Stockholm, Lollipop Festival
July 26, 1997 Stockholm, Lollipop Festival

Faith no more was really great. They started the show with a explosive "Collision" and the band looked fresher and better then ever. Mike,John,Roddy and Bill wore those nice suits with dark and white ties! They absolutely gave 100% in every song and its good to see Roddy when he picks up his guitar under "Naked in front of the computer". They had some problems with the power. Bill and John lost their power two times under the show. Once under "Midlife crisis and Home sick Home". Mike Patton insisted that Puffy should do a drumsolo while Bill and John got their shit together!

Puffy is real funny to watch and its seems the older he gets the harder he hits the drums. Mike Patton never stops to improve. Still keeping his action onstage as he sings better and cleaner for every note. The sad thing about the show was that they totally fucked up "Stripsearch" everything went straight to hell!

Mike Patton looked like he could kill some of his band members and the sound-man and it was bad that they ended the show with that song. They only played for 60-minutes and didnt play Caffeine or We care a lot. This was my fifth time i saw Faith no more and it was great, but they should played a longer set and better during "Stripsearch" cuz its an amazing song!

  1. Collison
  2. Midlife crisis
  3. The gentle art of making enemies
  4. Last Cup of Sorrow
  5. Easy
  6. Evidence
  7. Introduce yourself
  8. Home sick home
  9. Naked in front of the computer
  10. I started a joke
  11. Epic
  12. Ashes To Ashes
  13. Just a man
  14. Stripsearch

I ran into Roddy before the show and he was really nice. I gave him a demo-tape of our band called Voyeur. We talked a little bit about the festival and he told me that they would play a mix of old and new tunes! He also sad that the band were in good shape and enjoyed the summer tour! They sold really cool red wine Faith no more t-shirts the finest to date i think!

Thanks to Hans-Olof Warnholtz.

Source: CVDB
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