April 7, 1998, Lisboa, Portugal, Coliseu dos Recreios

  1. Midnight Cowboy
  2. Collision
  3. Midlife Crisis
  4. Naked in front of the computer
  5. Ashes to ashes
  6. Evidence ("agora mais tranquilo", "vinho verde")
  7. Easy ("fado americano")
  8. Introduce Yourself
  9. The gentle art of making enemies
  10. Last Cup of Sorrow ("viva la France", "que bela " la It"lia")
  11. Land of sunshine
  12. King for a day
  13. We Care A Lot
  14. Epic ("baterista")
  15. Just a man
  16. This Guy"s in love with you ( dedicated to Am"lia Rodrigues")
  17. Get Out
  18. Strip Search
  19. Highway Star (Deep Purple)
  20. As the worm turns

I arrived to the "coliseu dos recreios" it was about 20:30 and already the first act was playing. It was a Spanish Band called Dover and they were pretty cool. They sounded like the breeders but 10 times faster. they played for about 45 minuts and they left. We waited more 45 min. until the lights had gone out and everybody started to scream.They started their gig with midnight cowboy, wich i was expecting because they also started with that song the nigth before in Oporto (yes, i was fortunate enough to attend at both concerts). That is the best entrance song they ever used. Fantastic!Then they radically changed to Collision and everybody went wild. Things just calmed down once they played evidence and easy. Mike spoke a few Portuguese words (wich i couldnt understand) and them screamed VINHO VERDE!! (white wine) wich he had been drinking during the whole concert. Then they did a cover of ICE ICE BABY with the that far quiet guitarrist John hudson taking the lead and raping the house. Them, they played epic, wich i believe was not programed to be played that nigth: They hadnt played it the night before and before the song they all got together and talked for about 1 minute. Anyway they played it and everybody loved it.Just a man followed and they left. They came back twice and in one of the encores they did stripsearch wich is my AOTY favourite track. Its a killer live song. Mr Patton then anounced they had one more song for us, and Roddy started playing the first sounds of AS THE WORM TURNS and everybody just went wild, jumping as hard as they could.Then they left for good. I Left the "coliseu" that nigth with the feeling that i have watched the best FNM concert i had ever seen. Far from me to know that it would also be their last. R.I.P. Faith no More!

Fernando Natalio

Source: CVDB
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