Setlist: July 20, 1997 Phoenix, Stratford Upon Avon, Phoenix Festival
2.Midlife Crisis 
4.Last Cup Of Sorrow 
5."Easy" (Commodores) 
6.Introduce Yourself 
7.Home Sick Home 
8.Naked in Front of the Computer 
11."I Started a Joke" (Bee Gees) 
12.Ashes to Ashes 
13.Just a Man 
Source: CVDB
Phoenix, Stratford Upon Avon, Phoenix Festival
July 20, 1997 Phoenix, Stratford Upon Avon

saw fnm yesterday afternoon at phoenix festival, england.

errr....please don't get me wrong and think i'm being controversial - but it was really bad, i swear, for a few simple reasons.

  • awful selection of songs; or a rather bad selection for a festival show playing to a varied audience on a sunday afternoon (set pretty much same as frankco's but without mouth to mouth, stripsearch and we care a lot)
  • lacklustre performance - the band just didn't seem together at all. just didn't gel with each other....not half as tight as they should be, and have been for years....very little energy
  • the new songs didn't cut it for me (collision the exception, a good loud opener to wake everybody up) - watching the band play last cup of sorrow was almost painful, i'm sure they know the song's awful. and even worse live.

it's slightly embarrassing to see patton attempting to enjoy the chorus by throwing himself around while he's singing something so uninspiring i don't know really, there was just something major missing and it wasn't me. this was my 11th fnm gig, and for the first time i was bored, for the first time i didn't think i was watching a fantastic band. i've seen them at phoenix twice before, in 93 and 95, and they were both out of this world, monumental gigs. this was just boring. texas played afterwards and i've never paid any attention to them, but it was startling that in comparison to fnm, they at least sounded like a group, confident and tight, whatever the musical style happened to be.

so don't get me wrong...i'm really not having a go or slagging anyone off, it was just a real shock to be so devastatingly disappointed. and the case about how our musical tastes may have changed doesn't cut it in my case, as i saw fnm in london only a couple of months ago aand it was a fantastic gig. after that gig i thought i'd just seen the best band in the world. in fact that gig was the reason i bought tickets to this one. so please don't be angry with me, i'm just being honest - although as an active but far from obsessive fnm follower since 1990 i think i have a valid opinion?

Thanks to Alex Godfrey

Source: CVDB
Source: CVDB
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