Tel-Aviv, Cinerama
August 20, 1997 Tel-Aviv, Cinerama

Leonid Ulitsky put a review of the show online.

Its been 2 months and about 20 days since the show and I still remember every detail(The fact that I have it on tape probably has something to do with that).

I wont bore you with the support band details,who was the Israeli version of Dog Eat Dog(Ooops,just bored you...).
And with details about every song since its pretty much the same as all the other shows on the European first leg of the tour,but since I know how they changed the set list a couple of weeks after this show,I wonder why they didnt do some new stuff during this show,well I'm really disapointed not wondering...

So here is the set list and some Mike quotes:

  1. Collision
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  4. Introduce Yourself
  5. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. Home Sick Home
  9. Naked Infront Of The Computer
  10. King For A Day
  11. Pristina
  12. Epic
  13. Ashes To Ashes
  14. Got That Feeling
  15. Just A Man
    Encore 1:
  16. "Fever" (Madonna)
  17. Stripsearch
  18. Caffeine
    Encore 2:
  19. We Care Alot

So like that Leonid guy wrote,Mike didnt curse in hebrew like he did in the 95 shows,but he did say thanks in Hebrew and thats about it...

Quotes: Last Cup Of Sorrow started,but Billy started playing Evidence,so they stopped,and Mike said:"Mistake number 1!!!!,anybody keeping score?thats Tel Aviv one Faith No More zero!".

Now theres a theory that says that Mike said that cause Israel lost a soccer game that day,but I dont really think he said that cause of soccer...

Then during Evidence he said "This is like karioki",then during the solo he said:"Hey,if you sing the words you gotta sing the solo too"... During Easy he shoved 2 green stick lights into the front of his pants,which was amusing yet corny...

Before Ashes To Ashes:"This next song,is written by a legend,called DAVID BOWIE!!!!".

Then at the ending of Just A Man,he waved his hands all over the place singing in an opera style "Tel Aviv,mother fuckers,bye,shalom" etc...

So then they came up for the first encore,and Billy started playing the bass line Of fever,and then Roddy started thanking the producer of the shows,Shoki Weiss,and then Mike Started singing Fever,but Billy stopped playing,and Roddy said "Hush hush hush hush,no no no no no",and then there was Stripsearch,that was the highlight of the show. Thats about it,all the song were great,even though the show was a bit short.

And if I may end this review with a personal request,in case one of the members of Faith No More will ever read this review: -Epic-Naked Infront Of The Computer-Got That Feeling-Pristina-Easy +Smaller And Smaller+The Last To Know+Absolute Zero+Paths Of Glory+Lets Lynch The Landlord. thanks for reading.


Source: CVDB
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