Seattle (WA), Moore Theatre
April 21, Seattle (WA) Moore Theatre

  1. Digging The Grave
  2. Be Aggressive
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Zombie Eaters
  5. Land Of Sunshine
  6. What A Day
  7. Evidence
  8. We Care A Lot
  9. Easy
  10. Introduce Yourself
  11. Get Out
  12. "Glory Box" (Portishead)
  13. King For A Day
  14. Epic
  15. Ricochet
    Encore 1
  16. Death March
  17. I Started A Joke
  18. Let's Lynch The Landlord
  19. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
    Encore 2
  20. The Last To Know
  21. Take This Bottle

The Show: They hit the stage around 9:15 after a medicore opening performance by Steel Pole Bathtub. Not 30 seconds into "Digging The Grave", Patton, who was jumping around like a madman, whacked has right cheek on one of the tuning pegs on Billy's bass. Imediately, blood started flowing from the open wound, and by the end of the song, a ping pong ball sized welt was growing from the point of contact. Needless to say, the crowd loved it and Patton didn't miss a beat.

The set was obviously geared towards the new album, and featured no less than 9 songs from KFAD. "Zombie Eaters" was wicked as usual, and featured a chorus from "Stairway to Heaven" at the end of the song (as it was fading out). "What a Day" and "Evidence" both went over really well, and it seemed appearant that the crowd was very familiar with the material (I should fucking hope so!). Roddy introduced "Easy" with "This is a song that I worte", which was kinda funny. Mike introduced the Portishead song saying that they were playing across town (at Moe's), and since we were at the Faith show and couldn't see Portishead, that they would play one of their songs for us. "King For a Day" was hypnotizing with the end of the song lasting about five minutes topped off by Mike making bizarre "whale" noises at the end. Definately one of the hilights of the show!

"Death March" began the first encore, and it almost seemed like the band didn't think Dean could play it. They all came out pointing at Dean and saying "Yeah, OK, Death March. You start it Dean..go ahead start it.". But he did know it and it rocked. Personnaly I thought the high point of the show was "Gentle Art...". That song is so COOL!

The Moore Theater looks like the place where Pearl Jam filmed their "Alive" video. If you have seen this video, you know that during the song, Eddie climbs up to a balcony and then falls into the crowd. Well, during the "The Last To Know", Mike notice somebody on the ledge in that very spot and started chanting "JUMP JUMP JUMP" to the crowds delight. The guy that was up there kinda wimped out and just hung for a bit and then dropped (about 10 feet). Then Mike looked up to the other side and started yelling at the people over there to JUMP (again, chanting JUMP over and over). The guys on that side quickly disappeared and Mike yelled at them calling them wimps. Mike then looked up at the balcony, which is about thirty feet up and was loaded with people, and again started chanted and pointing at people to "JUMP!". It was so wicked! Nobody took him up on his request though, and Mike looked at a guy in the front row and said "Those guys on the balcony are STUPID".

The night ended with "Take this Bottle", which included about five endings (they would finish, and Mike would say "One More Time" and they would do another chorus). All and all an incredible show!

After the Show: We wandered down after the show to a place in Seattle called the "Sit and Spin" which is a hip little restaurant. We sit down and notice that none other that Puffy is sitting at the next table chatting it up with Matt Cameron from Soundgarden. Not wanting to be a pain in the ass, I casually wandered by and just said "Great show tonight". Puffy was great, and said "Thanks, glad you enjoyed it". I asked him how Mike's cheek was doing, and he said pretty good, and told me about when they were in Australia and Mike whacked his head on his own knee and his eye practically had swollen shut.


Source: CVDB
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