconds then the song started up again, worked really well. Naked In Front was brilliant as well very good guitar oriented song which features Roddy on guitar but he doesn't seem to play much on it though. Just A Man, well this has to be the greatest FNM song ever, Mike sung this like a true Vegas performer would, the band was exceptional during this song, and before the last part of the song where Mike sings "Your burning meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee", He was used his hands like he was touching an invisible wall by moving his hands around and every time he moved his hands high or low, Billy would play a note to co-inside with Mike's hand movements. Towards the climatic end Mike ran on the spot like he was climbing a ladder over the wall. A great dramtic climax I'm glad I was there to witness it. I'm sorry if this is hard to follow but that is the best I can explain what he did. Hope someone was filming the show.

The encore started with I Started A Joke which no one knew the words too except for my friends and I. What was to follow capped off the greatest night of my life Caffeine, with the animal noises at the start it went off the crowd was right into it. I was head banging and the band was doing a great rendition of fantastic song. Thanks for playing that boys I know you pleased a lot of people with that one.

After the first encore the whole crowd was going bezerk, chanting "FAITH NO MORE" over and over, it was truly insane and when they reappeared for a second encore the crowd nearly blew the roof off festival hall it was an experience I will never forget. Got That Feeling was very fast and Mike sung it very well and then they finished with Take This Bottle calmed the audience down a bit then Mike said "Say ya next time" and they left to a rousing ovation.

Just like to say that the band played very well, they were right into the show and they really enjoyed it especially when they came out for the 2nd encore.

Before the show a friend of ours met up with a photographer who was there the night before and he gave him at least 10-12 photo's from the first show. I received one and so did my mate. W got other guy's number so I will get copies of them and post them as soon as I can on WSOTY, by the way they are really great shots.

If anyone has a copy of tonight's show could you please email me at pufffy18@hotmail.com, as I will do a lopsided trade for it or pay good money. If you went to the show and there is something that I have forgotten to put in please do so as this the most I could remember from the show.

Damian. B.

The band insisted that there was "a wall between us and Melbourne." They did this after noticing that we kinda loved "Ugly In The Morning" and that they wanted us to keep trying the break that wall down. Later in the show during the end of "Just a Man" Mike did a mime sketch pretending, you guessed it, there was a wall between us and the stage. Bill acompanied with a bass note each time Mike "touched" the wall. Pretty funny but I still like the fake punches and fighting sketch from Sunday.

In the middle of the show the band asked how the people in the balcony were. They asked some guy right in the middle with a beard to stand up. He had a very large, long beard and the band were facinated. Mike demanded he "wash that fucking beard."

I would have been very disappointed with this setlist should I have only gone to last nights show but I went to both so I ended up with 8-9 songs that wern't played last night AND the fact they played Strip, Mouth, Helpless, This Guys and lots of other cool songs last night. So I'm happy. The crowd for this show was A LOT weaker also.

If you ever get the chance to see the band at the same venue twice, do it, because they obviously know that many of their fans come twice and vary the hell out of the setlist. Frigging legends.

At some point during the show Mike said that they had been approached in Sydney to be the official band of the Sydney Olympics in 2000 but they hadn't said yes yet because they wanted to know what we (the fans) though. We all said yes and they said, "Why the hell do they want the Olympics in Sydney anyway? With all the beautiful cities around the world they wanted Sydney?!" We all booed and said Sydney was a good choice. Mike then said they wanted it in Melbourne. (I say Bill laugh pretty hard at that). They then said that it'd be the "St Kilda [suburb of Melbourne] olympics." Very funny. I'm sure they were joking about the Olympics thing so PLEASE don't start a thread on that. I couldn't take it.

Mike also said that there was a satan worshiper in the audience and started to bow to them.
ALSO I think I should mention Roddy's antics during the show. He was like some bizare statue/robot who kept striking poses and looking bored / yet excited at the same time. During Pristina he didn't move! and during the middle of Just a Man he made all the actions for the story bit in the middle. He was great and it fit in great with Bill going apeshit on the bass, Mike being Mike, Puffy getting drowned every 10 seconds by nice rodies behind him who knew how darn hot it was and playing his brains out as usual AND John being John. Hard to explain John unless you'd seen him. He's very confident and looks like he's making a wank of himself but its all act.

Andrew Bowie.

First of all, I noticed a few minor errors in Andrew Bowies set list order. I manged to get a set list of Roddys keyboard. Getting and Maintaining this Setlist was very difficult, which i will talk about later. Anyway the setlist was typed in capitals, in about a 16 Font..


Anyway, we had seated tickets, but lets just say that the security at Festival Hall has alot to be desired for, cause we just walked around casually without even being asked for our General Admission tickets. Also my brother managed to get a camera in, a took a few pics which i will scan and put on my fnm page when i get around to it.

As noted in Andrew Bowies review the setlist was a lot different, as Patton told us it would be the night before (gee that sounds cool). That bit about the guys beared was so funny. the guy had to stand up infront of the whole hall. I cant belive Patton even spotted him up there.

Again, I wont bore you guys with the same stuff Andrew wrote. Now to the setlist thing. After the gig finished I waited at the front with lots of other people, all trying to get their hands on one of them. After a while, the piss weak security guys were intimidating alot of people and trying to get them to leave the hall. I saw a guy taking down Roddys keyoboard, wo I yelled out to him for the list. Once the guy took it off, a fair few people came running towards me, so i was a bit scared he was going to give it to anyone. Luckily he made sure he gave it to me.

Anyway, when we were walking towards the car, some stupid bitch came towards me telling me that the setlist was hers cause 'she was right up the front so she deserved it'. Now this girl was having a real go at me telling me to give it to her and her boyfriend told me I was about to 'cop a punch in the head'. But there was no way she was getting it. She was in tears, she almost ripped it when she tried to grab it out of mu hands. Eventually the dumb drugged up bitch took off, called me a few expletives, and then we realised we got ourselves a $100 parking fine.....

We then done the groupie thing again and went back to the Hilton. Tonite there were way more people there waiting. We managed to get a few pics. I took one of my brother with Jon and Roddy, whilst my brother got one with me and Jon. Jon is so damn cool.

Its funny to watch the reaction of people when Mike turns up. They just drop everything and take off to him. Mike was in a good mood again, as was everyone else but Billy wasn't there for some reason... When they all went in to the hotel Mike and Jon came out a little later with two female friends, jumped in a taxi and took off somewhere. For all those who are interested, i cant tell you if it was Pattons wife, but i would assume it was. She was a very attractive lady with blonde hair, mid 20's i guess, but i didn't hear her talk so i couldn't tell you if she had an Italian accent or not. I think we managed to get a pic of her, but i havn't had the film developed yet.

Jons girlfriend was very attracrive too. Thats about all i can say. Im not sure if Jon is married so i cant start any gossip there.

I'll chuck all the pics we took on my page, as well as a more descriptive review of the gigs a bit later on.

Anyway, thats it. I had the time of my life on the two nights I saw FNM. Roddy said 'See you next time' at the end, so praise the lord, lets hope there is a next time.

Hayden Hill.

On October 27, 1997 I went to festival hall to see Faith No More for the first time. It was an amazing show so here's the songs they played (In no order):

Midnight Cowboy
Last Cup
Midlife Crisis
King For a Day
Naked in Front of the Computer
Cuckoo for Caca
Just a Man
Land of Sunshine
Ashes to Ashes
Digging the Grave
Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Take This Bottle (may have been in the encores)

Encores (1+2 in no order, again)
I Started a Joke
(2 others)

We had an interesting evening, we were all to gather at James' house before hand (and James wasn't even going!), and when I got there his room was one full fucker !(It comfortably fits 6 and there were about 12-15 of us) Anyway we all sat down and drank alcohol and smoked as it pleased us. I had 4 beers (tooheys extra dry) before (didn't want to be pissed for FNM) before we left.

We had to wait about ten minutes at Chelt for the train. At patterson Andy got sick or something (smoke+alcohol=SPEW) so him and Emma (his girlfrind) and Danny got off. Then when we got to Flinders Street station (one stop from festy hall) we stopped for like 20 mins. and I really had to piss, I really thought I was gonna wet myself, I didn't, hooray!

Anyway we got off at Spencer street and Kelly waited for Andy and co. and off we went. Me and Patty got there first cuz we knew where we were goin'. I saw a bit of Shihad but all I recognised was Lalaland. Then FNM came out in suits! Me n' Patty had wondered whether they would, we hoped not, but they did!

They opened with Midnight Cowboy, and Patton was playing the... I HAVE NO FUCKIN' CLUE WHAT ITS CALLED! It went off, which supprised me cuz Midnight Cowboy doesn't exactly go off on Angel Dust. After that my order fucks up (my memory sucks).

The best tune of the night was definately Caffeine, the mosh exploded for it. Epic was cool cuz he just yelled for most of it, Patton ended it off by improvising over that piano outro, but I couldn't figure out what he was singing. Just A Man probably had the best crowd reaction, the mosh was just plain excellent for that. By collision everyone (I knew) was there. The mosh generally sucked, cuz ther were too many crowd surfers, like 3 people would go over you per song at least! One guy even landed on my fuckin' shoulders! The worst song of the evening was definately I started a joke, I swear not a single person in the whole audience other than me (I'm so good) knew the song. At the end of the show some chick took her top and her bra off! Well thats all I can write now, it was sick and I hope they do it again.

Craig Elton.

For some reason I always seem to leave a FNM gig somewhat unfulfilled. Maybe its festival hall, maybe its the bad mix (keyboards and guitars being often inaudible). But they put on a great show, largely due to drummer Bordin and vocalist Patton.

Bordin doesn't skip a beat as he pounds his kit for all it's worth, keeping the band together. Patton comes across as an evangelist preacher with exxagerated arm waving and melodramatic singing, at other times he shrieks and squeals in a hunched-over pose. As always, he had some great lines to the crowd. "What do you guys smoke? Malboro lights? (little response)....fucking WEEEEEED! (roars from the all ages crowd)" and to some guy with a huge beard up in the press section "Hey that guy with the big fucking beard stand up! (he stands up and crowd cheers) Jesus Christ, man you gotta wash that fucking beard!"

For me, it was a shame they didn't play 'Stripsearch' or 'Mouth To Mouth', and really "I Started A Joke" and "Take This Bottle" had the crowd ready to go home. but still, as always it's hard not to appreciate the effort the band put in. One energetic show. (Except for Roddy Bottum, who wasn't on stage half the time and when he was he looked as though he wished he wasn't)

Ben McSkimming.

Festival Hall was packed again for FNM's second Melbourne show. Although I'm certain that a lot of fans attended both shows, the crowd was quiet... oh, and full of teenyboppers. I guess the audience at the first show was so good because it sold out in 2 hours; a crowd full of genuine fans. Anyway, on with the review...

I was expecting Collision as the opener seeing as they'd dropped Midnight Cowboy for the first Sydney show - but Midnight Cowboy it was. I guess you know when the crowd sucks when they start moshing to Midnight Cowboy... I just can't understand shit like that. Midlife Crisis was outstanding, as was Last Cup of Sorrow. Gentle Art... was a crowd pleaser as it always is - crowd surfers everywhere. I was disappointed to hear Evidence taking the place of Helpless, but I guess they couldn't visit a city without playing it.

Thankfully Introduce Yourself was dropped from the set. Digging the Grave followed by Ugly in the Morning really got the crowd singing; my guess is KFAD... FFAL was the crowd's favorite album because it has something AOTY doesn't - lyrics! Following Ugly in the Morning Mike started to tell the crowd how he felt a wall between the band and the crowd. I guess he probably mentioned this because the crowd was so quiet in comparison to the previous night. He then asked what people in the crowd smoked.
"Who smokes weed here?!" he yelled.
Of course the crowd screamed and yelled "me!".
"Well you're gonna hate this next song then." was Mike's response, as the drum beat for Home Sick Home begun.

Ashes to Ashes got a great response from the crowd, which was good to see. After it had finished, Patton told the audience that a guy asked Faith No More to be the official band of the 2000 Olympics. Everyone loved the idea of course. Then Roddy questioned why the Olympics were held in Sydney and not Melbourne. I think everyone in the crowd had something to say about that. "The St. Kilda Olympic Games!" yelled Patton. (St. Kilda is a suburb) The show continued similar to the others, up until Just a Man. At the end (where Mike was boxing the previous night), Patton impersonated a mime by pretending to be stuck behind 'the wall' mentioned earlier. As his hands went lower, Bill would play a low bass note, as his hands went higher a higher bass note accompanied. It really was a sight to see.

The encore was the best part of the show. The crowd showed absolutely no response at all when I Started a Joke begun; but it may have been because the guitar wasn't loud enough - a lot of people did know the lyrics though. Here Roddy asked how the people on the balcony were doing. Patton spotted a guy with a beard and told him to stand up.
"Wash that fucking thing!" he screamed.
"That's one good looking guy." said Roddy.
This was followed by Caffeine; much anticipated. It was played perfectly, with the middle bass section lengthened moderately. The second encore begun with Got That Feeling, which was obviously last minute as Patton went to each band member and told them something. The crowd loved it, although hardly anyone could move due to exhaustion. Take This Bottle was the perfect way to end the show; no moshing, just a cool crowd sing-a-long.

The show was great despite the half dead crowd. It was cool to see a few new songs thrown into the set, and the band seemed in good spirits. There was a couple songs of I was hoping for, but I guess there was enough variety to keep me, and everyone else, happy.


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