Omaha (Nebraska), Peony Park Ballroom
September 16, 1992 Omaha (Nebraska), Peony Park Ballroom

Review of Faith No More in Omaha, Nebraska (Wed. Sept.16,1992) at Peony Park Ballroom with Helmet.

We left Lawrence at around 2:00pm in order to get to the 7:30 showtime. Peony Park Ballroom is located inside of a mini-amusement park, a small carnival. We arrived early in order to find the venue and when we got there many local teenagers were scattered about. There was a roadie with a handful of backstage passes, searching about for cute girls(Jim?). The roadie was comtemplating a couple of 16 year old Goths, but finally stated that they were "too freaky looking". He had second thoughts when one of the girls rolled down her stocking. "I like that." There was alot of Bungle discussion among the kids there. Then I looked up as I heard someone yell "Mike". Patton and Roddy were walking along past us. Mike was looking back at the guy who yelled as if to say, "yeah....what?", but he and Roddy continued over to the abandoned carnival area. Later a guy came around asking if anyone knew how many tickets had been sold and if we wanted to see a better show....he was referring to a reggae concert that would be going on outdoors during FNM. No one responded. Later, Mike, Roddy and another came back towards us. A few people crowded around Mike, but he obviously didn't want to be bothered. Getting to the door to the venue, he acquiesed (for some reason I recall Roddy perhaps whispering something to him) and he began signing autographs...."Blood Patton"....or..."Fuck yourself", but he was somewhat pleasant about it. One young girl became so excited about her encounter that she ran down the street screaming. Maybe I was completely naive, but up until that point I didn't realize FNM had fans such as those that hounded them then and it was unpleasant to watch.

When the doors opened we got as near went to the front and at the bouncers beckoning, sat "indian style" in our spot. The band was hanging out a few feet from us and I couldn't believe how casual everything was being used to high security concerts. I felt at the time as if I had won a contest. Helmet took the stage first. Security yelled go and we all jumped up and rushed the front getting a prime spot near Roddy's keyboard. It was all fine and dandy until the music started and "the force" began to ease us away from our spot. It was awful and we had to grasp a metal bar in order to secure the postition. The war for space began and did not end until the show's finish. The guys from Helmet kept asking the lighting tech. to "cool it with the brights behind the drummer"...."they are burning his butt". Helmet was shit loud-ear blowing noise. My ears hurt so much that I was reduced to using my chewing gum as an earplug and oh, was that ever a mistake. I would be picking it out for days afterwards. There was a lady in a wheelchair on my left which was actually nice because she kept the violent assholes at bay. I tried to adjust the gum in my ear but it had melted permanently. The woman in the wheelchair kept looking at me as if I was staring at her condition.

Finally after the Helmet had ceased the light went out and FNM took the stage w/ Caffiene. The "force" was intense and uncomfortable and all I could think was, "oh shit...I'm am not going to enjoy this." I was trying my best to hold my ground and not get squished as well. Some absentminded hippie gave me some trouble about using my knee as a wedge between my body and the railing. "I'll make you move if you don't get closer!" I told him to literally fuck off, but I kept envisioning a knife cutting into my back. No one would notice my bleeding body(they'd probably use it as a stoop). FNM played much of their old material. Right off the bat they began poking fun at GNR and Axl....the mega tour. They said that their egos were down because they were treated like shit(no encores, soundcheck or billing) The show in Omaha was evidently their first headlining show since the GNR experience. Someone threw a shoe on stage. Mike picked it up, held it to his face, smelled the inside and licked the sole. "Throw something at me....Now!!" An object landed right into his face and he didn't even blink. "Ow....thanks!" Someone else thew a hat at Roddy and he put it on, wearing it for the remainder of the show only it was way too small for his head.

Setlist(not in order):

  • Caffiene
  • A Small Victory
  • Death March
  • Epic
  • We Care Alot
  • Why Do You Bother
  • Chinese Arithmetic
  • As The Worm Turns
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Land Of Sunshine
  • Zombie Eaters
  • Easy
  • Jizzlober
  • Edge Of The World
  • Woodpecker From Mars
  • Be Aggressive
  • Surprise! You're Dead!
  • Midlife Crisis
  • RV

Mike and Roddy kept doing Johnny Carson impressions, "I DID NOT know that!" During RV, Mike did some hilariously smooth disco dancing during the "I'm a swinging guy..." bit. I kept watching the Guards in front of me. They all looked exactly the same. Mustached, beer drinking locals. They all had water which looked mmm-mmm good. I was parched yet soaking wet. Sweat droplets formed on my glasses and there was absolutely nothing to wipe them off with. Jizzlobber began with the swamp sample. Mike came around the amps to our left during the tempo change. A spot light flipped on and he staggered over to us, flopping around, falling backwards, being caught by the crowd (while still singing). He kind of motioned for me to grab the mic I actually got to sing/yell/assault the crowd with nonsense for a few moments. I couldn't hear myself, but the friend I came with remarked later that it was audible. Patton had a blank, expressionless face. The security was uptight, trying their best to get him away from "danger". Then my friend got to scream a bit into the mic at Patton's implicit bidding. Mike gave an look of approval....this was truly an audience interaction type of performance. An enormous skinhead was standing near and Mike motioned to be lifted...so we all gathered around, hoisted Patton up in the air and carried his still body around the floor, eventually handing him over to others, enabling him to "surf" back toward the stage. All the while Mike sang, "Cruel words..." Back on stage during the church organs, he rested, fully exerted and probably beat up. Woodpecker gave him a chance to regain his wind.

Later, during Edge of the World, Mike persuaded everyone to snap their fingers, picture themselves at Carniege Hall while Dillion and Brendon(from 90210) "buttfucked" onstage. One audience member hung from the venue's chandelier..."Oh my God! It's Eddie Vedder!!" Billy kept hinting that the Omaha show was his final performance, because he had a hernia and would have to quit the band. They also talked of Axl Rose's red pubic hair which according to them...surrounded his ass like a flower. Two encores. After Easy Mike asked the crowd whether it belonged in the set. Many screamed "NO!" Another amazing show! Hail the small venue!

Andrew Ralston

Source: CVDB
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