Ludwigsburg, Forum Am Schlosspark  
November 13, 1997 Ludwigsburg, Forum Am Schlosspark

we arrived at the forum in ludwigsburg about 8 pm and the first band started right after that. cannot really remember the name of them, but they tried to sound like prodigy and completely failed. during their gig puffy stood on the left side of the stage and watched them for some minutes. i went to a security guy and asked him if he could puffy a letter and he did it (that was an invitation for patton to play at a festival that i and some free improvising musicians from our area are planning...some guys of the san francisco scene already gave me positive response)....(BILL: did mike get that letter?). next band sounded nirvana-like and i also cannot remember the name.. i could not really understand why fnm had TWO opening acts. then about 9:45 fnm entered the stage. here comes the setlist:

  1. Midnight cowboy
  2. Ashes to ashes
  3. From out of nowhere
  4. Midlife Crisis
  5. Collision
  6. Stripsearch
  7. Easy
  8. Introduce yourself
  9. Gentle art of making enemies
  10. Be aggressive
  11. Last cup of sorrow
  12. King for a day
  13. Epic
  14. "Barbie girl" (Aqua)
  15. Land of sunshine
  16. Naked in front of the computer
  17. Just a man
  18. "This guy's in love with you" (Burt Bacharach)
  19. Home sick home
  20. Mouth to mouth

some details about the gig: the sound was horrible. the tickets were kinda expensive so at least i expected a good sound. that didnt work at all. so i already was in a bad mood because of that. the setlist wasnt really surprising and i would have liked to hear helpless and ugly in the morning. some stuff to mention: at the end of epic they used some lines from the number 1 single of the german charts "barbie girl" by aqua. before they started to play home sick home mike patton ate a bra that a girl had thrown on stage (really funny). roddy still used the wrong keyboards sound for mouth to mouth (same as in konstanz).

well a funny thing is that one song really saved the whole concert for me. this guy's in love with you was absolutely amazing. PLEASE: RECORD THIS SONG AND MAKE A B-SIDE OUT OF IT.

so all in all i was not satisfied at all, but the concerts had some really good moments...patton was amazing as always and the band did a good job. but something didnt work for me that night..... the setlist was disappointing and the sound was a mess..

Bjoern Eichstaedt.

Source: CVDB
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