Cincinnati (OH), Bogart's
September 11, 1997 Cincinnati (OH), Bogart's

  1. Intro : 2001
  2. collision
  3. midlife crisis
  4. gentle art of making enemies
  5. the Last Cup Of Sorrow
  6. evidence
  7. easy
  8. "highway star" (deep purple)
  9. ugly in the morning
    . . i think this is when they played it . . .
  10. introduce yourself
  11. ashes to ashes
  12. pristina
  13. king for a day
    with extended endind courtesy of patton
  14. Epic
  15. "I believe I can fly" (R.Kelly)
  16. naked in front of the computer
  17. Just a man
  18. stripsearch
  19. I started a joke
  20. "highway star" (deep purple)
  21. be agressive

I had driven from cleveland the night before making a stop in columbus to see faith no more there too. My brother lives in cincinnati so it was a chance to see him and fnm! i stayed with him that night and found out he lived a block away from the place they plaed at which was called Bogarts. The morning of the show we walked around in search of fnm cause we saw there tour bus parked outside the club . .we didnt have any luck ( but i learned later from Tara who I met at the show that she saw mike patton in a guitar shop playing away! anyway we ran into Limp Bizkit who I know from working at a radio station and i am actually freinds with the guitarist Wesley. anyway we got to the show and i was happy to see a big crowd . .but when i got inside i wasnt . .half the crowd had really no clue who fnm was they were there to " crowd surf and mosh and beat the tar out of each other as they ignored the band onstage. anyway i ended up in like three fights just to see fnm. they played awsome and they came out for 2 encores even though the crowd didnt seem to care . .there were about twenty of us though up front making a lot of noise . . it was most of the people i saw at cleveland and columbus. for some reason someone threw a hot dog onstage for like the second night in a row and mike made some jokes about it. stripsearch was great live and i got a big kick out of hearing highway star again. kfad was so powerful i was speechless and as uasual epic kicked a@@! i was suprised they played uitm and happy they chose be aggresive to end the show. one big downer of the show was when some idiot in the crowd called roddy a " faggot" ya and i felt bad when i " accidentally" punched the kid three or four times in the back of the head OOPS! after the show we went in the back to see if we could met any of the guys. we were standing around when wesley from limp bizkit noticed me so i talked to him a bit and about why i had come from cleveland, when all of a sudden jon hudson walks passed me. he was looking around at the crowd as if he was trying to figure out why they were all here it was funny. i went up to him and welcomed him to the band and congratulated him on a good night . .he was a great guy really nice dude:) he signed my ticket, and i invited him over to my brothers house for a post fnm party, but he had to decline cause they were taking off that night. i bid him farwell and let the rest of the crowd swamp him haha. unfortunatly i didnt see any other guys but maybe next time. ( i found out later they were eating at a restaraunt on the other side of the concert hall!)
i took my brother to the concert and it was his first time seeing them live this is what he thought
" it was rad."
he never was a talker . . .


p.s. hey Tara if you read this i found your number and ill give you a call :)

Source: CVDB
Source: CVDB
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