New Orleans (LA), Marconi Meadows  
September 28, 1997 New Orleans (LA), City Park-Marconi Meadows (MOJO Fest)

This show couldn't have been in a more different setting than the one the night before in Dallas. It was at Mojo Fest, an alternafest for some radio station in New Orleans...and my god was it lame! They said on the radio that between 20,000 and 30,000 people were there. I never saw so many pierced navels in one place in my life. Jeez. At least the average age of the crowd surfer was about 12, and they were easy to toss around and stuff.

Faith No More played 3rd of the 7 or 8 bands. THIRD! Limp Bizkit played after FNM I think...and although I'm not totally sure who all the bands were, I think Fiona Apple, Candlebox, the Foo Fighters and Reel Big Fish were some of them. Smash Mouth and Cowboy Mouth played before FNM.

Faith No More was scheduled at 12:50 in the afternoon (not a real comforting piece of information to hear on the radio as you're stuck in a non-moving line of cars a few miles from the festival, with absolutely no place to park, and it's less than 30 minutes before the show).

Somehow we made it in just in time to see them start. 45 minutes later, it was all over.

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Last Cup of Sorrow
  5. Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  6. Stripsearch
  7. Easy
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. Naked in Front of the Computer
  10. Ashes to Ashes
  11. Epic
  12. "I believe I can Fly" (R Kelly)
  13. Just a Man

It was kinda different to see FNM play in an outdoor setting, since I'd never seen them anywhere besides clubs and the Astrodome, which is a huge indoor stadium. I think maybe had the festival not been so lame, it would have been a lot better. Regardless, FNM played a good show. Whether the audience got it or not, well, that's another story. It kind of seemed like more people were in line to buy beer than were standing in front of the stage to watch the band.

Midnight Cowboy worked a lot better in the dark I thought. Somehow it didn't really seem to set that mood as well being played in the bright sun, but it kinda worked anyway. It was probably pretty unexpected to the crowd who was waiting for "the radio songs"...so in that respect it was kinda cool.

Stripsearch comes off so well live! I think it's one of the best songs FNM has ever done, and it seemed like the crowd responded really well to it. I'd really like to see that one be released as a single (and maybe next year, FNM can headline mojo fest...woo!)

Roddy's backing vocals seem to have improved a lot. Maybe singing with Imperial Teen has something to do with it, but he harmonized well with Patton during a lot of songs. Also, Bill and Roddy both do backing vocals on Introduce Yourself, and Mike kind of plays around with his own timing to alternate with them. It sounds really good. I noticed Roddy makes vocal noises during part of Introduce Yourself also...just some little sounds over the vocals that add some texture or whatever. It's kinda cool.

Cowboy Mouth had a nice little fit of crowd motivation, and apparently told the crowd to "Shake your neighbor's hand and say 'how's it going?'" or something to that effect. So Bill came out and asked "How many of you have made contact with someone standing near you that you otherwise wouldn't have touched?" And Mike added, "Don't touch anyone! Just stand there." And Roddy said, "There's no peer pressure, you don't have to touch anyone if you don't want to."

Just a Man was the highlight of the show...nothing really out of the ordinary, but it sounded good. At the end, Mike pointed to someone in the crowd and was mouthing stuff like "You wanna fight me? Let's go. Come on! Right now!" and stuff like that, and then for the end of the song, he "air fought" or something in perfect time with the drum and cymbal crashes. I don't really know quite how to describe it right, but it was damn funny. He punched and kicked at the air in the crowd's direction everytime Puffy hit something...totally in synch.

I was kind of glad to see that a lot of people were leaving the festival after FNM's set.


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