Perth, Entertainment Centre  
November 1, 1997 Perth, Perth Entertainment Centre

Best concert I've ever been to. These guys kick arse live. You could tell the guys were having fun out there. Everyone was getting into it, as John Hudson even showed he was having fun. Surprised me that they didn't play digging the grave, but the rest of the set was kick arse anyway. Mike had his bottle of red wine out on the stage, as when he was singing he was doing this freak out thing which ruled.

Before Home Sick Home, Billy said "I can see people going like this (raised his hand with 2 fingers up) and other people going like this (raised his hand with devil eyes) and other people with 1 finger in the air...which is it people." Then Mike said.."Where I come From people just go like this (made a finger sign), you walk down the street and people are doing this." At this point everyone was doing finger signs. Then Roddy comes in and says.."You guys remind me of home" Then Billy says.."One it is"...as they started Home Sick Home.

Somewhere in the concert Mike pointed to the crowd where I was moshing and said.."You guys must really want it....I mean Really want it". Then Mike grabbed his nuts a couple of times and began into the next song.

Near the end of the concert Roddy asked the crowd what they wanted to hear..as everyone I was near said Falling to pieces as I yelled out RV. Then they began to play Just a Man which went off. When Roddy wasn't playing keyboards he was swaying to the beat of the drums. This concert proved these guys are still one of the best bands in the world.

Luke Daniel.


These words and many more describe the experience I had on Saturday night - wow!


    Midnight Cowboy
  • Collision
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Gentle Art of Making Enemies
    sorry about this but it was so fucking good I can't remember what order the rest went in - couldn't get hold of a set list!)
  • Evidence
  • King For A Day
  • Get Out
  • Epic (with ad libbing)
  • Easy
  • Ashes To Ashes
  • Last Cup Of Sorrow
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Home Sick Home
  • Pristina
  • Naked In Front Of The Computer
  • Be Aggressive
  • Death March (I think - maybe someone who was there can help me out!!)
    and (the rest I'm certain of the order)
  • Just A Man

    1st Encore

  • "This Guy's In Love With You" (Burt Bacharach)
  • Caffeine

    2nd Encore

  • Stripsearch
  • "Highway Star" (Deep Purple)

    Okay let's get down to the gig -

    Shihad were the support band and they went off big time. There were some fucking losers in the crowd who were pissed and kept jumping on everyone, but other than that the crowd was, well, okay I guess - typical because the tour was sponsored by a crappy radio station and they were giving the tickets away (this was the FNM gig that was gonna get cancelled apparantly).

    Anyway we got down the front of the pit and we were really getting into it, and we met up with this bunch of guys who were blowing up all these 'mosh pit' beach balls - fun. Anyway, my sis (who's 15) was probably the only chick crwod surfing..oh wait there was this other girl, but some guy got hold of her and threw her over the security fence - that cracked everyone up (come on, you can't surf in high heels - it's lethal!)

    Okay Shihad finished, and everyone was starting a chant...ones that last for ten seconds and fade away. Finally the lights went down and out they came (no 2001 music mind you) and they were all in their suits and Mike starts up Midnight Cowboy - two thirds of the people there didn't know what the fuck the song was but that's their loss. Here's the truth - I was just standing there with my mouth open in awe of the guy...it was a vision and I was was practically in shock. Wow!

    The melodica goes off!!

    Then they went on to Collision (I had no idea Jon wrote that and Stripsearch - legend!) and I had to get out of there cos there were these psycho guys bashing into me. So I weaved back a little a got a better view - my god, wow!!

    As usual the majority of the crowd had obviously only heard the singles, and went extremely blank and silent when song like Caffeine and Pristina were being played. This Guy was truly magical!!

    Sorry guys I know you want good news so I won't blah on with stuff you've heard from everyone else.


    1. Sometime during the concert the band finished a song a everyone went wild (as you do) and Billy and Mike were having this conversation about how many fingers people hold up. Billy was saying some people hold up this many (sign of the devil), and some people hold up three (god knows why) and then Mike piped up and said where we come from most people hold up this many, and proceeded to give the crowd the finger. He then said 'if you like us do that!' so the whole crowd gave the band the finger. They were all just laughing - excellent moment!!
    2. Instead of doing the boxing thing, Mike decided he would take off his tie in a sedcutive manner while Puff hit the drum. He also jumped down in front of the security fence and it took about three bouncers and Jon to get him back up on stage.
    3. Some assholes were spitting and throwing cigarette butts at Mike while he was singing This Guy..., so after each line of the song Mike would come up with a new one. It went a bit like this:

      Song Line
      'Fuck you asshole!'
      Song Line
      'Ha, you're real funny pal!'
      Song Line
      'You're gonna fly, motherfucker!'

      And then he gobbed a huge loogie on the guy - legend!!

    4. There were some people in the audience who had those little red lasers things that you point with (well I dunno!) and Roddy calls out to the crowd, 'You people with the lasers turn 'em on now', so they shone them on the band, who were swearing and carrying on. Mike said, 'Wow! There's 1-2-3-4 people with lasers - there's four millionaires in Perth!'

    DIdn't manage to get anything off the bouncer dudes - has anyone noticed that 50% of bouncers are complete bastards? Thought so! Many of the bastrds were just intimidating the crowd and shit like that - it's wrong!

    Some guy managed a drum skin which was signed - bastard (sorry if it was anyone on the list!)

    Got my shit together and headed round the back to wait for the band to emerge. Shihad were out there so started talking to them about what they were doing and stuff - very nice guys!! Meanwhile all these prostitutes started rocking up trying to get business I guess - they didn't get any by the way.

    And so about 12 people were waiting to catch a glimpse of FNM. We waited we chatted. Some people there were at the airport when the band rocked up, and they bitching about how cold Mike is - I say the guy's entitled to his privacy, maybe the plane ride sucked...who knows!

    The security opened up the side door and a few of us ran down there and peeked in. I spotted Puff and started shouting to get his attention and he waved - the guy is brilliant! THis was at about 11, so we ended up talking to Shihad some more and then they left and FINALLY Jon came out of the first door we were hanging around. Some twit threw herself on him, and he kinda freaked out - can you blame him? I shook his hand and said the concert went off, He said thankyou, and gave me his autograph. He's damn polite! He asked whether there were any nice places to stay in Perth, and my sister yells out our address, and Jon just laughed.

    I sorta hung back while Jon was getting mobbed and realised that it was an elaborate scheme - throw the new guy out for the fans and get the rest out through the back door. We noticed and ran to their car, but they were all in - Billy was laughing his head off, Mike looked like he was giving himself head (joke!), and Roddy kina communicated with my sis. She was tapping on the window to get his attention, and he turned around and looked at her in that strange way he does (you know what I'm talking about...the 'off with the pixies' look) and he put his hand up on the glass and started moving it around slowly. So my sister did the same, mirroring what he was doing. It was amazing.

    Then they drove off into the sunset...wow what an experience it was. It was my first FNM concert, and it was the best fucking concert I have ever been to. They said they'd be back soon, so let's hope they will be!!

    Emmy Bones.

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