Adelaide, Entertainment Centre  
October 29, 1997 Adelaide, Entertainment Centre

Support band, Shihad, were great. Really enthusiastic & played a lot of dance/thrashy songs.

Setlist for FNM, as transcribed off my arm:

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Last Cup of Sorrow
  5. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. As the Worm Turns
  9. Get Out
  10. Home Sick Home
  11. Ashes to Ashes
  12. King for a Day (with 2:30 Patton "solo" ;) on end)
  13. Pristina
  14. Epic (ad lib of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is")
  15. Land of Sunshine
  16. Naked in Front of the Computer
  17. Just a Man
    Encore 1:
  18. Stripsearch
  19. We Care a Lot
  20. This Guy's In Love With You
    Encore 2:
  21. I Started a Joke
  22. Highway Star

I thought the sound mixing was pretty ordinary, definitely the worst of the 3 FNM shows I've been to, but my friend Mikey (who was wearing earplugs) said it sounded great to him.


  • * The vocal guitar on Land of Sunshine was *sensational*. Definitely the "most improved" song. Definitely worth the price of admission.
  • * In the spoken part of Just a Man, Patton took a drink & substituted "to drink too much" for "to fly too high".
  • * Just before the final "You're burning me" of Just a Man, Patton spent 30 seconds just coughing into the mike (unaccompanied by band) before just saying "Excuse me" and leading the band into the finale.
  • * Roddy was putting some cool vocal effects on Pattons vox during KFAD
  • * Good to see the Roddy-swoop during Epic :)
  • * Roddy played guitar on Naked...

I've gotta say, I'm a big fan of Roddy - this shabby looking, almost pot- bellied guy with the white shirt & tie was having a great time on stage, especially during the bits when he wasn't playing. He was in fine form with the customary keyboard poses & swoops, and was almost headbanging to bits of Get Out. Great stuff :)

Very few amusing audience interaction bits:

  • * Patton introduced Hudson as "Batman without his cape"
  • * Just before Gentle Art, Patton announced "Faith No More are proudly sponsored by Gaucho's Restaurant on Gouger Street".
  • * Someone threw a hip-flask sized bottle of something on stage. Patton: "Someone's thrown me a bottle of warm JD. *Warm*" Roddy: "That ain't JD..."

Like I said, very little amusing stuff... :}

I've gotta say, even with the *fantastic* setlist, I was a little disappointed. I'd read a lot of reviews of other shows beforehand & pretty much knew how the setlist was gonna look, but a lot of the bits that other people raved about didn't impress me. Last Cup of Sorrow didn't work at all; there was no segue between KFAD & Pristina; Gentle Art was nowhere near as vehement as in '95. On the plus side, Stripsearch was pretty impressive, and (like I said before) the "new" Land of Sunshine is *brilliant*.

Pete Muller.

This Is Yates of Adelaide, Australia. I just saw Faith No More play here. It was the craziest show I've ever been to. Mike was great and Roddy was wicked, as usual. The show opened with Mike Patton on mouth organ, playing Midnight Cowboy. This got the crowd cheering, and then they exploded into collision. Midlife Crisis, Gentle Art of Making Enemies and Collision went off. Playlist (Not in Order) Midnight Cowboy Collision Epic Evidence The Gentle Art of Making Enemies The Land of Sunshine I Started a Joke Pristina King For A Day (with Mike making Crazy noises at the end) Just A Man Stripsearch We Care Alot Get Out Last Cup Of Sorrow Naked infront of the Computer Ashes to Ashes Midlife Crisis Easy & 2 covers I didn't know Sorry It couldn't be in order


This was the last show that we saw of the Australian tour; although not the best, it was still a great way to end our tour. Midnight Cowboy started the night once again, which the crowd loved. Collision sounded excellent, followed by Midlife Crisis. At this point I was hot and dying in the mosh pit, as I was exhausted from the 11 hour bus trip from Melbourne. At this point Mike mentioned something about Groucho's restaurant in Adelaide - which the crowd cheered about. By the time Easy began, I was close to the barrier.

As the Worm Turns followed Easy; the first time on the Australian tour it was played (thanks Bill!). Here Roddy mentioned that Adelaide was new to him, as he'd spent his day off in Melbourne. The crowd booed at the word Melbourne, and I cheered - so there were some evil glances towards me. At the start of Home Sick Home Patton sung some "bow wow wow" thing, which could be a cover song - I'm not certain though. Ashes to Ashes was a crowd favorite like usual. Jon broke a string at the end of the song, so Mike yelled "Batman is having problems!". Throughout the show Jon's nickname was Batman.

Epic had the adlib from Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is" at the end, which stunned the crowd I guess. Land of Sunshine seemed popular amongst the audience (which I had left due to the heat and exhaustion), as did Naked... Just a Man finished the set like usual. The guitar at the start was unusually loud, so the song sounded really different. At the ending, where Mike previously boxed or impersonated a mime, Mike went into a fit of coughing and choking.
"Excuse me Adelaide.." he said, and sang the ending... "Yooooouuuuu're burning meeeeee"

The first encore had people yelling for War Pigs, like in Melbourne. "You see, we all forgot how to play War Pigs. Except our drummer, ha ha ha!" was Mike's response.
The crowd wasn't really happy about this, neither did they understand the joke. However Stripsearch was perfect, and I'm sure the crowd forgot about not hearing War Pigs. We Care a Lot followed, which was another rarity in the set that was great to end the tour with. I Started a Joke didn't really get a crowd response at all when it started, but everyone knew the lyrics which was quite strange.

The second encore, which I wasn't really expecting, began with "This Guy's in Love With You". I knew about half of the lyrics, so it was nice to be able to sing along with Mike. The performance of this song was no better than any other show, but it must have been the first time that I'd viewed it from such a distance, because the lighting in the chorus seen from further back is a beautiful sight. Highway Star ended the show, and our tour. Although it isn't the most memorable song, the thing that sticks in my mind most is what two guys standing next to me said.

#1: What's this song?
#2: It's from an album released before Patton joined.

Hmmm, in a way he was right, the album was released before Mike joined... except the album wasn't a FNM album, it was Deep Purple! Although it wasn't the best show, the Adelaide gig was a great way to end our tour. Maybe I can do something like this again in a couple years!


1. Midnight Cowboy (Patton played the melodica)
2. Collision (This song sounded brilliant live)
3. Midlife Crisis
4. Last Cup Of Sorrow
5. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies ( Sent the crowd insane!)
6. Evidence
7. Easy (Sounded great-Hudson played the lead really well)
8. As The Worm Turns ( One of the highlights of the night!)
9. Get Out
10. Home Sick Home
11. Ashes To Ashes
12. King For A Day (+ Patton's plane sounding noises at end)
13. Pristina
14. Epic (+ Patton' s ad lib of "I wanna know what love isó)
15. Land Of Sunshine ( Patton sung the lead again)
16. Naked In Front of The Computer
17. Just A Man (Patton had one of his "cough til ya dieó type fits in the middle)

18. Stripsearch (worked well live, Patton sounded good)
19. We Care a Lot (This classic even got Roddy fired up)
20. "This Guy's In Love " (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)

21. I Started a Joke (Bee Gees)
22."Highway Star" (Deep Purple)

Once again Faith No More took the stage in suits and opened with their rendition of the Midnight Cowboy theme (with Patton playing the ocatina) as they've done for most of this tour. The crowd was really on edge during this slow but very moving song, shouting so loud that the first few bars were drowned out by chants of the bands name. By the time Midnight Cowboy was drawing to a close most people were dying in anticipation of the heavier song destined to follow. Sure enough, following Patton's "scream inó of 1, 2, 3... the crowd was hit with a thunderous version of Collision. To be honest the recorded version of Collision doesn't do a lot for me, but the live version they ripped out at this concert was phenomenal. The energy of the song soon turned the open moshpit at the entertainment centre into a turkish bath, it even went as far as a brawl sparking up near the stage. Next up was a good version of Midlife Crisis which got most of the crowd singing along in the chorus.

After a poorly mixed but well played Last Cup of Sorrow (the keyboards could hardly be heard and vocals were up too high, this happened again at the end of Stripsearch) things got ugly again with the anthemic Gentle Art of Making Enemies. Evidence and Easy ( Patton did his customary burp in one of these) were played alongside each other to offer an opportunity for a breather but the crowdsurfing didn't let up for a second. Here was where the band got started with the usual smartass comments and in jokes. Patton told the crowd that they now had batman playing guitar for them and that: "he's out lookin' for a wonder woman tonight!" to this Hudson half smiled and kept playing. Later on Hudson was having problems with his guitar to which Patton shouted "Batman's got some trouble with his cape", naturally no one had any idea as to what all this batman bullshit was about. Patton also asked if the people in the upper deck were getting blood noses because of the hight. He then told us to give them a round of applause because: "They're noses are bleeding 'cause they're snortin' beak.....and beak is American slang for cocaine!"

From this point the concert went into top gear with the band really getting into the next four songs. Long time fans of the band were surprised but happy to hear the keyboard intro to As The Worm Turns. For a song the band hadn't played in a long while it was probably their best of the night and it certainly had Billy and Mike throwing themselves about the stage. After by now having thrashed out his repertoire of Las Vegas moves during Easy and Evidence we saw glimpses of the hyperactive Mike Patton of old. He went nuts, jumping around, punching the air and spitting the lyrics of Get Out and Home Sick Home at the crowd. Before the guys launched into a slick and very powerful version of Ashes to Ashes. As on the rest of this tour the band did their experimental part of the set with Mike Patton showing us the amazing things he can do with that voice of his and the help of some trippy noise from Roddy's keyboards. This part of the show went over the heads of a lot of the audience but songs that held all of this together KFAD and Pristina sounded as good as expected and recieved a fair reaction.

Next up was the one and only Epic with an ad lib of "I wanna know what love is", followed by great version of Land of Sunshine where Mike tooted out the lead break from those freakish vocal chords. At the end of an energetic Naked In Front Of The Computer, Patton yelled: "Dot.Com.!!" in that cynical tone of his. The band ended the set with Just a Man as they did on the last tour, Patton changed the lyrics in the middle to: "but often he has sought like Icarus to drink too much" (Patton was sipping on a glass of something during the tune). Towards the end of the song he faked a coughing fit that must of lasted over a minute before they did their little finale.

As the lads meandered back for the first encore Patton told the crowd that they could no longer play War Pigs because they'd forgotten how, after a pause he added: " everyone except our drummer that is!". I got to hear Stripsearch which along with As The Worm Turns and We Care a Lot was a highlight of the show, simply because few people expected them to attempt it. Apart from the keyboards being nearly inaudible at the end it came over quite well live. I Started a Joke and This Guys in Love With You were a couple excellent covers, which as you would expect are suited perfectly to Patton's crooning. Just when everybody thought Faith No More would leave us on the softer note with which they arrived a short and sharp blast of Highway Star brought the concert to an abrupt end.

Overall this was a more mellow show than the one in 95, but still equally impressive. Having said that, the crowd this time was much larger and a lot more violent (the crowd at this concert made the crowds I've been in at Pantera and Suicidal Tendencies concerts look like Take That fans). The bands performance was as slick as their appearance but they (especially Roddy and Hudson) were much less inclined to let their hair down and talk to the crowd than they were on the last tour. Jon Hudson is without a doubt an excellant guitarist, he fitted in well, but didn't look too enthusiastic. Billy looked to really be enjoying himself and played well. Roddy didn't get to excited (apart from the end of We Care a Lot when he ran over to Billy's mike and tilted it over) but he did joke around with the crowd in front of his keyboards. Puffy's performance was once again outstanding, its no wonder Ozzy refers to him as one of the worlds best rock drummers. There was a good balance of songs in the set considering the material played delved back to 1985 but instead of playing one the covers it would have been nice if the band could've thrown in Mouth to Mouth. The 1997 version of Faith No More is definately different to the more agressive Faith No More I saw here in 95, but they still put on a great show.

Dave Ando (with help from at least 7 friends)

Source: CVDB
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