Paris, Elysee Montmartree  
May 3, 1997 Paris (France), Elysee Montmarte

  1. Be Aggressive
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. Ashes To Ashes
  4. Naked In Front Of The Computer
  5. We Care A Lot
  6. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  7. Easy
  8. Evidence
  9. Home Sick Home
  10. Land Of Sunshine
  11. Introduce Yourself
  12. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  13. Surprise! You're Dead!
  14. King For A Day
  15. Epic
  16. Just A Man
    Encore 1
  17. Collision
  18. Path Of Glory
  19. Got That Feeling

So, FNM left the stage of L'Elys"e Montmartre about one hour ago. (BTW this show was sold out in one month, with almost no advertising)

I am very disappointed by tonight show.

What's up with the new guitarist ? Ok the guy is brand new, and it's only a warm up tour, but as i understood, they did the recording with him (not like Dean Menta). So he should already be a band member. It seemed like even on this medium sized stage, he had a 5 meters no-man's land around him. The four others were very careful not to cross his eyes. Except for Puffy, nobody smiled, they all seemed a bit bored. Well Bill & Roddy were ok. But Mike looked very tired (or maybe stoned). I wouldn't be surprised if Hudson was replaced very soon. At least I expected the band to introduce their new guitarist. There was more communication with Jim in the AD era ! But how does the guy play (i'm sure you all wonder)? Well, let's be honest, there is no personal touch, it could be anyone else playing. At least when Dean played, you could hear his own sound (similar to the 2nd DUH album).

Now, about the show itself :
The opening is a good idea : the 2001 space odissey music is a classic for an introduction and it works really well. Then FNM arrive in black suits (but no ties) and they open with Be Aggressive. Midlife Crisis follows with Roddy on guitar. Until then : very good. The third song is "Ashes". Well everybody here should have worn out their wav files. It's classic FNM, no surprise, but it works fine. Then after some more "rock" songs, comes the break : Easy (during which Mike apologizes - for what ? his tonight's bad mood ? Hudson trouble with his guitar on that song ? -) followed by Evidence (still a great song, but just after Easy, that's a long break). Last cup of sorrow is introduced as "nouvelle cuisine, as opposed to traditionnelle". It's another new song that's very efficient live, which can not be said about others like collision. King for a day was perfect but it still has that VERY boring ending ; I guess that was the point where the show just went bad (if you do not consider that mood thing with Hudson).
Just a man closed the first part of the set.

Collision is not a good song to open an encore, it's even not a good song to play live. Some more new songs were also played before another encore, consisting of a very fast song (great pogo).

So, my overall impression is as i said before a disapointment. The old songs didn't get a 'lifting', they were just played note for note as we all know them by heart.
It seemed the band was "not very present", as if they just came out from a plane, or they had an argument with Hudson just before the show started.
As a fan, I whish this is just a temporary phase, which could be explainned by a certain "fatigue".

Let's hope the Britain shows will be ok.

Just a word about the openning band : TREPONEM PAL.
For those who do not know it, it's a french industrial band (they teamed up with Ministry during Lolapalloza for the guitars). I found it a bit monotone even if they play a great reggae song. They just released a new album (i think it's called Higher).

Fred Glaize

I just wanted to add that I too had this strange feeling about the guitar player, but I completely disagree about the ending of King For A Day. While Fred found it boring, I found it realy interesting: this was the first live display of Patton's ability of improvising all sorts of sounds with only his microphone, as on both his solo albums(Adult Themes... and Pranzo Oltranzista).I really enjoyed this kind of sonic experimentation which takes Faith No More away from the classic metal scene it originally belonged to.

Briois Jean Francois

Source: CVDB
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