April 6, 1998, Oporto, Portugal Coliseu do Porto

I've just got back from Portugal so I might as well tell you how one of Faith No More's last concerts went. The set-list was (and please forgive any glaring inconsistencies but I didn't go to the concert with the sole purpose of writing down the set-list):

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Naked in Front of the Computer
  4. Gentle Art of Making Enemies----(what an opening!)
  5. RV
  6. Evidence
  7. Easy
  8. Midlife Crisis
  9. Introduce Yourself
  10. Last Cup Of Sorrow
  11. Land of Sunshine
  12. We Care a Lot
  13. Just a Man

  14. Get Out
  15. This Guy's In Love With You
  16. What a Day

  17. King for a Day

High points of the show were undoubtebly the killer opening songs (band of 30-something's? Yeah, right!), Just a Man, Evidence, where Patton sang a verse in Portuguese and the greatest ever live version of KFAD which I have ever seen or heard. This was my 7th FNM concert and I'd never before seen them put that much energy into a song. In light of recent news (break-up), some on stage signs could be read as indicating something of the sort was about to happpen. For example, the band's unease when Roddy had to leave the stage for a KFAD song which did not require keyboards (can't remember which though, probably Gentle Art...). As for the suits, they didn't wear them. I think they just wore the clothes they'd been wearing all day which gave it an informal family gathering (if slightly unhygenic and smelly) atmosphere. Two words to describe the concert? Fucking and brilliant spring to mind. I subscribe to the view someone was flogging the other day: Angel Dust is the world's greatest album and Faith No More the single most creative band in rock. All these side projects are touted as new model FNM's but remember that a model is a small scale representation of the real thing.

Bruno Araujo

The Porto concert was on the 6th April on the local £Coliseu', a big theater where important and diversified shows are held. The place wasn"t completely sold out but it was definetely a very intense gig- the audience went mad all the time and, I suppose, even the band was surprised and impressed.

I went to Coliseu at 5 p.m. and there were already a few die-hard fans hanging out there. It was raining cats and dogs but that wouldn"t stop maniacs from going there so early. On the day before the concert there had been a Gary Barlow (blargh!) concert on that same place and so the girlies that had attended it had written lots of stuff about their idol on a FNM-poster (heresy!). Me and a few other people spent a pleasant amount of time answering back to that bull-shit talk, which was kind of fun. The band had never been to Porto, although they had already played 3 times in Lisbon- opening for Guns"n Roses, on Super Rock festival and then on their own. I had seen none of those, so this was my 1st time. The opening band was a spannish act called Dover whose current album £Devil Came To Me' apparently did very good on local charts. Their songs, though, bored me to death, and I wonder how come wasn"t the audience nastier to them. It was probably because we were just too anxious to see FNM and we knew we had to go through some sacrifices before that remarkable experience.

So, the Real Thing, this is, Patton and Co. entered stage at about 10.15p.m and I just wouldn"t believe it, as it seemed so utopic to me. Anyway, the 1st song to be played was, much to everybody"s surprise, Midnight Cowboy, with Mike playing a mel dica, a sort of small electronic flute- quite original, indeed. Then they proceeded with Collision, while everybody moshed and jumped and I, in the 1st row, suffere the consequences. All band members were wearing normal clothing, no suits then. Patton had a Nike yellow shirt and a blue coat which he later took off. Bordin was £topless' as usual and Gould had A FNM shirt. After these 2 1st songs and while I was thinking the bars were about to fall, they started to play almost every major hit they"ve had, from Midlife Crisis to Easy. The audience was wilder than never, which seemed to amuse Patton who, however, I still think wasn"t very happy. Not our fault, though. The Coliseu almost fell when they sang We Care A Lot, and for moments it looked like time had went back and we were looking at FNM as a young and new band, only with the experience and talent they were to win later on. Ashes to Ashes was an incredible moment, and I still get very £moved' remembering it- everybody sang along like their lifes depended on it and it was just brilliant, I guess. Last Cup of Sorrow as also a fine moment, and Patton did some improvisation during it. Evidence was, as expected, one of my personal favourite performances- it had all the glamour and glitter of the original, with Patton holding a glass of white wine and looking extremely stylish. He addressed the audience in perfect portuguese a few times, which was much appreciated and aplauded.

From King For a Day... they also played Get Out and What a Day, already after they had threatened to leave. There was still time for a Patton fake duet with Sade (typical- expect the unexpected from him...) singing Paradise and some other cover that I don"t know but sounded quite , er, Sinatra!

Billy Gould was apparently rather upset over his bass and that would account for his slightly bad mood. Everybody else seemed normal to me, considering that Patton"s normality consists of jumping like a salmon and throwing himself against the floor (now- sacred floor!) repeated times. That didn"t afect his vocal performance, perfect as usual and later very complimented on the press.

As I was so enthusiastic about seeing them live I was not my usual-self so there are a few things I can"t recall. However, I do remember they also included The Gentle Art of Making Enemies, Just a Man and Naked in Front of the Computer on their £playlist'. They left stage rather early (an hour and a half after they had entered it) but returned due to great audience demand. I suppose everybody was willing to stay there for many hours non-stop, but it wasn"t even midnight when they said goodbye- or adeus, to be more precise.

Sadly they didn"t play Small Victory or Epic, absolute classics, but it was most definetely a devastating show. Puffy threw his drum sticks into the audience and the (spannish) guy next to me got one of them-lucky fan!

In the end everybody was quite tired but undoutbely happy- FNM had proven to be a huge band whose quality can only be compared to the loyalty of the people who have stuck with them all through the years. The air was still full with the typical excitement of the really big occasions, and we all felt we had witnessed something truly amazing and historic.

Lia Pereira

The Concert was in Coliseu do Porto, it was DOVE for starting and then Faith No More.

I'm from Lisbon, but I wanted to see FNM live!!! I wouldn't miss that concert for nothing! I drove to Oporto with a friend of mine.

Well...the concert!!!

First, that spanish rock band, DOVE!! Well, that vocal girl had a lot of energy to make that audience jump on their feet! Everybody wanted Faith No More and nobody cared about that DOVE!!! Still, they did played good songs with high energy! Congratilations Dove! You are on your way to it!!! Has DOVE finished their perfomance, I was real anxious! To me, see Faith No More is almost a contact with the sky! I wanted them...everybody wanted them! I could notice that the audience was pretty nervous and anxious! It was their first time in Oporto!

Suddenly! The lights were off...that was the time!!! Everybody stared at the dark stage..I could see some shades...and I noticed everyone of them! their were as usual in the last tour! All in black with a white Shirt!

The opening was the amazing MIDNIGHT COWBOY. At first, the audience seemed to me a little stuned! They were expecting something more powerfull...I noticed that most of the crowd were not informed of the last concerts of Faith No More (I knew all of them by your site so I was not impressed). BUT! The people were getting too anxious and even before the first song was over, the crowd were wild!!! They were really feeling the music inside of themselves! I was simply stuned!!!! I even couldn't say a word! It was the most beautifull thing that I saw!!!

After the song was over, the lights were off again...the people had too much energy on their bodies...soh FNM smacked a hard punch on the audience, starting COLLISION with the wildness that only Patton knows!!! That was it!!! The audience were totally surrender to the mighty sound power of FNM!!!

Here is the List (No order...I can't remeber the correct order...but is near of the truth)

  7. EASY
  13. JUST A MAN

    ENCORE 1

  14. GET OUT

    ENCORE 2

  16. ???? - I think Patton was joking about on this one :-)

A little sumary:

  • Land of Sunshine was great! beautifull! In the guitar solo, Patton aplies his own voice. Good one :-)
  • Well, I was afraid that Evidence and Easy were played in a row...and they did it!!!!
  • Introduce Yourself was played in a extremely high rythm. It was good to remember good old FNM songs
  • King for a Day was stunning!!!!!! Patton had two mics and aplied several voice efects during the whole music. Then, at the end, tha band starts working on some sort of experimental sounds (as usual on their last tour), Patton was making som real wierd snake sounds, pronouncing the words like "don't let me die with that silly look in your eyessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!" and the "ssss" keeped on, and on, and on...at the same time, Bottum managed to get some sort of sounds like strong wind...suddenly, they managed to get the coliseum with a lot of smoke and a incredible work of lights (based on red!) It was fantastik! I really loved it!!!!
  • Just a Man. I never had seen Patton playing a song like this one...It seems like it touches him deep inside!!!! I was singing with his whole body and soul!!!! This song and King for a Day, in my opinion, were the best songs they've played in the concert!
  • Naked In Front of the Computer, DAMN! what happened to that guitar in the solos?? Some tecnichal problem???
  • On the start of Encore 2, Patton came on with a strange talk, speaking that FNM were going to play a music of a well kown american singer, etc, etc, etc! When it came the time to tell the name, he made a brutal distortion on voice/mic that nobody understood the name...he smiled and continues with the talk "And the music were gonna play from that singer is SHOAAASHIIIHS" nobody understood what music was too!!!!! He sang that for about 1 minute, I didn't recognize that song...the he said, STOP!! And the music was over :-)))))
  • They didn't play EPIC, RICOCHET, HOME SICK HOME, or a well famous music here in Portugal wich is CARALHO VOADOR :-))))))))!!!!!!

    Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get in the concert of Lisbon..the tickets were all sold out :-(((((

    I know they have played EPIC in that concert....

    That concert in Oporto was the "best concert that I've ever been to" :-))) No doubt!!!

    Jos" Carlos In"cio (Firestarter-TTC)

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