Prague, Sky Club Brumlovka  
July 17, 1997 Prague, Sky Club Brumlovka

I decided to write a review of this (and I'm going to say this in the beggining: ) GREAT show. First of all I'd like to say that I'm a true FNM fan but I'm sure it won't affect the view... The whole thing started when the AOTY album came out with the picture of our first president on the cover. This thing pleased me a lot (as I'm a bit patriotic :) and the fact that the album is wonderful made me really happy. And then I discovered that they're gonna have a show here! I was at theirprevious show (in 1995) and that was the best concert I ever saw. So I was thinking - if the show's gonna be half as good, it's worth the price (approx. $17). But there was a fact that disappointedme at first - the place of the show was rather small - for about 3,200 people :(. I was wondering what happened?? FNM's first show in Prague (FNM and Soundgarden were supporting Guns'n'Roses ;-p) was on Strahov, which is (at least as far as I know) one of the biggest stadiums in Europe. Their next shows were in Sportovni Hala - for about 10,000 people. And now this ?? But then I said - nevermind, it's FNM! :) So I bought the ticket and went to the show with a couple of friends. While coming to the Brumlovka we encountered many people tryingto buy the tickets which were sold out very quickly. Some dealerswere selling the tickets to these poor souls for about $34! :(

So, eventually, we got in about 20 minutes before the beginning and we realized that the place was really FULL! Somebody told us that the support will be a Czech group called 'Satisfucktion' which I have known only by the name. We got through the crowd somewhere near the stage and waited :). I'll go on a little bit more quickly now. The support wasn't that bad, they were better than the last support (Shihad) and I could see they were trying to warm us up but, as my friend said - they are not the reason why I've come here :). They played about one hour or so and the stage was being prepared for FNM. After some really long minutes of waiting they started to play some intro and we realized that it was a song from the movie Space Odyssey (which is coincidently a intro for one famous czech black-humor show Ceska Soda :). And then - Faith No More got on the stage! And now the whole tremendous thing started! :)

They started with 'Collision', the first track on the new album. The sound was great - much better than the last one in Sportovni Hala. It was really heavy, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) started to jump and sing with FNM. I'm sorry but I can't describe that absolutely wonderful atmosphere... They didn't give us much rest and continued with 'Last Cup Of Sorrow'. I have to say that generaly all the songs were much better than on the album and almost all got some small improvements to them. I quickly realized that Brumlovkawas a good choice of place but there was one negative aspect -- It was _INCREDIBLY_ HOT! Well, by the 3rd or 4th song everyone was:

  1. wet to the extreme :)
  2. almost dead by exhaustion :)

Faith No More were (I think) very surprised and pleased by the reception (they say they have the biggest fan support in Czech Rep., England and Brazil :) but they saw we were a bit tired so they slowed down a little and played 'Easy' - thank you very much, FNM! I now realize why they have a songs like that :). Well and the show went on.. I'm sorry but I don't remember exactly the order of songs being played but I can give you a summary:

  • 8 / 12 songs from AOTY were played (the missing ones were:
    Stripsearch :(, Helpless, She Loves Me Not and Paths Of Glory)
  • about 6 songs from King for a Day...:
    Get Out, Evidence, Gentle Art..., Digging The Grave,
    King For A Day & Just A Man
  • 2 songs from Angel Dust:
    Midlife Crisis & Easy
  • plus some more, including:
    I Started A Joke, Epic, Introduce Yourself and We Care A Lot

All the songs from AOTY were perfect - 'Pristina' was the last song and it was really beautiful.. Other songs worth mentioning were 'King For A Day' - with really strange and good ending (real weirdsounds :), 'Evidence' was cool too. :) I forgot to say that the people were jumping and singing through all the show and it created a strange effect - the hot breath was coagulating on the ceiling and dripping back down on us. :) What to say more? It was much better than their last show, which I though was impossible. Mike was singing like never before :) (in fact, the band was a little bit tired playing 3 days non-stop but the only effect of this fact was that Mike wasn't jumping and screaming like mad THAT much but he was fully concetrating on SINGING which was really impressive), the bass was really cool,the keyboards were a bit enhanced and the new guitarist did a great job. What do you say?? That I haven't mentioned one single negative thing??! Oh well, if you want to hear it.. I was a bit disappointed that they didn't play 'Caffeine', my favourite :). Anyway, if you find out that Faith No More are playing somewhere near you, I beg you - go for it! :)

Marek Les.

Source: CVDB
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