Ljubljana, Hala Tivoli  
November 19, 1997 Ljubljana, Hala Tivoli

On November 19th me and my brother and a friend of mine started our trip to Ljubljana where we went to see FNM perform live ! For me (18) and my friend (16) it was the first time to see FNM perform Live! My brother (27) saw them about 4 years ago! We arrived at 19.00 at the Hala Tivoli! We were told that the doors will open at about 20.00! So we waited for about an hour and then went to the doors!

After a while the first "special guest" appeared on the stage: "Odpisani (something like "Obsolete" in English). They weren't so bad. I was getting cold so I started to jump and scream! People looked at me like i'm not from this planet or something! I was weary disappointed at them! So after 30 minutes they announced 2. "special guest". The best new group of year 1996 in Slovenija: "PSYCH PATH". I was surprised to see a women doing the vocals. The instrumental part was OK but the sound of the singer was to poor. For there last song the woman said something like : "This one goes to everyone who thing that girls are only to watch and not to listen"! I still feel the same way! Then we waited patiently for FNM. After sound check and other stuff the real show begins! Mike and the rest of the band come on stage very relaxed! Mike comes on stage looking like a dress- or gentleman like in the "A small victory"-video Except for Puffy they all look elegant! They started wit "Midnight Cowboy" and the crowd went "bananas"! They jumped and scream, kicked and push. "Yes, yes, the show began!!! Sorry, but I can't remember the correct order after this one! It was something like this:

  • Midnight Cowboy
  • Epic
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Easy
  • Collision
  • Naked in Front of my Computer
  • Stripsearch
  • Mouth to Mouth
  • The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
  • King for a Day
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • Last Cup of Sorrow
  • Get Out
  • Evidence
  • Just a Man
  • We Care a Lot

The crowd was involved all the way!!!

I liked the performance of John. He just stood there with a pose and a face of a real DEVIL. He smiled a lot and looked involved!!! I hope he will stay in the band. Then Rody asked as if we feel cold (under our feet was ice covered with carpet). And then asked us if it is yellow. Mike said : *You know what yellow means, don't you? I pissed on it!! The crowd loved it. Rody also said we were a great audience. So everybody started to jump higher. It was getting pretty tight. But who cared!!! We had the best group performing live.

I enjoyed the show a lot! I don't agree with other concert comments that FNM are not the same! You can say want you want: They rule! They still have their power and I think that the new album is great! I even had the feeling that Puffy and Mike were really enjoying their time laughing a lot! The sound was good (they brought they own equipment) and I missed songs from Angel Dust (Caffeine or Malpractice or even Jizzlobber) but they have a new album!!! Another thing that I didn't like that much was the audience which was not completely into the concert at the begging but the atmosphere with FNM was outstanding. Because this was my first FNM Concert I can't tell you if they still sound the same, but I can tell you this : If they were better could have been a little better! But all in all it once again was great!

At the end of the show Mike said: "Don't cry for me Ljubljana!". Don't worry Mike I wont cry but I would like to see you again soon!

Dominik Sostar.

Source: CVDB
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