Denver (CO), Ogden Theatre  
October 1, 1997 Denver (CO), Ogden Theatre

I was at the show in Denver, CO on 10/1/97 and although I wasn't happy with the Ogden Theater, I would see this band if they played in the alley. I am 32 years old and I still haven't grown up enough to leave this band alone. This show was not as energetic as the show I saw about 4-5 years ago at the mammoth theater. That show was a riot, it was alot of fun and Mike fucked with the audience alot. I don't know if this means that they are growing up or what. I'm afraid the band is going to break up and I'm concerned about the fact that they are playing small venues. Is this by choice? The crowd has gotten younger and I expected the atmosphere to be a little rowdy and it wasn't. They crowd made a meager attempt at moshing and I was upstairs in the 21 and over area and I had the first row center. (I'm hard-core). There wasn't as much dancing around. It was pretty tame. I hoped they would play more from Angel Dust but they concentrated on King for a Day, and Album of the year. They also did more slow/love songs.

Lynnette Johnson.

Set list:

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
  5. Last Cup of Sorrow
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. Get Out
  10. Home Sick Home
  11. Ashes to Ashes
  12. King for a Day
  13. Pristina
  14. Epic
  15. "I believe I can fly" (R.Kelly)
  16. Naked In Front Of The Computer
  17. Just a Man
  18. "This Guy's in Love With You" (Burt Bacharach)
  19. Stripsearch
  20. I Started a Joke
  21. Caffeine

FNM were their usual entertaining selves this fine evening. Limp Bizkit really didn't do anything that isn't being done much better by many other bands, although their cover of George Michael's "Faith" was cool.

Apparently the show was sold out here, atlthough it didn't seem to be that packed inside (I've seen bigger crowds in this theatre before). The crowd was into the show for the most part, although Pristina, This Guy's..., and Joke lost a few people. The usual songs got the biggest reactions- midlife crisis, easy, and epic. Their performance of King for a Day was amazing- everything seemed to click for them on that one song. The band didn't talk a whole lot between songs- there was alot of "thank you denver!", "how are you denver", etc., as well as the obligatory remarks about the high altitude here (every band that plays here says something about the thin air). Roddy mentioned that we caught them on a good night because their suits had been cleaned the previous day and they all smelled nice and fresh. Caffeine was a great surprise, given that I hadn't seen it mentioned very much in other reviews. Near the end of it, someone threw their keys at Patton, just missing hitting him in the face. He grabbed them off the stage at the end and said, "whoever's keys these are, you'll have to come get them" and laid them down on the stage. It was a great show, but there wasn't truly anything extraordinary about it- they came, did their job, and left.


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