Vienna, Libro Hall Vienna  
November 18, 1997 Vienna, Libro Music Hall

  1. midnight cowboy
  2. ashes to ashes
  3. midlife crisis
  4. naked in front of the computer
  5. stripsearch
  6. easy
  7. collision
  8. gentle art of making enemies
  9. last cup of sorrow
  10. home sick home
  11. king for a day
  12. epic
  13. get out
  14. land of sunshine
  15. just a man
    1st encore: "This Guy's In Love With You" (Burt Bacharach)
  16. caffeine
    2nd encore:
  17. I started a joke
  18. 19. pristina

some notes:

  • all in all it took just 90 minutes
  • the sound was awful, especially patton's voice didn't sound as clear as usual
  • patton good as ever, though. best when doing strange things at the end of king for a day or just a man
  • jon hudson is getting better. (i heard boots of the april shows this year, and there he was just bad). the only thing he screwed was the solo in epic - but then, it might have been some improvisation ;-)
  • rest of band as professional as we know them (and love them...)
  • roddy played guitar at naked in front... and left the stage for gentle art and get out.
  • the guys didn't talk too much...
  • roddy apologized for the missed concert in wels in july due to puffy's baby (i too had paid for the ticket and didn't get anything back because it was a festival with some other (shitty) bands)
  • after the first encore mike complained about having to sing again: they already "started cocaine backstage" (haha)
  • mike said "pooh, you guys like everything. if billy joel were here or elton john you would clap, too, wouldn't you?" (sure enough the people in the audience continued yelling and clapping...)
  • at the end of epic mike did an "adlib" of some to me unknown song - but it was definitely NOT "i believe i can fly" from r.kelly
  • in land of sunshine mike did the guitar solo with jon - now that was great! (reminded me of ian gillan and ritchie blackmore of deep purple and i was waiting for highway star after that but it didn't come ;-(
  • one last remark: they should do less slow songs! when they started with "i started a joke" my friend said "dei schnulzn gengan ma scho am sack" - which stands for "f**k those slow songs!" and i agreed... (i mean songs like easy and that 1st one of the 1st encore - not songs like pristina. pristina is great!)


At the same beginning I have to say, great! The show was really great. It was a Faith no More Show, but different from the other one I have seen in Prague in July. But first, here is the play list as I got it from a roadie, or better defined sound master at the end of the show. Well, it is a bit different, because there were some more songs (titles in italic are those from the playlist).

    1. Midnight (Midnight Cowboy)
    2. Ashes (Ashes to Ashes)
    3. Midlife (Midlife Crisis)
    4. Naked (Naked in front of Computer)
    5. Strip (Stripsearch)
    6. Easy
    7. Collision
    8. Gentle (The Gentle Art of Making Enemies)
    9. Cup (Last Cup of Sorrow)
    10. Homesick ( Home Sick Home)
    11. Acoustic (King for a Day or Land of Sunshine but instead, they were playing both of them)
    12. Epic (featuring AdLib by the Acqua"s "Barbie Girl")
    13. Get Out
    14. Just A Man (is this a Piano?)

    Encore 1
    1. Worm/Whitney (Caffeine)
    2. The Guy"s In Love With You

    Encore 2
    1. I started a joke
    2. Pristina

(total songs count 19)

So here it is. The show was held in a hall where were no places to sit. That was bad, because after a crazy show in Prague, where I was right downstage I wanted to see al the show in peace, to see al those people downstage, and of course to see what"d be Mike doing. O.K. , we couldn"t sit so we decided to take a place about 10 meters from the stage (the stage was quite high, I"m sure it was at least one meter higher than in Prague) so we could see everything. We waited for one hour and than the show started.

As the support band there was a band from Texas, U.S. called Radish. Bloody Hell, they were great!! I really enjoyed their playing. It was very close to the Nirvana"s sound and even the singer"s voice was like Kurt Cobain"s voice. They were great.

When they"ve finished, roadies cleaned up the stage, what took about half an hour and than the real show could start. So they begun, well Mike started to play Midnight Cowboy on a kind of strange instrument with a keyboard (he used it again in another song, but I couldn"t remember which one it was. So Mike started slowly, than in the middle of the song other guys joined him and after a while they left him to finish the song by himself. The next song was Ashes to Ashes. Well it was quite same as on the CD, but not so good as in Prague. I can"t say more detailes about that, because I had to watch my bag and other things. During this song a real hell started around me. I wanted to join them, but I couldn"t! The other people were like animals, a real voracious animals. F# them! I had to go back, but I wasn"t far enough when they started to play Midlife Crisis, so the hell continued and grabbed me again. I"ve tried do go fall back but harder I tried, harder I manage

.8-) That was too much for me! I didn"t have anything from the show, I could hear the sound bud I couldn"t see them. When the Midlife finished I fortunately managed to go fall back, so finally I could see and hear. The next song was Naked in front of Computer. Huh, great, Mike with all his screams, noises, moves,...really unforgottable. You can"t compare him to anyone else. After that, they finally started to play slower song. It was Stripsearch. I heard this one live for the first time and I have to say, I didn"t enjoy it so much, I"d enjoy She Loves Me Not or Helpless more, but that"s my oppinion. When they"ve finished, They started to play Easy. It was quite same as in Prague, without John, but when the guitar solo had to come, he came to the stage and he started to play his version of the Easy"s guitar solo. It was great! I love it! It"s better than the original part. So after this two songs, the audience quite down, but only until they started to play Collision. With this song a part of "heavy songs" started. Huh it was different like that in the Prague, when they started the show with this song. It was kind of a strange piese. The next song was The Gentle Art of Making Enemies. I can"t describe the atmosphere around this song. Not for that I couldn"t see anything, but my english isn"t so good tgo describe it. But audience in a hell, Mike screaming, jumping and making sort of strange things on the stage. "Lovelly pictures of the sweet future !". After this, my favourite (huh second one, Big Kahuna is the first one) Last Cup of Sorrow followed. I was rather surprised, because you couldn"t hear well all those sounds in this song. It was like hamburger without meat. But I have to say it was different, sounded like different version of LCOS. I don"t remember if King for a day followed after this song, but I will put it here. It was great, nice song with all those Adult Themes noises and lovelly cosmic music and lights. Nice impression, strange for Faith no More, but very good idea (huh, idea, what"s that?). After that Puffy started to play a simple drum solo which continued during all the break, and even when Billy and Roddy started to play bass and keyboards you couldn"t recognize the song. But it was Home sick home as we recognized it after John started to play his guitar and Mike started to *sing*. You can"t call those starnge noises during fast, heavy songs as a singing. Well, after that we got a little surprise. They started to play Land of Sunshine. It was for the first time I heard this song live and it was beautifull. With a small break when Mike did al those Adult Themes noises again. When they"ve finished, Miek told to the audience: **Hey guys, you would even enjoy Billy Joel and Elton John playing here!** After a noisy response by the audience :**Nooooooo!**, he smiled and told **Ok!** and started to play Epic. Classic track, which can not be forgotten on any show. Like many times before, Mike added rather long Ad Lib to this song. It was Acqua"s **Barbie Girl**. That was funny, but only a small part of the audience recognized it. I could hear questions around me like:**What it was?**, and after all he sung this part softer than before. Get Out followed after this one and it was another one I haven"t heard live before. It was heavy, it is heavy, but I thing guys in front of me were little bit tired, because they didn"t jump so much as they could. The last song of the first part was Just A Man. Huh, Mike could be an opera singer. I heard a group of people, tehy were about 40, so bit old for this show, as they were surprisingly saying: **Well, there is maybe a Freddie Mercury in front of him and than God follows!**. That was true but I would change it like this: 3rd would be Freddie Mercury, 2nd would be Mr. God and on the first place as an absolute winner....Mike Allan Patton. It"s cool to listen to the older CD"s and hear how has Mike"s voice changed. But back to the Just A Man. He wasn"t singing this song, he has been playing (like an actor, .....filmstar, yeah!) this one!!! It was great! Great! Great! So this was the end of the first part. After a short break they came back. Roody appologysed for cancelling the the festivall show in the summer, which was caused by the nice thing...born of Puffy"s child. Than Puffy got a huge applause for that and they started to play Caffeine. Old song, good song. I have to say this one wasn"t one of my favourite, but after this show, I"m sure it will become. They heve performed this song with a small pause (as we know it from Midlife Crisis from previos tours). The second one in the first encore was a funny cover song from ??????. Than they got backstage again, but they"ve returned and played I started a joke and Pristina. I don"t know, but I can not realize playing other song like the Pristina is the the end of the song. After this song I can not realize another one follow. It"s the nice song for the end, and I love it (I"d like to have it on my funeral) .

That was the Vienna show. It was different as the previous I have seen before in Prague and of course it was worth of it.

Thank you FNM!


Source: CVDB
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