Philadelphia (PA), Electric Factory  
September 20, 1997 Philadelphia (PA), Electric Factory

  1. Collision
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  4. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  5. Evidence
  6. Easy
  7. Introduce Yourself
  8. As The Worm Turns
  9. What a Day
  10. Ashes to Ashes
  11. "Highway Star" (Deep Purple)
  12. King for a Day
  13. Pristina
  14. Epic
  15. Naked in Front of the Computer
  16. Just a Man
    Encore 1:
  17. "This Guy's in Love with You" (Burt Bacharach)
  18. We Care A Lot
    Encore 2:
  19. Mouth to Mouth
  20. Ugly in the Morning

Chris Russomanno & Mike Paldino.

well i have many tales to tell about this show. First off, sorry Steve and Nicole...i couldn't find you at all!!!! Ok, well i actually intended on bootlegging the show and sneaked a walkman by the faggot friskers!!! (I put it in my back pocket and shifted my pants so the pocket was right over my buttcrack). We waited there for an hour and 40 minutes for Limp Bizkit to come on (In the meantime, i bought a concert shirt!!! heehee). Well lemme just say...this is the fuckin shittiest audience i have ever been in in my life. Limp Bizkit was booed off the stage. They were rockin' hard too. I was trying to get into them, but i was like the only one in the whole audience doing anything but standing like a fucking dumbass, so i just joined the crowd (not to stick out like a sore thumb). They played for liek an hour and the lead singer was getting fucking pissed off when we started chanting FAITH NO MORE...FAITH NO MORE, and he threatened this fat guy!!! It was kinda funny. Well they left stage after awhile and the bassist broke his bass and knocked over his amp.

Now you expect when you boo a goddamn band off the stage to hear another, the audience is actually going to appreciate the other band. Not the case. FNM was introduced by orchestra music, and they came on in black suits (they looked awesome). The fuckin Phili morons were standing doing absolely nothing, when they started playing Collision. I was like the only one singing along with Mike (I lost my voice that night). The next song was Midlife Crisis and i think the crowd knew some of the words to that song, (but not much). All in all the whole night, some dudes behind me and i were the only ones in sight getting into the music and singing (of course i wasn't up front and could see those people too well) Oh yeah....they were being a bitch with the sound!!!!!!!! They could NOT stop blowing fuses!!!! Finally a technician came on the stage and Mike disparaged him in front of everyone!!! I was laughing sooo hard. He said "WHY DON'T YOU EXPLAIN IT TO THE AUDIENCE....BIG MAN!!!!!!" It was really funny. They did come back for 2 encores despite the crowd was a bunch of jackoffs (except for the CV people). They played the Bacarach song and mike played this keyboard that you have to blow into. That was awesome. They also ripped shit up on Ugly in the Morning (their last song). All in all i think there was soooo much energy between Bizkit and FNM but the crowd was just clueless.


The show on saturday in Philly, in my opinion, was incredible. Despite the P.A. problems and not enuff stuff from Dust and Real Thing the show was probably the best concert i've been to and i've seen quite a few. For once the music before the bands took the stage was good(Sabbath and the Clash, 2 of my favorite bands). Anyway, Limp Bizkit's music was a pleasant surprise, I was enjoying it for the most part but their attitude(image?) really sucked. They gave the crowd the finger and "fuck you Philadelphia" and the crowd did'nt appreciate it. After the crowd gave them a bit of their own medicine, the singer and bassist threw a hissy-fit and stormed off the stage before finishing the set. The only cool member of the band was the guitarist (wearing a corset), who left the stage last waving to the audience and smiling and got for the most part a favorable crowd reaction. Anyway, on to bigger and better things. FNM came on in their black suits with the theme from 2001 playing. THe crowd went nuts and they went into collision which kicks ass live. Then onto Midlife and the rest of their normal set w/no big surprises. THe crowd was, for the most part, great, and the band came on for two encores. They began and ended the second encore with the theme for Rocky (very appropriate for the Philly crowd). The highpoints were We Care a Lot and Last Cup but the whole show was a highpoint. The crowd was even screaming in vain for a third encore. I left pretty bruised up, and completely drenched in sweat as i was in the pit for the whole show. THere were, however, some assholes there too, and one bitch turned around and elbowed my friend in the stomach after he got pushed into her. Well ive wasted enuff cyberspace for one day. Sorry to jamie and nicole, i couldnt find you guys.


Well, what can I say. I've been waiting for five years to see Faith No More and I had to drive the whole way across the vast state of Pennsylvania from Indiana (Home of cows and sky) to philly to see the fat bastards and they were phenomenal. well worth the wait.

although, the concert wasn't everything it COULD have been but i'll get to that later. first off, set list.

  • Collision
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Last Cup Of Sorrow
  • Gentle Art Of Making Enemies (no sound!!!!!!)
  • Evidence
  • Easy
  • Introduce Yourself (No SOUND!!!!!!)
  • As the Worm Turns
  • What A Day (No SOUND!!!!)
  • King For A Day
  • Gonna Fly Now
  • Pristina
  • Highway Star
  • Ashes To Ashes
  • Naked In Front Of The Computer
  • Epic
  • Just A Man
  • "This Guy's in Love with You" (Burt Bacharach)
  • We Care A Lot
    Encore 2:
  • Gonna Fly Now
  • Mouth To Mouth
  • Ugly In The Morning

as usual, the setlist might be a little out of order but i think it's all there. Limp Bizkit is the biggest bunch of assholes i have ever seen in my life. I don't know how they ever even got a record deal let alone past the first date on the tour. it's a wonder they haven't been killed. They basically acted like a bunch of babies, taunting audience members and threatening to kick their asses and then telling the security to kick the shit out of people if they tried to come up and take the challenge. They called the audience Faggots and homos and then had the nerve to call the AUDIENCE a bunch of close minded rednecks. then the bass player threw a tantrum and broke all of his equipment. real profesional.

ANyway, FNM hit the stage and i'm sorry, maybe i'm too old but i can't take the violent crowds but are all PHilly crowds like that? jesus christ on a crutch, i almost got a black eye. Luckily after the first couple of songs they calmed down. The PA shut off THREE times during the set. I have never seen such a thing. Overall, the sound sucked. No billy, no roddy, just drums, muddy guitar and a LOT of patton. almost to much at times. but that doesn't mean that they aren't the best live band in the business. I feel that FNM is to me what Neil Diamond is to my mother: a band that grows, and as i get older and mature so do they. I firmly believe they will end up in vegas. or at least patton will. They will end up there and they will be GOOD at it. Old women will like them. It will be phenomenal. That Bacharach tune was absolutely gorgeous. I pray that these guys record it. I NEED that! Mike's melodica solo on it got a nice cheer from the audience. Also, the band did a bit of impromptu jamming on gonna fly now since Rocky is like the calling card of philly. THe best thing about the pa going out was watching mike flip the moniters towards the audience so we could hear. after introduce yourself mike asked, can you guys here, everyone said yes, and he said good, coz we can't hear shit. but it was a good show from a great band. i don't know, it's late. i'm gonna go listen to gg allin and clear my head of that whole limp bizkit incident. oh, by the way, we managed to snag ahold of several limp bizkit promotional tapes which we proceeded to pull apart and spread all over 7th street!

Jeff Gretz

I haven't slept in awhile and I can't remember much, so this "review" might be a bit sketchy right now.

Alright, first off I really didn't like the way the club(The Electric Factory) was laid out. There were pretty large chunks of the club closed off to those who were under 21, because this was where the alcohol was being distributed. This included the balcony, my seat(and a damn good one) at the superior Washington D.C. show a few nights back...anyhow.

Limp Bizkit gets on stage around 9:30, do their Korn/Deftones-esque thing for awhile, the singer insults the crowd between every song("Hey Philly, fuck you." "You all motherfucker's can suck my dick", etc...same at the DC show) as usual. Now, unlike the DC crowd, Philly wasn't takin' no shit. Chants of "YOU SUCK!" start forming, the bands "Fuck you." attitude get's kind of serious, they get pissed off, the bassist smashes his bass and equipment(and some monitors maybe) and they all walk off. The end. The crowd's happy now.

FNM gets on at 10:30, and their setlist is pretty much like the other shows so I won't really go to much into that. Anyhow, due to the fact (I think) that Bizkit had a tantrum earlier, FNM's sound is fucked up. All of the speakers directed at the audience go out in a bang when Mike yell's "PHILLY!!!" after "Last Cup". They don't notice and begin to play "Gentle Art" anyhow...so the crowds just kind of sitting there, only hearing the muffled sound from the monitors.

The sound gets fixed momentarily, but eventually goes out AGAIN during most of "Introduce Yourself", but this time Mike picks up on the fact that somethings wrong and starts turing the monitor speaker dealies towards the audience so we can hear. Before they played "As The Worm Turns" Mike comments, "I hope it sounds good out there because we can't hear shit from up here." It was kind of obvious from the sounds of "Worm" that they didn't know what the hell one another were doing...finally it's fixed and that's the end of the sound problems for the night(I think).

At other points of the night, Mike and some other members hum the theme(Fanfare?) from the Rocky movies and eventually the entire band gets into the act with instruments and what not(minue John, who just kind of sat in the corner looking on).

Overall, the show was good, but the crowd wasn't into it as much as they were at DC. The band seems to kind of feed off of a positive crowd reaction and tends to play well in those situations, but they pulled through anyhow more or less. The only real gripe I had with any of the live songs would be the keyboards in "Mouth To Mouth"(in which they missed an entire verse, or maybe it was intended that way) which just don't sound correct; it's hard to explain. Other than that, good stuff...they seem to have their shit together live which is good to see and hear.

SETLIST:(I think it's correct...give or take a few)

  1. Colission
  2. Midlife Crisis
  3. Gentle Art False Start(John begins to play the wrong song)/Last Cup Of Sorrow
  4. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  5. Evidence
  6. Easy
  7. Introduce Yourself
  8. As The Worm Turns
  9. What A Day
  10. "Highway Star" (Deep Purple)
  11. Ashes To Ashes
  12. King For A Day
  13. Pristina
  14. Epic
  15. Naked In Front of the Computer
  16. "This Guy's In Love With You" (Burt Bacharach)
  17. We Care A Lot
    Encore 2
  18. Mouth To Mouth
  19. Ugly In The Morning

-the set list is probably messed up orderwise, but...you know-

Nick Chester.

Faith No More were good. good set, played well. oddly, they didn't play "Stripsearch," even though we heard them practicing it while we stood outside.

Limp Bizkut blew. I yelled at them so much the singer looked directly at me and said he wanted to fight me, tried to get the crowd to beat me up, etc... I'm usually not like that, but they had a shitty attitude to begin with, and they sucked. for anyone else who was there, I said:
"you'd sound better without the champagne bottle up your ass!"
"is this what you're doing now instead of sucking donkey dick in Mexico?"
"does your mother know you like the taste of cock?"
(chant with 5 people around me) "go-a-way! go-a-way!"
"I'm louder than you, and you have a microphone!"

the Factory, as always, was a shitty place. the floor is massive, and because of this, there are never any real pits, just shoving. I go to violet shows at smaller places, like the Troc (Fear Factory, Misfits, Gwar), and have never gotten knocked down at them. 2 of the 3 shows I've been to at the Factory have been lower-key bands (FNM and Tool, the one really fast heavy group I saw there was Gwar) and I've fallen at each of them. plus the security guys are pricks. I hope FNM will avoid this place in the future -- 'twouldn't surprise me considering how the PA kept getting turned off, and the bass was too loud, and the keyboards didn't cut through... still, the band was good enough to make it worthwhile.


Whew, what an experience.
Let me just start off by saying i regret saying that i liked limp bizkit. They were the most obnoxious crybaby loser band i have ever seen. One word: pathetic. The bass player went insane and slammed his guitar on the ground 5 times...i hope its broke. They tried to piss of/amuse the crowd by yelling "fuck you, your faggots" and sticking their middle fingers at the crowds. (cool guys(mike at one point held up his middle finger and goes"you all know what this means by now") I was yelling shit at them too. I would love to see that singer to come down into the crowd and call that one guy "fat ass" to his face. He wouldve gotten eaten alive (no pun intended).
Ive never wanted to hit someone so bad. The one thing that got to me was that fnm would let such a band open up for them. Was it the record company's decision? A homophobic band like that doesnt deserve to open for faith no more! Well enough of the shitty stuff.

Fnm kicked ass! Mike was so energetic and happy(for what reason i dont know why); it seemed that he was really enjoying what he was doing. He has turned out to be an excellent performer (a switch from his angry kfad performance). Roddy seemed a little upset...probably because his keyboards got drowned out by the bass, which was way too loud. Jon Hudson is ok, but nothing special. His guitar was so distorted for the first 10 seconds of 5 of the songs that you couldnt tell what number they were playing. (i.e. Gentle art, Mouth to Mouth.)

Setlist:(from what i remember-all the songs just not in 100% correct order..but close to it)
Collision~ My 2nd fav of the night...roddy, mike and the rest looked spectacular..i didnt think it would be a good opener; boy! did they prove me wrong!
Midlife Crisis~ classic song
Last cup of sorrow~ suprisingly awesome
Gentle Art
Easy ~ getting kinda old..bad move to have it right after evid.
Introduce yourself
Highway Star (deep purple)
As the worm turns!!!!!!!!!!~rocked my world
Naked in front of the computer~was ok; im not a fan of this #
Ashes to Ashes~ rocked...better live
King for a day~ cool ending
Pristina ~ amazing!
Epic~ damn good
What a day~ im suprised they played this
Just a man
Encore 1:
Cover (I need you to love me??? 60s song) ~ forgive me im an eighties kid)
We care alot ~ my fav for the night
Encore 2:
The Rocky Theme song (ode to philly)
Mouth to Mouth ~sounded WAY creepier and cooler than on the cd...but actually every song sounded better live off of the new album...and gave me more respect for aoty)
Ugly in the morning ~ only time i entered the pit

(Wheres my caffeine!!!!!)

Songs i would have liked to hear but didnt:

  • Stripsearch
  • Caffeine
  • From out of nowhere
  • Chinese Arithmetic
  • Annes song ~i know they never play it, but this song is just so damn cool!
  • New Beginnings ~ Ditto
  • Digging the grave~ suprised they skipped this one

** I just wanted to write what the other 2 people missed. Im gonna write again once i remember more (ie qoutes...not many of them this time). oh, and if you havent noticed...i suck at sentence structure and all that junk...im a still a young one. Didnt get into fnm until digging the grave.**


I'd just like to add a few words of my own to the already plentiful reviews of this show.

First off, I don't know what that first reviewer was thinking, but Limp Bikzit sucked. They were a badly copied hardcore act and nothing more. Most of the band (other than the DJ and the guitarist) were Korn's long-lost twins and the guitar player tried to be too much like Twiggy Ramierez for my liking. The DJ was the only cool part of the band, but, as a friend of mine later stated, he could have done a better job of scratching than this guy.

I wouldn't have cared if they didn't go into the "We're Too Hardcore for You" act. It's stupid. They're stupid. If they just would have played the set without fucking with the crowd, all would have been fine.

But, their shear stupidity made the crowd boo them off the stage. I'm sorry, if you go to a concert and accept rubbish like that...

Anyway, whoever said the Philly crowd sucked because they weren't moving or singing must have been watching a different show. From where I was (5 feet directly in front of stage for Limp Bizkit and first 3 FNM songs), to say "it was rockin'" would be an understatement. There were countless times where I almost fell. It got to the point were if I stayed there, I would get trampled, so I grabbed a friend of mine and moved back a few feet (through the pit!).

I could understand saying things were calm up on the balcony, because whenever I looked up there, it was.

Two other friends of mine stayed up near the stage through the whole set:

  • One fell and was fallen upon by five other people. He hurt his leg.
  • One fell and couldn't get up for quite sometime. It took security guards with flashlights to tell other crowdmembers that there was someone under there!

The guards were pricks. In between bands, a friend of mine asked for water, to which a nice guard gave him some. I grabbed it from him and, in turn, everyone else grabbed it from me. After seeing this, another security guard picked up a full bottle of water, and sarcastically dumped it out in front of everyone. My friend took the cap to his bottle and threw it at the asshole guard, hitting him right between the eyes.

The guard got up on the fence and told the crowd that he'd give $50 to the person who pointed out who did it. My friend ducked under the crowd while everyone pointed in a different direction. He then offered a whole case of bottled water, but to no avail.

Just another funny story.


I was extremely surprised to find out that the show was sold out (I didn't think so many people were still inot FNM, then again, maybe a good number of them were there for "Epic"). I won't talk about Limp Bizkit, since you've heard plenty about them. Someone wrote how the Philly crowd sucked, and that they were not interested in it at all. I got a completely different persepective. Maybe it was because I was right up front, but the crowd (from where I was) was definitely into it, singing along with the lyrics to songs I wouldn't have expected half the people there to have heard. One of the funny moments... They changed the setlist around a little bit, and I guess Jon was used to the old setlist, and started playing "Gentle Art" instead of "Last Cup", and after the beginning guitar part, the rest of the band just stood there and looked at him, to which Mike said "That's the wrong song" and proceeded to call him "The New Guy". As mentioned the PA cut out a few times, and the band obviously didn't even notice, but the crowd started singing the lyrics a bit louder. Eventually Mike noticed and turned the PA around. Well, you've heard just about everything else already, so I won't bore you. To whoever is keeping track of covers FNM plays, be sure to note the Theme From "Rocky"... Probably the only time it will be played since that movie was filmed in Philly.

Also, for those of you wondering what happened to his nose... The show the night earlier (Roseland?), he turned around and did his lunge towards the drums thing (I believe it was in the beginning of "Collision", and hit his nose on a cymbal stand. I got the info. from a friend who is good friends with Mike (unfortunately I'm not a good enough friend for him to get me backstage).

Well, that's about all...

Matt Walsh.

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