New York (NY), Roseland
May 13, 1995 New York (NY), Roseland

  1. Digging The Grave
  2. Be Aggressive
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. The Crab Song
  5. Evidence
  6. What A Day
  7. We Care Alot
  8. Easy
  9. Introduce Yourself
  10. Get Out
  11. Caralho Voador
  12. King For A Day
  13. Epic
  14. Ricochet
  15. Just A Man
  16. Glory Box
  17. Last to Know
  18. I Started A Joke
  19. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  20. Take This Bottle
  21. Caffeine

Steel Pole Bathtub opened the show. Being unfamiliar with their music, I found them a bit hard to follow. I can't say if I liked them or not because I couldn't really get a good idea of what they were doing.

Faith No More's introduction music came up and everyone went nuts. The b and walked out and went to their respective positions and then launched into Di gging The Grave. I was a bit surprised to see Roddy playing guitar. The additio n of a second guitar made the song sound even heavier and crunchier than ususal . Roddy went to the keyboards after the song and played them for the remainder of the show. The band seemed to be in good spirits and appeared to be enjoying themselves. During one song, a crowd member jumped on stage and danced around. Mike stopped singing and just stared at him. He then said to the dancer "Hey, you're on Solid Gold!" (Solid Gold was a cheesy t.v. dance show from a number of years back). What A Day was played faster than on the album. The crowd was r eally wild during this song and all of the other fast ones. Some people in the mosh pit were getting pretty beat up. I saw one girl come out crying with a blo ody forehead. It was pretty crazy. The show continued well and they finished wi th Just A Man.

The first encore was Glory Box. If I remember correctly, this song went right into The Last To Know without pause, like it was all the same song. To my delight, they ended the show with Caffeine. They did they long extended version , with the slow, quieter parts lasting awhile. When they did the "I'M WARNING YOU!...I'M WARNING YOU!" part, Mike got so excited that he did a forward flip and landed on his back, singing the whole time. He got up and did it a few more times. I'd say the song approached 8 minutes before it was all over. The band thanked the crowd, and then they were gone.

The show was great. It was my third FNM show ( I saw them on the Gun's N Roses/Metallica tour at Giants Stadium, and at UCONN in 92.) and like the first two, I had a blast. I noticed that Mike has toned down his verbal antics. He only made a few comments that stirred anyone up. At the show I saw in 92, he was saying stuff between every couple of songs. I wasn't disappointed by this, but I always enjoyed hearing him go off on something. Other than that, nothing went wrong. I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Bordin before the show. I was wandering around the city and saw him walking along by himself. I went up to him and he invited us (I had two friends with me) to walk with him to the show. along the way I got to ask him some questions and talk to him about the tour. I ended up walking with him for about fifteen minutes, and then we reach Roseland. He s aid goodbye and signed our tickets before everyone in line noticed him. He seem ed like a really nice guy. And thats it!

Bill Beyea

Source: CVDB
Source: CVDB
Source: CVDB
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