Munich, Colosseum  
November 17, 1997 Munich, Colosseum

I went to see fnm play in munich yesterday. my friend and I arrived there about 10minutes before fnm came on. the venue was packed with people and the air was horrible since most of them smoked. it got pretty hot towards the end of the regular set, but it was just about excellent for the encores because they opened the main door and let some fresh air in.

they opened with midnight cowboy which was really well performed. the bad thing was that halfway through that song we started to realize how loud this show is going to be when the other songs start and thats what actually happened. it was too loud basically to fully enjoy the songs.

I was scared to even write a review since I don't want to just whine about what wasn't "right" this time. hmm.. the instruments were quite well balanced, but i don't know how to explain that right.. it like hurts or sounds strange when they're way up the normal ear level. whereas when the volume goes down a bit it must sound brilliant. land of sunshine, which I always liked... I think I only noticed the drums (not the bass drum) and the other things that run in the upper frequencies. but the keyboards and everything else WAS there for the so called quiet songs, like bacharach or easy. the songs sound really good on the tape, so most likely my ears are not used to loud live shows anymore.

the ending for kfad was a big highlight for me. having all these light effects and crazy wind and breathing noise effects coming from the stage. roddy was adding some piano stuff which I didn't hear in the other two shows I saw this year. the so called vocal guitar solo in land of sunshine was pretty surprising since they all stopped playing besides the drum beat followed by Jon mike and doing the solo. even though it might read funny the guitar wasn't distorted but sounded more like "doh dododoh doh doh..." hehe.. and so on. after that they stopped completely to say thanks and Dankeschoen and jumping back to finish the song.

I don't have the setlist now, but it was quite different from the show that Bjoern saw! they didn't play From Out Of Nowhere, Be Aggressive and home sick home. yesterday there was the deep purple cover, pristina and evidence. we had 4 encores. (bacharach, evidence, mouth to mouth and pristina)

most of the songs have some sad, dark or more serious touch these days. Yesterday I was watching the show and most of the time I was thinking WHY am I not getting into the right mood. but then when songs like land of sunshine or the deep purple one start it's like YAAAY from the very first second. the encore was pretty bad for that matter.


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