Berlin, Huxley's Neue Welt  
November 12, 1997 Berlin, Huxley's Neue Welt

Here is the set list but the songs are not in particular order and I'm not sure if it's complete ...

  • Midnight Cowboy
  • Collision
  • Stripsearch
  • Epic
  • Last Cup Of Sorrow
  • Naked In The Front Of The Computer
  • We Care A Lot
  • Helpless
  • Ashes To Ashes
  • Got That Feeling
  • Home Sick Home
  • Get Out
  • Evidence
  • Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  • Digging The Grave
  • King For A Day
  • What a Day
  • Just A Man
  • I Started A Joke
  • Pristina... not sure...
  • This Guy Is In Love In You... not sure...

We got to the venue at 5 o'clock and we knew it was much to early considering that the concert was scheduled for 8 p.m. We had a long way behind us (over six hours in the train)... we were exhausted and cold as well. We thought that it would be a sunny day so we didn't take any jackets but only when we got there we realized our mistake... Fortunately there were a lot of pleasant people who helped me to warm up while my darling friend went for shopping.

I had some information about the Huxley's Neue Welt from my friend who had been there before on the Primus concert so I wasn't surprised finding some supermarket... The front of HNW didn't look for me like a concert hall at all.... but at the rear of the building was an entrance to place where the concert was supposed to take a place. When we got there we didn't find no one who would look like a fnm fan. And indeed... people started gathering at about 7 o'clock cause at 7.30 p.m. the doors were due to be opened. Unfortunately we had to wait another 40 minutes to get in so after that we were totally frozen up. There was some man at the entrance, giving away fnm-stickers with information about their concert transmitted on the Internet and thanks to him I found out about it :) Finally they opened the doors and the hall filled with people. I MANAGED to buy two fnm T-shirts and cause I didn't succeed in getting any in Poland I was really happy. They finally made some T-shirts in a SS-size cause as I remember most of shirts was usually for some giants (XL)...

I was one of this lucky people standing in the first row but being right in front of the stage had some bad sides. One of them was fact that I couldn't take any pictures (not mentioning about recording this show) because of the bouncers.

There were two opening bands. First Eskimos &Egypt got on the stage, but they were pathetic. Their lead singer was a cheap, long-haired copy of Keith from the Prodigy while rest of the band looked more like Supertramp. The next band - Radish - was from Texas and they were much better than the previous... I think they were influenced by...hmmm....Silverchair?...Nirvana?... or maybe both?... Even that in my opinion people enjoyed them playing everyone came there for a different reason. When their singer asked : "are you ready for FAITH NO MORE???" people started shouting so loudly that it was obvious that no one wanted Radish anymore...

Finally, after about an hour of listening to these band the RiGhT show started...The lights dimmed but everybody could see shadows on the stage. After a minute of screams and shouts we heard Midnight Cowboy and the lights turned on... It was incredible! Mike was standing right above me , with one eye closed, holding this funny instrument... Everybody was speechless except some pissed off headbangers waiting for something heavier... After that song, when people just couldn't stop clapping, Mike said "danke schon"(the spelling might be wrong) with this awful, strong German accent. Then he asked if anyone had heard the latest Puff Daddy's song and cause it was a No1 hit of German charts everybody responded whistling and shouting (or... laughing). Then Mike started joking about a kinship between Puff Daddy and THEIR drummer . As I remember he said that Puffy was his "close cousin" but I'm sure that he said "our drummer" without giving his name so much people who didn't know that his name was Puffy didn't catch the joke. Then Patton pointed his thumb at the ground saying " sheisse" (the same as shit I guess)... of course he was talking about song... Then Collision went ahead. During the middle part of the song Mike did some cover of this shitty -"Missing you" (I'm not sure if the title is correct). I can only say that Mike was in a GrEaT mood ... he was MaD, talkative, funny and attractive (errr...you know... I'm a girl) as never. Unfortunately Billy didn't say a word ( not mentioning about Puffy and John who are -as I know - always like that). But I remember Roddy joking something about their new, elegant style... He even asked the audience if they didn't look silly in this suits. People responded with loud "nooooOOOOO...". During one song some extremely stupid people started throwing plastic cups and some other shit on the stage and once even a plastic cup hit Mike. I don't know why he didn't react... he just ignored it. It just proves

SuCk! Foolish people! What another interesting happened? ... hmmm... Towards the end of Epic Mike sang (I think a verse and a course) of another German 'smashing- hit' "Barbie girl", putting particular emphasis on the part "C'mon Barbie let's go party". He also did some cover on Introduce Yourself but I didn't recognize what it was... When he was singing NiFOTC ... after the words " and my mouth is full" he lain back and stuck the microphone into his mouth.... Diverting! The intro to Home sick home was much longer then it is normally cause Mike was begging for something to drink (my friend claims he wanted a "Bittburger Pils" but I don't speak German so I'm not sure). He was walking from one side of the stage to the other and he looked as if his face had been distorted with pain. He was showing his 'poor tummy' and saying how much he needed to drink. Of course no one had it so he pointed at some people at the audience and showed them his middle finger:) Then Mike stood in front of everyone and started spitting out tons of saliva. Normally I would say it was pretty disgusting but nothing what is done by God can' t be like that...hAhAhA... King for a day ( one of my favorites) was stretched a lot. The end was sooo long that they could make one more song out of it which would perfectly fit to Mike's first solo album:-) It was a game of lights and different, eerie sounds. Mike screeched and John played the same note over and over. Meanwhile Roddy was walking in circle with hands on his ears. No one knew why he was doing this but it was fun to watch. It was definitely a highlight of the concert ! The amusing part came when someone from the audience managed to get a drink for Mike. A plastic cup with it was passed round right to the first row. Of course Mike saw it and decided to get it. He moved to the edge of the stage and wanted to get down but he lost his balance and when he looked as if he was going to fall down some bouncers caught him and he safely landed on the ground. He took the drink and (also with a little help) climbed up a stage. With a smirk on his face he proposed a toast to... Berlin (or maybe it wasn't Berlin???) and drunk it... Of course the farewell song was Just A Man. It was stunning but I don't know why he missed the part " to hold the terrible power to whom only Gods are blessed"... It wasn't the first time. They waved good bye and left. People were clapping for a pretty long time before they came back. When I was losing my hope to see them again they reappeared. Mike stood in the middle of the stage, he took a mic. and he pulled it down to the level of his penis. It looked as is his PeNiS was going to speak... Then he took another mic and he said something like "It's my penis microphone" and then "ssssuck me, oh... oh... pleeeease sssssuck me! Will you sssuck me? Please ... pleeease...oh!" It was hilarious ! Now I'm almost sure they played "This Guy..." but unfortunately I didn't know this song then so I couldn't recognize it. Between some songs Mike approached the crowd and he pointed to a few people (2 or 3?) and stared at them. I don't know why but I was one of them.... Yeah... it was ReaLLy SoMeThInG . I was shocked and I remember that my heart was beating like mad . He stood there for a while with one eye closed and with his tongue outside (it wasn't so strange cause for the most of the concert he looked like that:-). I gave him the prettiest smile I could and then I think he just walked away... They played one more song and they left for good:-)

Almost everything was perfect ...except some stupid bouncers who took away my tape recorder:( The moshers behavior was bearable, our heroes were in a top form and even the sound was surprisingly clear. All I can say is that it was a WONDERFUL EVENING...


Source: CVDB
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