Vancouver (BC), Commodore Ballroom
April 20, 1995 Vancouver (BC), Commodore Ballroom

  1. Digging the Grave
  2. Be Aggressive
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. The Crab Song
  5. Land of Sunshine
  6. Easy
  7. We Care A Lot
  8. Evidence
  9. Epic
  10. Introduce Yourself
  11. "Glory Box" (Portishead)
  12. From Out of Nowhere
  13. What a Day
  14. Ricochet
  15. King For A Day
  16. Get Out
  17. Cuckoo For Caca
  18. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  19. I Started a Joke
  20. Take This Bottle
  21. Caffeine

Digging the Grave surprised me. I like it a lot better live than recorded.. I still don't like it canned very much. Maybe it's that I was so pumped.. or maybe it's that it's heavier.. I don't know.. it's hard to say.

Be Aggressive was cool, except the keys were almost non-existent. Roddy does a good job on the cheerleader bit.

The Crab Song was surprising. I didn't think they'd play something like that.. powerful and Mike had great vocals.. powerfully done. Wow!

Epic surprised as well... they played it mechanically, which was a good thing, actually, it seemed to have a lot of energy behind it.

Introduce Yourself and We Care A Lot were decent, but the vocals were almost non-existent on IY, and we care a lot was one of the less enthusiastically played songs on the night

The song that went "I wish I were a woman" wasn't something enjoyed as a song as much as a performance.. Mike motioned as though he were fellating the mic and made choking and gagging noises on it.. hilarious :)

FromOut Of Nowhere... they actually played it??? :)

What a Day was a nice point.. it was one of the ones I'd looked forward to. It started off, and Mike kept yelling at Puffy: "Faster! Faster!!" It was done at a breakneck pace and the ending was everything it is on the disc and more :)

Ricochet was cool. Well played and there was an irony to the lyric "It's always funny until.. etc" as there were folks on top of the crowd getting passed towards the stage. Nobody was hurt until the end though.. a good thing, no doubt.

King For A Day was great... drawn out at the end with the repeating of the phrase "Don't let me die with that silly look in my eyes" which eventually turned into "Don't let me die with that silly look in *your* eyes"

Billy, before the last song pre-encore did a little cheesy bass solo introduced by mike: "And now, Bill Gould has a bass solo for you all. and what are we gonna do? We're just gonna watch!" at which point the band all sat around looking pensively at Bill while he did a solo which lasted all of thirty seconds, if even. After he was done, Mike said "That was rehearsed, too! Fuck! Now I'm PUMPED!"

After this, they broke into one of the faster new songs, and I'm pretty sure it was "Get OUt".. it was incredibly energetic and great.

The band left with this and came back for two encores, which started with Cuckoo for Caca, included Take this bottle and Caffeine.. and the other stuff is what I think goes in there.. although I think I've fucked the order of most of the show already.

Cuckoo for Caca was cool... some of the screamed vocals, however, were shortened, unfortunately, including the "Wheelin'ndeelin" bit .

The Gentle art of Making enemies: lacked as vicious a saying of "Happy Birthday.. fucker!" which was reasonably relevant, as it was three days after mine :)

They played what I believe was "I Started A Joke" which was done with some nice lounge-singer gestures and went nicely

Take This Bottle, although not one of my favorites was wonderful live... somebody got it into their head to pass a bottle up towards the stage, and Mike grabbed it and sang Take this Bottle, pointing and such. And started saying "I love you fuckers!" he repeated it a few times and then the only soul brave/fortunate/whatever enough to manage to get on stage to stagedive performed his feat, and Patton said "Even you, cocksucker!" Then he broke the beer bottle over Puffy's bass drum and started waving the now-sharp neck at the crowd with a psychopathic look on his face while challenging them to "Take This Bottle".. and then he broke into saying "I love you fuckers" again, while menacingly waving the bottle at the crowd. It was too cool.he's crazy and it's great.

Caffeine was a greatway to end the night.. it seemed as if everyone was on a caffeine high for the show anyhow .

One last highlight was a guy on top of the audience waving his fist triumphantly at Patton, and Patton replying "You're fucking doing it, man!" with not a look of admiration on his face as a look of "What a stupid fuck".

Steel Pole Bathtub wasn't too bad, but the samples between songs were too loud and pure.. almost painful like feedback. The music was decent, but the lyrics, especially when the bassist was singing, which is unfortunate, as it seemed as if his voice might've sounded cool, weren't near loud enough, and therefore, nearly indistinguishable.

T-Shirts were okay.. there were two white ones with blue or red trim which only said FNM , a red one, with the Wolf looking thing on the front and the cop in the subway car. And a black one, with the album cover on the front and the subway car, empty, on the back, with concert dates for N. America.

My friend and I also got posters, I got a cardboard one of the cop and dog in the subway car, which is about the size of a Rolling Stone cover, only about two or three inches wider, and my friend got a large poster-sized poster of the album cover, I think. THese were both taken from the stairs leading up to the Commodore. We were also given blue stickers of the wolf design by two girls who apparently were staff or had backstage passes or something of the sort.. anyhow, I've been extra verbose in this message, so I'll end it here.. I'm sure I'll find more to say in the next few days as more folks post.. so I'll leave some energy for then.. :)


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