Sao Paulo, Pacaembu Stadium
September 2, 1995 Sao Paulo (Brazil), Pacaembu Stadium

Beat Girl (Intro Song) (from a band called The Dammed)

  1. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  2. Be Aggressive
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. What A Day
  5. Evidence (Portuguese)
  6. Ricochet
  7. We Care A Lot
  8. Easy
  9. Introduce Yourself
  10. Get Out
  11. King For A Day
  12. "Glory Box" (Portishead)
  13. Epic
  14. I Started A Joke
  15. Digging The Grave
  16. Just A Man

Thanks to Alexandre Senda for the setlist.

It was almost nine pm (midnight at Greenwich) when the lights turn off and the only thing that we could see was shadows. The lights turn on and FNM was there. The first chord of "Get Out" went like a storm (the sound was really loud).

The next song was "The Gentle Art of Making Enemies". Unfortunately it didn't sound as good as I tought. They stopped for a minute and Mike said "Boa noite Sao Paulo" (well, it sound a little spanish) and began "Digging the Grave". The crowd went real wild (that's the most famous song of KFADFFAL in Brazil).

When "What a Day" began, the lights turn off and they played in the dark. Really. The only thing we could see was shadows, like the start of the show. Even with the lights situatuion, the played a half of "Ricochet" when the lights turn on again.

"Cuckoo for Caca", "Ugly in the Morning" and "King for a Day" were played in sequence, then Mike drunk Guarana (in 1991, the first FNM's first time in Brazil, Mike drunk it and liked it very much). Roddy said some words like "This is a big country" in a German speech (talking like one).

In "Just a Man", the female vocals were done by Billy and it was the music with the best sound condition in my opinon.

Mike started to walk and said, "We will play some musics of our older albuns, we hope you fu** enjoy it !!!". The next four songs were wonderfully played and it were "Midlife Crisis", "We Care a Lot", "Epic" and "Easy".

The crowd started to scream, "we want more" and Mike said "Hey you, f*** you" and they played "I Started the Joke" then gone away. The crowd start to scream again and they were back !!!!

Well, they played the most ridiculous song I had ever listen. YMCA of Village People. Strange but cool !!!!

Let's evaluate the performance of the band :

Mike : With a shaved head. Scream a lot, even in music that he usually stay "quiet". I think he ran almost 3 miles in the stage.

Dean : He stay in his own, said some words in portuguese and played like an animal.

Puffy : As usual, played very well.

Billy : With a Palmeiras Futebol Clube t-shirt. He bangled his head a lot

Roddy : Perfect in the both instruments, guitar and keyboard.


Source: CVDB
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