Upper Darby (PA), Tower Theater
May 15, 1995 Upper Darby (PA), Tower Theater

Here is everything i remember off the top of my head from the May 15, 1995 show at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby, PA. By the way, this is probably going to be long and if you would like to delete it without reading it, that's fine. i am going to relive my best day of this year to you all, so it might get to be too detailed.

Hal and i got to Upper Darby around 5:45 pm. The show was supposed to start at 8:00 pm, but we thought we would get there a little early and try to get lucky. The people down in Austin were really lucky and got to get in for the sound check and all maybe two weeks prior to this show, so we thought we would try too. Unfortunately, this was not the case in Upper Darby. We were maybe the 6th people in line for the night. We were talking with some of the other fans before the show, but nothing great was learned.

At around 7 pm i went up to the ticket office again (the first time to no avail). i was very fortunate as to have had Bill leave Hal and i comp passes for the show and backstage passes. Thankfully, the passes we received were for the pit. The tickets we bought were maybe thirteen rows back, so we were very lucky to have gotten the pit passes. The tickets were exactly the same, except at the top of the ticket it said "comp".

Before the doors opened, we noticed Puffy going back to the group bus. We met him outside of the bus and Hal and i both got him to sign the extra tickets we had that we were not going to use. i mentioned something to him about the addition of Carloho Voador to the set list, and he commented that he liked getting a break in the set. i also noticed that his dreads (which were now nearly down to his ass) were tied up. It almost looked as if they were taped with some black tape, but i am unsure what it really was. It was cool meeting him and getting his autograph.

When the doors finally opened, Hal and i did our best to secure a place at the front of the pit. Once we got through, we did indeed end up right against the wall (as the show progressed, this would not last). We were trying very hard to get a good tape of the show. In fact, Bill had told me to "bootleg the fucker", so we were going to try our damn hardest to do it. Security was very tight getting through. Though i was barely frisked at all with the microphone and wires, Hal had to go through a very thorough "feeling-up" before being let through. Hal had the cassete player submerged in his pants. The guy had actually even touched the recorder for a fleeting second or two. Luckily, we did get the equipment through.

Steel Pole Bathtub did do the opening, as was par. i was VERY impressed with their music. i was under the impression that they were only going to be fair, but i really loved their intesity and sound. The bass was especially cool. It was quite a good set that they played. The only drawback to their set was that it was exceedingly loud. It was very loud; i was not the only one up front who was occasionaly holding his ears shut so as to block some of the booming music coming through my ears. Fortunately, when their set was over, i talked to one of the security men and they said that Faith No More would not be near as loud.

After everything was set up, Faith No More arrived on stage and the crowd erupted. It was fabulous. They were received so well. The opened up with Be Aggressive (i was almost sure that it was going to be Digging the Grave, as they had done at some of their previous shows). The pure energy that erupted throughtout the crowd was intense. Unfortunately as people pushed their way forward, Hal and i got pushed a little back and we were no longer at the front.

As far as i can remember, i do know that they did play the following songs:

  • Be Aggressive
  • Digging the Grave
  • Midlife Crisis
  • The Real Thing
  • Evidence
  • What A Day
  • King for A Day
  • Introduce Yourself
  • We Care A Lot
  • Epic
  • Easy
  • Caralho Voador
  • The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • Get Out
  • Just A Man
    Encore 1
  • Surprise! You're Dead!
  • Let's Lynch the Landlord (dedicated to Caca Volante!)
  • Take this Bottle
    Encore 2
  • Caffeine (with the lights on)

and maybe one or two others that i cannot name of the top of my head. They did not cover anything during the show, not even the few seconds of a cover that they sometimes play in the middle of a song. Oh well. i don't think that they did Zombie. Maybe they did and i can't remember off the top of my head, but i am almost sure that they did not.

At the beginning of The Real Thing, Mike announced that anyone could go up on stage as long as they promised to "sit down and hold hands". Realizing my oppurtunity, i desperately tried to get up on stage. Three times i ended up in a bear hug with one of those ever-so-friendly 6'6" 275 lb. men that like to linger up front wearing the Security shirts. Luckily, though, on the fourth time trying, i was succesful. By now there were so many people trying to get on stage that security just gave up in trying to stop them. i was very lucky to get up, and i situated myself 17 inches from Roddy (for the next 3 songs, i contemplated taking his set list sheet). Hal got up on stage close to me a minute or two later, too. It was quite the cool. The played three more songs after The Real Thing, including Evidence, while we were sitting up on stage being all cool. It was such a rush sitting so close to Roddy. i made direct eye contact with him a few times over the next few songs.

After the next three songs on stage, Mike told us that we all had to get down then. Too many people had ventured on stage, etc. and it was time for us to go down. Before going down, i did get a chance to shake the hand of Roddy, and i also shook Bill's hands. A moment after shaking Bill's hand i yelled to him "Caca Volante!" i think he heard me, but i am not sure, probably, though.

We then positioned ourselves near the front of the pit again. As the show wore on, Hal was getting a little disoriented, and we were both hot and dreary with all the fans in the pit slamming into us and pushing us incessantly forward. So during Epic we took a quick respite and got something to drink and all. Then we went back to the heart of the pit and got caught up in our favorite band.

Unfortunately, the bootleg thing was not going to well. Too many people were bumping into us first of all. This always bumped the switches on the recorder. So, in essence, we did not get a chance to boot most of the show (we were both singing along anyway). There was way too much happening for us to get a good boot of the show while we were in the pit. We unfortunately even taped over some of the stuff during the show when we incorrectly thought we switched the sides of the tapes. The bootleg thing really did not end up too good at all. There are some bits and pieces of some songs and maybe a handful of complete songs, but that is all, unfortunately.

As for the songs, here are a few things i remember picking up. King for A Day did not have the long outro that they seem to have played at quite a few of the venues. Just a Man was incredible, but in the two live versions of the song that i have heard, both times Mike has omitted the line "and the terrible power to whom only gods are blessed". Caralho Voador was really cool, Puffy took the first few verses of the song off, but he did eventually join in as the song progressed. Dean seemed to be very comfortable with all the songs, but whenever there was a solo, he moved even further back into the stage to play most of it. Those are just a few of the little things i remember picking up.

The first encore was cool and expected. The songs were intense and powerful. However, after the first encore ended, the lights went on and the equipment people started to take most of the stuff down. People emptied out the doors, and Hal and i went to purchase t-shirts and hats as souveniers to the wonderful night. As soon as we had t-shirts and hats in our hands, we just heard the beginning of Caffeine. We rushed back inside, and it was an awesome song. It seemed to be the perfect song to end what seemed to me to be the perfect show. As the song played on, there were hundreds of fans trying to get back into the Tower to see the last remaining bits of the show, but they were fooled and they were already out. i would guess that there weren't more than six or seven hundred people still inside to see Caffeine.

This was the end of the show. Soon the post-show festivites would start for Hal and i. After people had left, Hal and i put on out backstage passes (a blue Drooker drawing; the pass was squareish, it said Faith No More on it and someone wrote on the date of the show). As it turned out, the backstage pass thing was not too cool for us since the people with backstage passes ended up not going backstage. Some freaky teenager teeny-boppers who won some radio contest were the people who got to go backstage and meet everyone as we all hung out in the first row of seats waiting for some of the bandmembers to hopefully come out. In the meanwhile, Hal and i got to talking to one of the people there who was a prmoter of sorts for the band. He showed us the promotional copy of their latest CD. It looks very different, just a bland CD with all the songs, minus all the Drooker drawings on the CD and the covers. He also gave us each a promotional sticker of for the band. It is the same sticker that came with the American version of the CD, except it is totally in blue and black! It looks quite the cool.

After maybe twenty minutes or so, Billy finally came out. Bill came right up to me and said "So, are you Hal or Marc?". It was quite awesome. Hal and i introduced oursleves, and a majority of Bill's conversations over the next twenty minutes were with Hal and me. He told us about the new Brujeria album coming out in August, though he did not say too much about it. i told him that i was kinda pissed that i had to spend so much money importing their singles, but he said that Slash does not put out singles for whatever reason. So don't be expecting any of the singles from the new album to be available on anything except import. He said that he thought that the show went pretty well, but the sound was only okay. i also asked him why they sounded so crappy on Conan the previous Friday night. He said that they played everything well, it was just the logistics of the TV studio that screwed up their rendition of Ricochet. He also personally autographed the blue promo Drooker sticker that i had with me. He also expressed interest in joining this list again, digest form. Does anyone know if there is anyone currently running this list so maybe i can hook Bill up? We talked about a lot of things. i told him that we did indeed try to "bootleg the fucker" but that it did not go so well. i asked him if they had taped the show. He said that he didn't know but that i should got ask the sound man. The only other significant thing i can remember talking about is the Caca Volante t-shirts. i told him that i had really wanted to bring some t-shirts to the show to give him, but they were unfortunately not printed up yet. i asked him if he wanted any. He said yeah, that he would want three of them when i asked him how many. i told him that i had no idea where to send them. He said that they would be home around the 30th and 31st of May and to write him then and he would tell me. Unfortunately i did not because of all the goddamn e-mail problems that i have been having. So i have some messages in with him now, and i am just waiting to hear from him. Bill ended up leaving shortly after and Puffy came out. Puffy was very stand-offish. He was talking to ?some friends? i think, but he ignored everyone else. This kinda pissed me off, but oh well. Oh yeah, Bill was talking with this one tall dud in leather. They guy was telling Bill about this video he had of this one senator shooting himself in the head from sometime in the early '80s. This obviously piqued Bill's interest. They were talking about that for a few minutes.

i went to talk to the sound guy then. He did tell me that he did tape the show. He said that he could not give me a tape without the proper authorization, though. Unfortunately, Bill had already left so i could do nothing. Damn!

We then all left because everything was being put away and all the band members were on the bus. Hal and i vowed to stay as long as we could. For the next hour and a half we all tried to get someone's attention in the bus. Dean and Mike were sitting up front watching a video of some guy puking. They noticeably heard our shouts, but they ignored us. Over the next hour and a half, the crowd outside the bus whittled down to us and three others, one of whom was a huge Bungle fan. It pissed me off that there were only five of us there and they could not take four minutes out of their time to come see us. i could understand when the crowd was large, but now they were just disappointing me. Mike did sign maybe two autographs, but only when one of the thugs took one of the people's items and passed it through to Mike. Hal and i were not so lucky. i talked to one of the security men and he said security was really pissed that Mike let people onto the stage for some songs. He went on with some bullshit that we all were really lucky that the whole stage did not crash through with all the weight on it, and that we were lucky we did not fall fifty feet to our crashing deaths.

Eventually the other 3 people left, and it was only Hal and i waiting outside. We were both very tired from a long and sweaty night, and we both felt dejected that Mike and Dean basically snubbed us. One of their entourage waiting outside said that the only reason the bus had not left was because Roddy was not back yet. Though we both had a lot of reasons to leave, we obviously stayed. At about a quarter after one? Roddy finally rolled in. Hal and i stood up and met him, and Roddy was really cool. We shook his hand and introduced ourselves. He looked at me and said "oh yeah, i remember you from up on stage". He told us that he was at some sleazy bar in Philadelphia. i asked him if it was on South Street, and he said no. He asked about South Street and i told him it was basically the red-light district in Philly, and there is this really cool shop called Zipperhead there. We talked for a while, he autographed my shirt and he autographed Hal's hat. He seemed to remember Hal from the list. He said that he liked the list for awhile, but then there got to be too many posts. He also mentioned to us about Martin Bate. Apparently he was really impressed with Martin and loved the review that Martin had of them. i asked him about Austin. He told me that things were a little more laid back in Austin and that he remembered meeting Carlo and friends down there. He told me that the reason he did not sing when he was playing some Imperial Teen stuff for them was because he just didn't feel like it (i think he had told them that he was shy, and he said that he was just making an excuse). We talked about Imperial Teen for a little while. He said that their album is coming out in August and that they kinda sounded like a cross between Violent Femmes and Velvet Underground. We talked to Roddy for about fifteen or twenty minutes, but then he had to go since he was already holding up the bus. So ended our night of Faith No More ecstacy.

i am sorry if i bored you all with stupid details, but i figured if i wanted to review the show, i my as well relive it, and i just could not leave anything out.


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