Haifa, City Hall  
August 19, 1997 Haifa, City Hall

Intro: Theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey

  1. Collision
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  4. Mouth to Mouth
  5. Last Cup of Sorrow
  6. Easy
  7. Evidence
  8. Home Sick Home
  9. Introduce Yourself
  10. Naked in Front of the Computer
  11. some Michael Jackson riff -???-
  12. King for a Day
  13. Pristina
  14. Epic
  15. Ashes to Ashes
  16. Got That Feeling
  17. Just a Man
  18. I Started a Joke
  19. Stripsearch

The band came on stage as usual with suits and ties, and the Space Odyssey theme playing. They performed pretty much all of the set really well, so it's a pity the venue was too small to contain the decibels of some of the louder songs, which didn't come out too good. It had its advantages, though, being much more intimate and all...you and FNM and another 800 people.

Most songs came out to be pretty good though, with the best part of the show turning out to be the last four songs before the encore. The band's sound was at its best during those, and they interacted with the crowd much more.

On Evidence Mike held a bottle of wine and drank from it during intervals. At the end of the song Mike asked "sure you want it? it's made in Israel..." and poured the rest of the bottle on a security guard. I didn't quite get the Michael Jackson thing though...just before King for a Day Billy started playing a riff that Mike referred to as "a Michael Jackson tune" and started shouting "where's that Michael Jackson boy? come dance with us on stage!" He might've been talking about one of my friends who was dancing and making odd gestures at Mike from the top of another guy's shoulders on Home Sick Home but I'm not sure at all...anyway, Mike realized noone knows what he's talking about and gave up. They didn't talk much aside from that so there's nothing too interesting to be told.

Disappointments - How can you play 18 songs and only 2 from AD and TRT combined? It struck me as very annoying that they didn't do Be Aggressive or Caffeine...and We Care A Lot was written in the set list on the encore yet they never played it.

Summary - the show was pretty good and it's obvious that the band has rehearsed their stuff and come up with a near-perfect set (I still think a couple more AD/TRT songs would be nice). AOTY is growing on me from day to day and this show helped me put some of the songs in a different perspective, just like on the last tour. Just try a bigger arena next time, please...


Source: CVDB
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