Viña Del Mar, Quinta Vergara
February 5, 1991 Viña Del Mar (Chile), Quinta Vergara

The first time FNM (Patton, Martin, Gould, Bottum & Bordin) played in Chile was on Tuesday, February 5, 1991, during the Festival de la Cancion de Vina del Mar, a shitty Pop-oriented Festival that's held every year in Vina del Mar, a city in the shores of the Pacific. The place where they played is called Quinta Vergara. The guys played a rather short set (about 40 min. long) that shocked local people who quickly left the place among complaints of "Sheer Noise" and "Satanism", the latter because of one jacket Jim was wearing which featured a large demon in the back. Only a few rabid fans stayed and FNM did not seem to really care about playing for 5000 0r 50 people. There ARE both audio and video tapes of this show, though the quality may vary from one collector to another.
The following is the set list (in correct order) of that show:

  1. From Out Of nowhere
  2. The Real Thing
  3. Underwater Love
  4. We Care A Lot
  5. Sweet Dreams (Nestle chocolate commercial jingle)
  6. Surprise! You're Dead!
  7. Epic
  8. Woodpecker From Mars
  • 1 features adlib from PUBLIC ENEMY's "911 Is A Joke"
  • 4 features adlib from NKOTB's "The Right Stuff

This is the complete performance. Check out the members' (specially Patton's) Spanish speeches between songs.

Mauricio Hernandez D.

Source: CVDB
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