Worcester (MA), WAAF Radio Show  
September 21, 1997 Worcester (MA), WAAF Radio Show

So who caught the sets by Lamp and Fruitbasket? I think Fruitbasket has a glistening future! (hahaha...You've been foiled)

In addition to their usual "festival set", FNM played Be Aggressive. For Be Aggressive the chorus didn't quite cut it with just Roddy trying to sing it, but it was nice to hear anyways. I think they had a difficult time hearing each other through out the set. Ashes to Ashes sounded really fucked up. The timing slowed down and sped up. Did anyone else notice this? The band seemed happy with the crowd. There seemed to be more interaction than usual. Overall, I was quite impressed by this show, band and crowd. I thought it would be just mediocre after seeing such a great show in Providence. Everyone seemed to really appreciate the band. I would bet that they probably picked up some new fans from this show. The only things that sucked were the temperature and the dirt. It was fucking cold and I still feel like coughing up a dust ball. My lungs hurt. boohoo.

Anyone notice Patton's nose? It looked like he had a big gash on the left side, like he got wapped. Anybody know what happened?

Also, who was that with the Bungle shirts and the clown make-up?

Brian Carlson.

Just got back from the Worcester show. It was great, although very muddy sounding (maybe it was because I was right next to the speaker). They played:

  • Collision
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Last Cup of Sorrow
  • Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • Evidence
  • Easy
  • Introduce Yourself
  • Ugly In the Morning
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Naked in Front of the Computer
  • What a Day
  • Epic
  • Just a Man
  • "This Guy's in Love with You" (Burt Bacharach)
  • Be Aggressive
Ben Zell.

Hey everyone! the worcester show was great! FNM sounded great as always(but the guitar could of been turned up).
Earlier in the day FNM had a huge bus and 2 limos, which they called "runners" they would do things for them, like get them somthing to eat ect... So a friend of mine new someone with the band and we were able to take the limo down town!!!! it was cool. Anyways before the show i talked to Roddy about imperial teen, he was cool! then after the show i was near their bus away from the crowd that was mobing the band. after mike got awayhe was walking my way, and i said sarcasticly(holding out a cd that was the back stage pass)"hi can i be an asshole to and get an autograph?" so he said (as he started cracking up) "its your life"and signed it. it was hilarios!!! so that was the best part of the show for me. About the show itself, well....besides FNM sounding great, the crowd was crap!!!!! i understand that alot of people were tierd from waiting around all day but i was surprised they came out for an oncore, because it was real quiet. then they were gonna come out again but there was silence!!! and alot of people were just walking away! so i saw puffy start shaking his head in discust and walk of stage!!! then they started taking down the set. that sucked, we could of got another few songs but no!!!! set list was no surprise and jerks kept throwing full bottles of soda into the crowd. i realy hate the out door shows and wish i could of enjoyed them in a club instead!! (i missed providence) mabye next year!!!!


obviously, this was held outside in the middle of the day. it was a beautiful autumn day (it just cooled down that day) and there were about 20 bands playing for the festival called locobazooka sponsored by waaf (a hard rock radio station in boston). fnm was, needless to say, the head band and they played around 5:30ish. since i don't own a car, i had to take a greyhound from providence to boston, then boston to worcester. worcester is only 40 miles away from providence, but it took 4 hrs. b/c of the bad connection. but it was worth it. this time they didn't play that long and they had only one encore.

i stayed on the left side of the stage in providence, so this time i decided to go to the middle even though i was exposed to all the danger of getting pushed, being kicked in the face (which i sort of did), etc. i personally liked this position better -- probably because i was further away from the speakers and the band was facing to my direction. they played more or less the same songs as three nights before. i love their new cover song 'this guy is in love with you'. the sound of melodica was melanchory and nostalgic. now i have the tune stuck in my head -- this song surely grows on you. a few particular incidents which i thought were pretty funny -- 1) mike imitated a guy from the radio station's accent (new england accent where you don't really pronounce 'r') 'let's keep the paak (park) clean, guys. don't throw the bottles...', 2) after some girls throwing their underwear to the stage, mike said 'i need a man's underwear.' then some guys actually threw theirs and mike picked them up, sniffed, and made a nasty face, 3) mike said something like 'give us some coins' and the audience threw a lot of them. so he then asked for some bills and some guy actually threw $20.

this was my first time seeing them perform outside. they still sounded great. it was somewhat breezy, but the sky was mostly clear and the sunset was gorgeous with the show. just imagine them performing in an open field on a hill with the sky changing from light blue to pink to purple. i still can't get over it.

for a long time, i've been feeling too old to enjoy shows in general -- with band sounding messy and teenagers crowd-surfing and moshing -- but fnm is the band i can truly admire and willing to see for years to come. they know how to capture each person's soul -- whether s/he is a jock or a punk or a indie kid or a computer maniac. it is not an easy task to live up to everyone's expectation. maybe it is not feasible to become friends with the band, but i really think the audience feel connected with the band through their music somehow. for those of you going to see them soon, you can anticipate a lot. it'll be great...

Akemi Fujita

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