Zagreb, Dom Sportova  
November 20, 1997 Zagreb, Dom Sportova

Support band "Kojoti" (Croatian hard-rock band)

Setlist for FNM as I can remember (probably not in a corect order):

  • Midnight Cowboy
  • Epic
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Naked In Front Of The Computer
  • Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  • Stripsearch
  • Easy
  • Last Cup Of Sorrow
  • King For A Day
  • Collision
  • Home Sick Home
  • Get Out
  • Ashes To Ashes
  • Just A Man
  • Piano

So Faith No More came even to Zagreb. I couldn't belive when I first heard about it. What was a band of such status as Faith No More looking for in Zagreb? Anyway it was a dream come true. I've been preparing myself for it about a week in advance and the day finally came. The concert was sheduled for 20:00 but me and my friends were there one and a half hour earlier. It payed off, we were in the first row right in front of the stage. The staff was still preparing the stage when we entered. We were just looking around and saw Puffy peaking out from backstage. We were looking at him with our mouths open, and when he saw us he just smiled and waved his hand. I had a CD-inlay of AOTY in case I could get an autograph. I ran to the right of the stage trying to get closer to him but the fucking staff stoped me (latter on it crossed my mind how I could have called him, he would probably come to give me an autograph). So the concert finally started with KOJOTI. They are a good band, but man we came to see Faith No More. After two songs some of the guys were screaming "FAGEEEETS!! GET OF THE STAGE!". The rest of the audience was going like: " Uh guys? We know you'r playing good but...uh...Faith No More is here. Didn't you know?". So the Kojoti finished and the stupid staff came on stage again removing Kojoti's equipment. Then it happend! The lights went off and the hall was totaly silent. I caught a movement behind the Marshall emplifier. Then one red light started to glow reveling Patton with a melodica. He started the tune from Midnight Cowboy but most of us didn't recognize it beacuse we were totally overjoyed. We were just standing there and sucking his every note. After the song ended the crowed loosend up a little. They started the Epic and everybody started jumping and head-banging. Female audience was screaming their throats out. Some of the girls were crying (man it was like the Beatles). I didn't see any other bands from abroad but I've visited lots of domestic concerts but Faith No More was the only band that realy jamed great. Some of the song were better than original. Patton talked to the audience a few times. I didn't hear him well because there was this bitch beside me who was screaming all the time but I remember him say: "Hey Zagreb, where have you been all my life!". It made the crowd wild. I also heard him joking something about Mc Donalds. After the Epic they played Midlife Crisis. Then came the real freak outs, Naked... and Gentle Art... . Everybody was screaming and smashing . That was the time I had my revenge. When I was freaking out on Naked... I smashed the bitch(the one who was screaming remember?) with my elbow directly in her face and than with so much joy I said: "Sorry!". Stripsearch was perfect, especialy the mixing. Then they played Easy (that's when everybody found what the cigarette lighters are for). Last Cup Of Sorrow suprised me. They pulled it pretty good, the mixing was perfect. Then came my best song, King For A Day. They played it great. Even the finishing part, all the fealings from that beautiful outro were played that night, we all sang together "Don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes". On the end of the song Patton continued to amuse the audience with his voice capabilyties. It all led to a storming and power filled Collision. After the Collision they played Home Sick Home. We were all suprised, that is the last song I expected them to play. That's also one of the songs that sounded far better live than in original. Patton was jumping and screaming on "Cus I'm coming back home!!" and the audience did the same. Then came GET OUT! Man, they played it so heavy. Everybody was head-banging and screaming. After that they played Ashes to Ashes but some of us were so exausted that we just stood still and watched. When they finished Ashes to Ashes Patton started to talk about how cold it was in the hall (for those who don't know the stage was on ice because the concert was held in the hockey hall). They said goodbye and just got off the stage. Everybody started screaming "WE WANT MORE". So they came back after a minute or two and started Just A Man. They played it very good, finishing with Patton screaming "You'r burning me!". After that they played something I never heard. The song is rather fast but the problem is that I didn't hear any of the cover songs before the concert so I don't know wich song that was. After the concert I got hold of the play list that was sticked to the emplifier. The last song was called Piano. I read some of the reviews but didn't find any that say that this song was played. If anyone knows what this is, please contact me. After that they left the stage. We were all dissapointed because the concert lasted rather short. They only played for about hour and a half. Audience continued to stand there for about 10 minutes not beliving it was already over, but unfortunately, it was. Lots of people started talking how they were ripped off but my friends and I had lots of fun and we weren't sorry we payed those 101 kuna for the concert. When you think global Zagreb has 1 000 000 citizens. 40% are old people, 30% middle aged and the last 30% are people under 20 years of age. But the problem is that half of those young people listens rave, techno and dance. Most of them didn't even hear about Faith No More. So who's gonna come to see them? Those 4000 fans that were there that night were one of those who'd give everything for Faith No More. That's why we were dissapointed bacause we expected so much. Anyway the concert was perfect and it realy put some light in dim everyday life of Zagreb.

I would just like to coment this new guitar player they have. He was either so high that he didn't know what he was doing, or he's totaly cool. He made faces during the whole concert, it was so funny that I looked at him even more than Patton. Oh I forgot. The band played hockey with Kojoti just before the concert. My friend took some pictures of them while they were playing so when I get the neagtives I'll scan the pictures and post them.

That's all from me. Keep listening to Faith No More, one hell of a band.

Zrinko Maloseja

Source: CVDB
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