Seinäjoki, Provinssirock
June 10, 1995 Seinäjoki (Finland), Provinssirock

  1. Ricochet
  2. Be Aggressive
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Zombie Eaters
  5. Evidence
  6. Caffeine
  7. What A Day
  8. Easy
  9. Introduce Yourself
  10. Get Out
  11. We Care A Lot
  12. King For A Day
  13. Epic
  14. Digging The Grave
  15. Just A Man
  16. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  17. Take This Bottle

Pre-gig: Billy said in an interview on Finnish radio that he's sure that the gig in Finland will be a great one, since he knows Finnish crowds. This would be their third festival appearance in Finland, so they're familiar with the ways of the people. Before the gig there's a small crowd in front of the main stage. Most people are watching Bad Religion playing on the other stage. The night is slowly falling, and the roadies are setting up the gear. Puffy comes up to check his kit and also Dean checks his gear. The crowd gives them a cheer.

Gig: Cheesey country music is played through the PA. It reminds me a bit of Metallica's The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. The band slowly walks on stage, and the masses begin to push forward. People are coming from the other stage and everybody wants to get in front. The band keeps asking: "What have you been drinking?" Especially Billy is very keen about this. Mike asks: "What about the mosquitos?" I wonder what he means with that, since there are hardly any mosquitos around in early June. 'Ricochet' kicks in, and the crowd goes nuts. Major pushing and shoving and jumping and pogoing. I'm lucky to get pushed forward, so I get right in front of the stage. It feels unreal. Already during 'Ricochet' I can see that the band is playing very tight and they're full of energy. They're playing better than ever. 'Be Aggressive' follows. Not the best choice because of the lyrics. Now everyone is acting aggressively in front of the stage, smaller girls leave crying, obviously hurt. Even bigger dudes give up, cos it's so hot in the pit. After 'Be Aggressive' Mike says: "I'm gonna check out the catwalk." and he walks up to this small catwalk. 'Midlife Crisis' begins. The crowd goes absolutely mad, including me. Everyone pushes forward to get closer to Mike, hats and caps and bottles are thrown at him. The security guards are working their butts off. Lots of people fall flat on their backs because of the pushing. I fall twice. I get enough, it's too damn hot and aggressive, I pull back a bit. The band keeps asking the crowd what they have been drinking. Billy advises them to "Drink some water!" and he shows his water bottle. 'Zombie Eaters' begins and Mike introduces Dean: "This is Dean. This is his first time in Finland." Things calm down a bit, especially with the rumour that the gig has to be interrupted. 'Evidence' follows. During Dean's guitar solo Mike teases him and says: "Who cares about the fucking music? Let's see the dance steps!" Then Mike and Dean do this silly dance number instead of the solo. 'Caffeine' and 'Get Out' follow. The crowd is more relaxed now, and the gig reminds more and more the average FNM gig. During 'Easy' the stage is dark blue and the people hold their lighters up. 'What A Day' and 'Introduce Yourself' follow. The band is losing its energy because it's not getting an energetic response from the crowd. The playing is still tighter than ever tho. It's just getting boring. 'We Care A Lot' gets some response from the crowd, but 'King For A Day' is boring again. Lots of guitar noise in the end. The first few chords of 'Epic' then finally light up the crowd, but not me (I've never liked the song). 'Digging The Grave' follows and the gig is alive again. 'Just A Man' begins and the first thought in my head is: "How are they gonna replace the gospel choir?" Well, Dean has the answer to that. His power chords blow my mind! This is the most beautiful FNM song ever! Mike is singing his heart out and I'm in heaven. The band then takes a break with quick 'thankyous'. 'Gentle Art Of Making Enemies' is the first encore number. The performance is, hmmmm..., violent. Dean strums the first chords of 'Take This Bottle' and notices that his guitar is totally out of tune because of the violent whacking in 'Gentle Art'. He quickly changes the guitar, while the rest of the band keep playing. (His guitar also unplugged once, I just can't remember which song it was). Mike, again on the catwalk, gets sprayed with liquid from someone's bottle (somebody took the words too literally). He doesn't seem to mind this at all, he's just amused. In the end, Mike yells: "One more time, boys!" and they play the chorus once more. Mike points in three places with his finger and says: "Thank you, thank you and thank YOU!" Quick thankyous again and the gig is over. Roddy yells: "See you soon!" which leaves me wondering when are they going to come back. Year 2000? Later I find out that they had plans for another European tour, but the tour was cancelled. Too bad.

Petteri Kursukangas

Source: CVDB
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