Cleveland (OH), Nautica Stage
May 20, 1995 Cleveland (OH), Nautica Stage

I went to see Faith No More at the Nautica Stage in Cleveland on May 20th ... the local radio station (The End) was having it's birthday bash ... we got there early and I got a front and center spot. There were 5 or 6 opening bands (I don't remember) ... The second band was called Poster Children and they rocked. THere was this punk band called Parade Of Losers ("YOU PEOPLE SUCK! I FUCKING LOVE YOU PEOPLE!!") and a rock band called The Clarks. THe Poster Children said that a special guest would be here before Faith No More came on, but she lied. :) Unless she was talking about Steel Pole Bathtub, which wasn't a surprise. They played three songs, the last one lasted forever and was very loud. The concert was punctuated by little radio birthday stuff, like pie eating contests and the like between acts ... finally Faith No More came on at about 10pm. (Dean was watching all the opening bands from a spot in the back corner, we could see him drinking coffee), they just all walked on stage and then blasted away at Ricochet. I was directly in front of the speaker and the experience was awesome. (BLAM BLAM ............ BLAM BLAM .........) I don't remember the order that the songs were played in, but here they were :

  • Ricochet
  • Be Aggressive
  • Caffeine (an extended middle section, very cool)
  • Midlife Crisis
  • The Real Thing (always my favorite song, so glad they still play it. :)
  • Epic
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Evidence
  • Just a Man - this was cool because from where I was standing, there was only one star visible in the sky ("A star is out ...") right above the stage. Get Out
  • Zombie (yes, from The Cranberries ... apparently they were playing the same night. Patton : "Here's where you could've been tonight." Before this Roddy started saying the name of their singer, I don't remember it.)
  • King For a Day - with a greatly extended ending. Patton was making dying whale noises, it was cool.
  • What a Day (I think)
    Encore 1 (really unsure here)
  • We Care A Lot
  • I Started a Joke
    Encore 2
  • The Last to Know

Sorry for the encore confusion, I was so blasted away by the experience that my memory is foggy. :)

A Patton quote from the concert : "This is the best concert I've ever been to, I can see a Hooter's from here."
Patton told the audience that this was the best crowd they had played to on this tour; I wonder if he says that to all the venues.
During Get Out, Roddy took a balloon and stood in the back and played with it.

Someone body-surfed above me and knocked my hat off into the bodyguard area. As the bodyguard was handing it back to me, this kid a couple people down grabbed it from me. He gave it back after my friends started bashing his head in. :)

Well that's my concert review. :)
- Aaron

Date: May 20, 1995

Location: Nautica Stage, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

  • Get out
  • Ricochet
  • Evidence
  • The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • Caralho Voador
  • Digging The Grave
  • Take This Bottle
  • King for A Day
  • What a Day
  • Just a Man
  • Caffeine
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Be aggressive
  • Easy
  • Epic
  • The Real Thing
  • Introduce Yourself
  • I Started A Joke
  • We Care A Lot

Description: Mike said it's the best show he's ever played beacuse he can see "Hooters" from the stage. Then he began yelling "Fuck you Hooters" in the middle of the next song. In the middle of a song he said "Feel that cool ocean breeze." Right before they left they said they wanted to leave us with a good ending and they began playing "Zombie" by the Cranberries. They looked really bored. They began saying "Fuck you Delores." Then they proceeded to play a song, and they left, but they came back twice before leaving. Mike also said he had a demo tape and everyone went nuts when he threw it in the crowd, but then everyone was mad when he said "Too bad it's not us." or something like that.. I don't remember exactly what he said.

I think that's about it for that show.. it was a big surprise when they began playing Introduce Yourself.. I was surprised. :)

- Mark

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