London, Astoria  
May 14, 1997 London (England), Astoria

  1. be aggressive
  2. midlife crisis
  3. ashes to ashes
  4. home sick home
  5. naked in front of the computer
  6. we care a lot
  7. introduce yourself
  8. land of sunshine
  9. easy
  10. evidence
  11. gentle art of making enemies
  12. got that feeling
  13. surprise you're dead
  14. king for a day
  15. epic
  16. last cup of sorrow
  17. just a man
  18. stripsearch
  19. collision
    Encore 2
  20. i started a joke
  21. caffeine

(i'm pretty sure this is all the songs played, although the order may be slightly wrong)

really good guys...i don't want to give you a critical rundown, because as i watched i just realised, this band is really fucking good and that's pretty much all there is to say. there's so much shit out there and this band's one of the best. because, see i went in kind of looking forward to it, but with more than a bit of suspicion and not high expectations. it blew me away - and it was the best atmosphere i've ever seen at any gig (especially fnm, who i've seen about 10 times now) - it was absolutely jam packed, upstairs and downstairs, like sardines. everybody was jumping in unison, and for the first half of midlife crisis patton was practically inaudible because the crowd were singing over him, so loud. all the new stuff was 10 times better live. land of sunshine was fantastic, i forgot about that song, it's great. epic was really good too, and i've never really seen that as a highlight before, but it was beautiful. the band were really into it. king for a day was tremendous....all that atmospheric stuff at the end. real ambient stuff, wind noises etc. really good. just a man: amazing song (i hope you can all remember, it really is a fantastic song, remind yourselves), and they played it expertly, with so much enthusiasm. then an encore...STRIPSEARCH! that's right motherfuckers (ooh i must watch my language, but that's how good it was). works really well live. beautiful

and finally caffeine, hardcore, extended, just as good as ever. patton was really energetic for the whole show, culminating with caffeine where he kept throwing himself on the floor, and smashed his head on the drums and the stage, the whole side of his face bleeding as he carried on til the bitter end. i think he was practically dead by the end. the crowd were really into everything. i was sold: i have to go see them again this summer at phoenix. every single one of you who didn't go tonight, you fucked up. and anyone who had any doubts (including me), you're wrong. this band just wiped out any opposition.

Alex Godfrey

Source: CVDB
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