Setlist: May 8, 1997 Cannes, Nulle Part Ailleurs
1.Ashes to Ashes 
Source: CVDB
Cannes, Nulle Part Ailleurs 
May 8, 1997 Cannes (France),Nulle Part Ailleurs

FNM played Ashes To Ashes live in Cannes on the Nulle Part Ailleurs show (french show which is pretty popular with the youth, but according to me it sucks, apart from the fact that they invite popular bands to play their hit single at the end of the show at 20:30). This show took place in Cannes because of the Cannes film festival, but usually the show takes place in a Paris studio.(FNM have already played Digging The Grave on the same show, and we can see some footage of this performance in the Ricochet video).

When the host introduced FNM, everybody cheered, and then whistled when he said that tomorrow the Foo Fighters where going to play! The band members were in their black suits, and Mike was holding a glass of what seemed to me like the local drink, Pastis. As an introduction, Mike shouted out something I took a lot of time to understand, which turned out to be "This one's going out to Bruce!",obviously Bruce Willis who was in Cannes for "the 5th element".

So FNM played in front of the Mediterranean sea, which seemed to fit the "Smiling with the mouth of the ocean" part, where Mike turned to look at the sea. Then the gig was over as quickly as it had began.

Briois Jean Francois

Source: CVDB
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